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    Amateur Dog Fuck


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    This member is a lot of когчил in the woman and just left it. The vagina of the lady is very raised and ready on feats with other dogs. I very much love similar shows.

    Uploaded by xJoker · Rating: 3.2 (203 votes) · 209183 views


    Nice cum soaked pussy! I want more!

    junglejohn, posted

    very fucking hot hot hot

    69MiNdFrEaK69, posted

    I'd like to suck the cum out of that cock.

    bigandbeefy, posted


    sana23, posted

    beautiful, real love

    monicaowen, posted

    Wow the dog really was working her pussy! He properly bred his female lover!

    mehoff, posted

    elle est drolement ouverte sa chatte

    a_lodie, posted

    Wow..what a great looking snatch........be great to fuck it. mmm

    freddo6, posted

    Very nice finish

    skat2hat, posted

    That is one disgusting vag.

    SecretAdmirer, posted

    wow !! she took a nice big dog cock. like it..

    mipita, posted


    moklie, posted

    greeeaaat now the dog has herpes too... way to ruin it for everyone! ahahahah

    magnum999, posted

    Nice video, would like to have seen all the good stuff up to this point. =)

    stuffs69, posted

    i don't believe that men should use the phrase "oh my god," but omg that is the scariest looking cunt I have seen in my life either live or in porn, i wish I could unsee that. man that was sick. Other than that I liked it

    tonktaf, posted

    why do ppl bother making vids this short and bad?

    goombar7, posted

    I would title this video "Dog Sex Aftermath"

    autumnvixen, posted

    "Amateur" wouldn't even begin to explain the title of this one. And you also used the word "...Fuck", which obviously all took place before and you only showed the aftermath, so this clip was really mislabeled!

    Donnatto, posted

    Mislabeled as "...Fuck". Looks like all that is all over with. Boring!

    Donnatto, posted

    Hubby loves licking me after the dog is finished

    JessiMom, posted

    Boy!!!! I would love to lick that pusssy after that dog has finished/

    ilike2biketoo, posted

    I doubt that there is such a thing as an "ugly" pussy, it's only that some are more beautiful than others. This particular girl looked really small, loved watching the cum leak from her.

    kaaty, posted

    that is so hrny n hot i love it i loe how u see da frsh fucked pussy with the digs dick in n around her lovely looking hole n i love how u see all his yummy hot cum inside her that made me cum all over myself...id love to eat that then fuck that after its fucked her n while its fucking her...can i get inovled in this thats hot as

    hornyausguy, posted

    Beautiful site fresh f####d vag with a cock and cum leaking after being filled loved it!

    mehoff, posted

    nice pussy i need help in training my pup live in Maine johns56ford@yahoo.com

    johns56ford, posted

    Loving considerate humans and, lucky dogs. If Put your penis in it, you wouldn't say that.

    Artiefox151956, posted

    ive seen a lot worst than that,i liked it. thanks

    lookerlooking, posted

    muito bom tesão total.

    h-jhon2002, posted

    Most ugliest Pussy i've ever seen!!!!!!!

    Lalala, posted

    hey um this movie is just a bit too short could be longer for more enjoyment. u can see dog cum running down her wet pussy and thats abount it, Why are dogs dicks red with a little point on top? The review should be good and describe the movie as good as possible - a minimum of 100 words! The better and longer the review is the more likely it is that we will approve your submission Please note that all submitted reviews are verified before being approved. Below are your account detailsPrint Account Details You will need this information to sign in to Yahoo! and to reset your password in case you forget it. Please print and keep this information in a safe place for future reference. Yahoo! ID and Email:reggid59@yahoo.co.nzBirthday27 May 1987Secret Question 1What is the first name of your favourite uncle?My AnswerbrianSecret Question 2What is your oldest cousin's name?My AnsweryasminePostcode666

    digger., posted

    Perfect pussy great video, wish it were longer one of the only videos were you can see the dogs dick inside of her most videos its just dry humping but this is one of the best out there, I rate this as the best video I've seen in terms of dog human sex she's got such a pretty push too its flawless and nice id enter even though a dogs been in there id fuck her any day I highly regimens watching this and even sharing it to other fans I hope that you enjoyed mg review and further more this awesome unqiue and one of a kind qualify video

    Hmhmhmii, posted
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