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    Arlette Anal Knot Trouble!

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    One of the most amazing anal knottings ever filmed! An older lady gets mounted, fucked in the ass, and knotted by a dog. He turns in her, and stretches her ass amazingly with his knot, but stays stuck in the woman until an assistant douses them with a bucket of water. Amazing stuff! :D

    Uploaded by Satyrboy · Rating: 4.6 (58 votes) · 4416 views


    Holy fuck! Now that's what a tie is supposed to be like!

    knottygirl, posted

    This is the way its supposed to be

    Judybitchhelper, posted

    God, that must of been painful... Hot, but painful. What was the water hose for?

    baelian1, posted

    a true fucking so hard the piss was runninggggg what a knot a true bitch

    male33dog, posted

    I just don't know what to say besides:OMG the girl must be so relieved

    laughingcheetah, posted

    I just don't know what to say besides: OMG

    laughingcheetah, posted

    I just don't know what to say besides: OMG

    laughingcheetah, posted

    lol dog fucked the piss outta her

    microbuss, posted

    O.O ouchies...

    Melevolence, posted

    If only they left her tied until she was pumped full. great stuff.

    liveone, posted

    amazing. please post more.

    hungdaug, posted


    bertramcito, posted

    she'd have one sore ass after that

    xbgold, posted

    She came, He came, we all came!!! lol

    skipp, posted

    holy crap it just kept getting bigger and bigger! 0.0 ouch

    mrredbone, posted

    I was hearing another dogs bark and a dog crying was that the dog that she was fucking crying or was it another dog in the background?

    BeastyLover29, posted

    Love the way he makes her piss too .. Very hot ... Thanks

    yorkie, posted

    Waaaaaay too cool!

    different, posted

    fucking hot.. i wanna clean up thar mess

    fromfltotn, posted

    sexiest vid ever!!

    1dgthing, posted

    Damn... Sweet And Sore.. That One Needs A Hand Job!!!

    rustyk9, posted

    I am SOoooo not sleeping tonight, after watching that. @_@

    luckyfox, posted

    tuan thanhs ok

    tuan9025445, posted

    Shiiit!!!!! o.O

    Morty, posted

    Best of the Best: she need new ass.

    BI4U, posted

    You can avoid this with practice actually, for example, when the dog's libido is going to come ou from your ass, try to take a deep breath and relax your recto and i recomend you to use lubrication. That is very painful, I asure you.

    shotasclub, posted


    0ptimus, posted

    stunnig vid

    chagoi, posted
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