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    Dog Licking Girl Anus


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    dog licking girl anus wery nice. this is real homemade video. the girl falling in orgasm. the girl anus is very nice and do lick him.

    Uploaded by zoogirl · Rating: 2.7 (72 votes) · 106948 views


    mmmmm that is a big cock!

    Licker10, posted

    any women interested in talking or hanging out even just message :] male/21/Florida

    ray8110, posted

    way way way way too short

    gradyman, posted

    may i be that dog ? instead OF a dog licking u.

    Darkheartt, posted

    Lol cool!

    Mauricio21, posted

    that dog had been busy, nice fanny too.

    1of13c, posted

    Hey young girl who is in tx near waco would love to chat with a older man who is into the same and would like to have real fun. Im also a nudist so into the what my name says. My addy is the same as my sn. Please be from tx and serious wanna chat.

    TXfamilyfungirl, posted

    they shot cuz there is nothing to special to show. they only show best part and what does interest to them. for example we dont know if dog mounted her or if it was a dildo dog style. i think dog dindt like what he proved. so they do a short video like it, showing best scenes.

    ms2115, posted

    My dog love to lick my anus he loves to lick me out and i love the feel of his tounge in there

    doggiedoer2, posted

    dog dident like what he tasted i gess he left her high n dry with her ass on the air lol

    red111, posted

    why all the movies are too short?

    bipintamang, posted


    u91110, posted

    nice ass wack film

    cashronin, posted

    This was a potentially very hot movie. I think the dog was waiting for his turn as his cock was big and wanting to be sucked at the end of it and would have loved to seen a few more minuets. I love looking a dog lick on a fresh pussy and this lady's arse is hot. The angle of presentation was perfect and the girl was in my fave position, I wish more women would show their face and if I were going to point any flaw it would be no face shot and not enough moaning from the woman. If this were longer I would want to watch it right thro. Any more like it laying around? Please post.

    jackul8, posted
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