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    Young Girl And Dog


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    Young student girl licked by her little dog during a dog show in front of cam, after the dog she lick her own tits and show her body ! Enjoy

    Uploaded by zoogirly · Rating: 3.7 (66 votes) · 9084 views


    Great licking from a little doggie ! Young girl has a HOT body with sweet tits . Sound is needed !

    Litka25, posted

    uu da ve ebam

    igorco, posted

    needs a bigger dog liked to have fucked it myself

    budgieboy, posted

    omg i want a dog like that, gave her a good licking. would have loved to have seen his tongue inside her tho xxx

    allwomanbaby, posted

    Hot action, cute girl, great slit licking

    bigsmile, posted

    Damn this clip needed sound. It got me hot. The sound wouldve gotten me hotter

    dldoglover000, posted


    hbjst, posted

    lucky dog - lucky girl

    dogboi5555, posted

    fucking awesome!!! i love webcam 1s....... he he

    indie, posted

    g nice

    animallover225, posted

    not bad but could have been better for this show in addition to this webcams are fucking sexy as hell!! i can't believe that people would do this and i can't believe that i'm watching this shit friends suggest and then ya'll are hooked anyone know what i mean? anyways just seeing if i can het this 250 credit...worth a shot most likely not tho...writting a review sooooo borring might as well go home and stop looking at this i sometimes wonder how popular this site is and if anyone is willing to read anything anyone says...maybe just to by pass the loading time but that is it

    unknown31456, posted

    this movie is average the girl in it is very nice she has a nice shaved pussy and a really nice set of huge tits but unfortunately it is shot poorly from a bad angle for the most part and there is no sound to go with the movie. On top of this the movie is only of the girl being licked by the dog there is nothing else! however the girl is really very nice and she does really seem to enjoy herself! I give this three out of five i really really really would like to see some more action from this girl though! she was very very nice indeed

    synapses, posted

    damn this is one of the best videos that i have seen in a long time, love the way the girl rubs her self along with that dong, dog was kinda small but for the most part it's nice and long. the girl was good looking, the dog worked well with her so i give the girl a 3 out of 5 i give the dog a 4 out of 5 and i give the video its self a 4 out of five would be a lot better if their was sound, the length is nice, and that fact that she looks like she is having a good time is nice too

    sadisticsin, posted

    Absolutely loved the video. The girl had a great posture, seemed of moderate age, and really felt the pleasure through that small dog. I would love to see more of this girl, and maybe a bigger dog, with some knotting and a cum on the inside. She really seemed to enjoy this. What made it more enjoyable was the fact that she had been laying on a couch, and I loved how she didn't start nude, but undressed during the video itself. However, the camera angle could have been a bit slightly outward more, to get a better view. Other then that, great job.

    lolnotthisone, posted
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