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    Nice girl with a dick red bone in your fucking pussy

    Uploaded by stallionfan · Rating: 3.5 (28 votes) · 4658 views


    can i have some of it. i am a girl. i want some of you while he fuck you. let me eat your pissy while he do it

    gayedout, posted

    hoping she would take her top off?????

    fredpotts, posted

    Ilikethismovie canyousentmedvdplay ? Ipay youmoney mywifeshelovethat. thankyou

    georgia34, posted

    Thoroughly enjoyable thanks. d

    deluge58z, posted

    I have certainly added this one to my "favourites" list. As the title suggests, the movie shows a woman having fun at home with her black labrador-type dog. First we see the dog mounting her from the rear and getting into its stride, thrusting well and causing its cock to grow in size. The woman moans with pleasure at this action. Then she takes the dog's cock - huge by this stage, with the knot fully developed - and squeezes it so we can see the spunk dripping (and sometimes shooting) out. After turning the dog so its cock is facing backwards, the woman takes that cock into her cunt from the front, as she would a man. She holds the dog's cock firmly by the knot, so it stays in, and as the dog pours his spunk into her we can see it overflowing and dripping out. This action is fairly static, and there is no sound, but she takes the cock out a couple of times (so we can see it and the spunk running out of her) before sliding it back into her juicy cunt. Good camera work for some difficult angles, and one to make us stroke ourselves as we watch.

    deluge58z, posted
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