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    Women And Dog


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    women and dog wery nice fucking. this video is homemade and very nice. dog cumming around girl ass and girl got extasy. very nice video.

    Uploaded by zoogirl · Rating: 3.5 (304 votes) · 70741 views


    trop vitte fini

    a_lodie, posted

    The audio was clearly dubbed...actiojn is average at best, though we are treated to a nice view of her splayed ass.

    jayko, posted

    Agree with "zoogirl's" comments - l think I'd love to meet her! But returning to the girl in the movie, she is a sexy as it gets, and the dog matches her. He seems a bit phased at the beginning, but moves on to give his dam great pleaure- his ass really goes for it as he hump his shaft into her - and - what is not alsway the cas- she is sensitive to respond by pushing her bum up in time to meet him - you can see her holding out for him when he dismounts from her. Don't know whether it's her asshole or pussy, but pretty damn sexy! And another thing - LegWarmers on a dog - I know they're to protect soft skin, but they're quite sexy too!

    oxenhope, posted


    archie2626, posted

    ok not long enough

    beastyboy6969, posted

    good looking blonde with a great ass was humping by a dog

    heolucky75, posted

    Yes...I would love to help and watch this bitch get fucked...

    different, posted

    i would like to help her i think she would really enjoy it .

    mikeandpebble1, posted

    wow this is very sexy beatch

    igorco, posted

    very!very!nice Indeed

    bigdamo09, posted

    good attempts, that keeps on trying, both willing partners... thumbs up for a teaser taster

    rrated, posted

    I love how wide open her ass looks after he unmounts her.

    cltguy, posted

    i will fuck the girl

    dahai, posted


    blackbear90, posted

    without knotting not interressing

    frany1953, posted

    nice legs, ass and face, good dog nice mounting.

    luvembig, posted

    What bullshit. She's more concerned with phony moaning then a true tie. Why waste time filming this crap.

    sildolan, posted

    nice girl

    cazador123, posted

    The pretty girl,s unability to guide such lovely dick on her pussy, took away all the hotness I was having I wish some one was there to guide & share fun & enjoy nice dick with u.......

    KDL, posted

    so beautiful. I love the animal human bonding. People who dont' do it have no idea the special pleasure that is there.

    freakie, posted

    what a hot chick ide love to cum deep inside of her =)

    buttknot, posted

    Nothing special. Nice looking lady, but I didnt like the fake moaning to no dogfuck.

    hundepikk, posted

    That was hot what a sexy humping dog. I would love to have him pound my butt.

    pfcbigmac, posted

    very nice to masterbate by seeing the dog fucking

    swamynarayanan, posted

    Hi, which breed of dog is. :)

    sextika, posted


    u91110, posted

    really preety girl awesome!!!

    Burns2k, posted

    I want that girl from behind too. Her pussy would milk my cock dry.

    marelover78, posted

    she is niece olso dog

    sanja, posted

    I don't know?? Did she get any of that dick into her pussy?

    kaaty, posted

    First that woman has to create mood to the doog by doing some activities on it's Penis and prepare the dog ready for fucking. The woman looking nice, dog also prepared to indulge in sex activities, but the initial preparatory work missing.

    daisyphilips, posted

    hi like to find some one from Maine to help me train my pup johns56ford@yahoo.com john

    johns56ford, posted

    i don't understand

    jsid, posted

    very nice looking woman and she enjoyed it. To bad people can,t understand women has sex needs that need to be taken care of and sometimes they have to get it from an animal. Very good movie.Wish it was longer and see her knotted.

    kojak, posted

    Nice! Was enjoy her asshole or pussy?

    KnotBlkTemptres, posted

    I LOVE watching women mate with male dogs!

    WomenAndDogSex, posted

    i'd like being this blonde girl ummmm im craving little puppy is a champ

    cajeta3829, posted

    she shud fuck me

    monsterman, posted

    dubbed audio kinda killed it.

    msinvet, posted

    bout time paris hilton got a real dog! she still needs to grow an ass though adolesence is past due

    cashronin, posted

    Do you sell DVD'S?

    ringdingzing, posted

    lucky dog

    irishr1, posted

    excelent clip, would love to see him really get into her, she'd really moan then!

    dogluvr, posted

    the lady is gorgeous &very very erotic & GOOOD wish I was that dog.

    fun, posted

    Mmmmm....me next please...

    hot2suckgbgirl, posted

    This is a great movie, but needs some better close up shots. The woman is just about as good as it gets. The movie is great as it starts out in the beginning and goes on in a steady pace. I wish I had seen the end but what is there is top of the line. love the dogs interest and her interest. Buy the movie or get the credits to watch. You will not be disapointed! Damn, I love this stuff! Blonde dog and blonde girl, good match. I think they could tell you the dogs name and utter it in the movie. This would make it a bit more personable and peak you interest more.

    staghunter, posted

    Very cute blond girl trying to get mounted. Tried a few attempts and cound not get it in her but it is worth watching because hse is so good looking. we need more good looking blonds that like the doggy sex and show it going into her pussy. Then is should should knotting... who does like knotting? She is a hot blond who keeps her top on the whole time fido the stud is trying to mount her. Next time she will suck and jerk his dog cock so that he will mount her and pound that pussy. she would look great with fido roots down her throat to the knot. Need to post the whole clip.

    tttttrrrrr, posted
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