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    lab knot

    Uploaded by zeker · Rating: 3.9 (285 votes) · 59477 views


    Wow. This was filmed the day I was born. Might need to close my account now..

    delphinic, posted

    Nice dog lovely woman, I can not convence my wife to be fucked by our dog, she only suck his cock and kiss its tongue, but to be penetrated is afraid, We are a couple me 72 and she 63 years old, I can no more fuck my wife but she is still horny, could someone please explain to my wife that there is nothing to be afraid??

    shaitanx1, posted


    hbjst, posted

    Love the clip. Great joy.

    cooljim, posted

    Oh hell yeah...knot her up!! Wish the sound worked a little better cause she sounded like she was enjoying herself!! :-)

    kerri48, posted

    mmm I love the energy of this mount, and her oohing and ahhing make it extra hot!

    kryztoph, posted

    I had my douths at frist,but he finally got the job done and she loved it.

    repeter41, posted

    Took long enough for her to let him bury the bone but then she lifts her bum up a bit to high, may look good but does nothing for him.

    st_benard, posted

    He fucked her really good I love this it's hotttttt

    kekeko, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm omg want that deep deep on me,makes me extremly wet

    lillyfrench, posted


    hbjst, posted

    beautiful view & great job by the girl to take a huge knot well keep it UP!!!!!

    lusty3072, posted

    Wow one lucky lady just hope i ge to try it some day very very very very soon

    kittyk9, posted

    She kept her ass so high up in the air that it took a while to get the poor dog inside her. But once he got there, he really buried his beautiful cock inside her. I'm sorry the sound cut out, but what I could hear worked for me. On my third viewing, I came on that last thrust when the dog knotted up. I wish this could happen to me.

    Ayame, posted

    mmm what a lucky girl getting that much cock deep in her

    P1nkMeNow, posted

    I love it when the knots inside and really enjoyed the talking part that went with this great fuck!!! would love to be fucked in my pussy by a big dog!!! Does someone have one???? omghrny@hushmail.com

    gameon, posted

    its not so sharp... but god i enjoyed watching this, and timed my orgasm to the point he came out. what a perfect cock

    lellebelleke, posted

    I think she's Black...if so I WANT TO MARRY HER!!!!!!!!! I'm a twisted Black artist inb N.Jersey with 10+" and I'd LOVE to find a girl like her!!!! Any takers? nancecreate@yahoo.com!!

    blackdavinci, posted

    Intelligent dog

    ucell81, posted


    chrisangela, posted

    thank you

    ucell81, posted

    Hey I want to play, that looks fun

    Yodasears, posted

    damn, I want a knot in me soo bad, someone please help with my first time

    Girl4doginSFL, posted

    That boy was packin' with the knott he was massaging her tonsils with the tip. He's got a foot long! HOT ! Good Boy!!

    mehoff, posted

    I love it when I feel knots inside me

    sinni, posted

    I want to fuck her next!!

    mialfetu, posted

    every woman should have the pleasure of a knot like that forced into them

    knotsqueezr, posted

    hot video luv the guys commenting makes me even hotter!!

    littlelover, posted

    Great pull out!!

    KnotBlkTemptres, posted

    Mmmm nicely fucked! good boy

    dogluvr, posted

    my pussy is waiting

    ErinLucy, posted


    curious_chick, posted

    Lo mejor: el final.

    Perritochungo, posted

    Good vid, its a shame that dog is probably dead now, 19 year old video, very old but still awesome.

    Benny, posted

    lov the 2 guys watching n talking! this sexy girl is now 19 yrs older hard to bleive!

    beastsexbill, posted

    sexy screams nice good size knot and pullout! tiny girl but capable pussy

    beastsexbill, posted

    hot little clip with some nice humping.

    hotknot, posted

    NICE!!!! ME LIEK!!!!

    ZODRACHE69, posted

    now that what we like to see any more???

    swampfox51, posted

    great clip would love 2 c more from a good beast woman like her mmmmmmmm

    chevyss, posted

    woow wonderful knot..thanks

    psico, posted

    Very good, she loved it.

    Bardo, posted

    Brilliant! love the noises she makes, and her scream when his knot is in her.

    LowIQ1, posted

    Knot was not too bad for a ameture video, although it is a little short it is still good. The girl in the film really starts moaning loudly when the dog finds the rght hole, although it took some attempts. Although it would have been nicer if the sound wasn't cutting in and out, but I'm sure that couldn't be helped and if the men filming this could have kept quiet it would have helped. I understand that watching some girl being with a dog would have been exciting to watch, but still consider the fact that other people would like to watch the clip as well with out some one yelling "Fuck her! Fuck her" all the time. But still it was worth viewing for some quick entertainment.

    Demonizer68, posted

    This is one of the best short knotting clips available. It's a shame the sound cuts in and out, but a young woman is preparing to be mounted for the first time as her boyfriend films and helps her get lined up. She has a little trouble getting him lined up, but when he finds her hole, he really goes to town hard and fast. He gets the knot in and she is squirming and moaning like crazy as the dog humps furiously. Eventually the sound cuts out, but we still have a good view of his large knot sliding out of her drenched pussy. 4 stars.

    Bruiser1972, posted
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