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    Girl And Pitbull With Help Of Bf


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    Boy friend guides the mount while the girl friend moans. Juices can slightly be heard and the sound kicks in towards half end of the clip.

    Uploaded by curlyfries · Rating: 3.3 (258 votes) · 90257 views


    Starts out with no audio but then in the last minute the scene changes and the picture quality is better along with audo coming in so you can hear the girl moan. It's sexy to see a couple enjoying playing together the guys helps the dog out for mounting and girl seems very willing and able she has a sexy body to which is a very nice turn on to video

    scottwhykman, posted

    the quality could have been a lot clearly especially at the end, but good moaning

    mailman12, posted

    i love to hear a woman actually enjoy this!

    biggirl2011, posted

    Hate to break topic, but that is no pit bull, that is a Boxer.

    baubletop, posted

    It made me want to find some big dog and an open minded women. I would also like to have sex with a female dog in heat.

    catrojasx1, posted

    Kinda grainy and sound could be better. Still want to thank you for sharing the video. I wish I had some openminded kinky ladies in my area into this and more.

    Buzz6182, posted

    poor quality made the video sort of a tease. good 3some without the strings attatched bullshit.

    suamaci, posted

    wish the vid quality wuz better, but still fun to watch.

    FAtCat21, posted

    anyone from oklahoma city or around come and chat at caddi1983@hotmail.com hurry

    caddi1983, posted

    Pity about the pic quality but it was still hot......I want that dog cock in me now he got me so wet!!!!!

    SexyHornyBabe, posted

    Mmm, give me his dickk!

    ilovedoggyknots, posted

    nice like amateurs

    Jedilover123, posted

    made me tingle wish the pic wasnt so grainy

    brittneyok, posted

    bad picture... but nice dog fuck!

    Prasak, posted

    The camera work was grainy, but the girl and dog were hot, once the volume kicked in, 3/4 of the way thru the clip....its one of the few clips in which the pups rear paws are socked too, not a bad idea.

    jayko, posted

    The camera work was grainy, but the girl and dog were hot, once the volume kicked in, 3/4 of the way thru the clip....

    jayko, posted

    The last part with the moans were great. We all know what the man was going to do when the dow was through... Even more delicious

    Branded, posted

    What I could see of it, it looked like a nice wet wanting pussy and a horny dog with a nice cock. Too bad the picture was so grainy and bad quality, would have been very hot and probably made me cum. Now I have to look for another that is hot enough to make me cum while I play with my pussy, and dream of dog cock.

    2lvdogcock, posted

    Although grainy (sp) at times,, wish it was my cunt getting the cock.

    takemestud, posted

    love to see dog knotted with woman. Pretty good.

    heolucky75, posted

    beim zweiten anlauf richtig mit socken er wird richtig abgerichtet nur mit socken aufsteigen leider hat die dame den dreh noch nicht raus

    hebr63, posted

    pretty good

    candyc, posted

    Very nicely done. Very good

    leigh49, posted

    midwestern bbw looking to be bred for first time. can you help me?

    freemee, posted


    hbjst, posted

    brill...need to see more...any others from this couple......?

    sonofjj, posted

    Her moans excited the dog ---- great video even though the quality was not that good

    sexxylady, posted

    a nice mount. i wanna watch alive

    piston37, posted


    mynamehere, posted

    Wish the sound had been there for both parts of the video. the video was poor in the begining too but they made up for it in the second half. Loved hearing her moaning in pleasure.

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    Blurry! But Hot Hot Hot!!!! Thanks for sharing

    KnotBlkTemptres, posted


    beastsexbill, posted

    Very nice!

    sparky108, posted

    very hot lady has a delicious &desired BODY love hearing her moan with PLEASURE tom irish6925@yahoo.com

    fun, posted

    that was nice... thanks

    ktownbottom, posted

    I LOVE watching women mate with male dogs!

    WomenAndDogSex, posted

    Excellent video. I liked the lady, nice figure and good work by the dog.

    D_Spirit, posted

    These very love people. Kindness, gentleness, patients, compassion is seen in this video. zoo’s have the fruits of the spirit. Love them like the apple of your eye. zoos should have their sexual freedom and, should not have to hide. Bestiality is actuality casual sex with another species. Humans and, the animals around us have the same cell name as well. They are called eukaryote. They are also found in a coyote. Physiologically humans are animals too. The zoo and, bestialists should demand their rights to have sex with whatever species they choose. Humans are part of nature and, nature is always experimenting some creates and some does not. Fight for your right to have this form of sex legal and, taught to whoever want to learn.

    Artiefox151956, posted

    Too bad the film quality isn't very good. Still, a nice mount. Only thing that would have made it better would be to see the woman sucking the boyfriend while she was being mounted. Still, wish it was me!

    hot2suckgbgirl, posted

    The group effort allows for more reality. With him jacking off and then have the k-9 remount shows that it can be something couples can do to enhance their enjoyment. Maybe one where he as well maybe performs oral on the k9. But with the assitance of each other turns them on as well I feel. To see him enahace the exciment of the k9 also shows the k9, that its something they he can enjoy as well. Then to see her breast swinging as she is bent over taking it and moaning as well enhnaces the enjoyment of all of views. The ending of getting off, puts everything into reasoning. K9 sex is normal, and this allows others to see and enjoy, to make that commitment for their sex lives. Good job

    ddjjohn, posted
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