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    Grandma And Granddog


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    Older woman fucked by her dogs. Man helps her and ejaculates on the dogs penis. Two knotting scenes where a woman shows her butt with the dogpenis flipping out

    Uploaded by tobias1953 · Rating: 4.1 (1210 votes) · 149902 views


    Great movie!!

    tdduke, posted

    OMG!!!!!! What a hot vid im wet from this...Morning cum ;)

    kountryqueen, posted

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    xxxturkuazxxx08, posted

    wow that was really hot watching that guy cum on his dogs dick!!!!

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    psychgirl13, posted

    Always cum to this. :)

    ObedientSlut, posted

    That dog needs more training. I think Grandma is willing to give it to him.

    farmerdoug1957, posted

    now see?? if she knew what she was doing.. having aknot that size and working with it while it was inside pushing out.. pressure on the g spot will make ya squirt every time..or is it just me thats lucky?? lol the knot will make me squirt every time if i work on it while it is still huge inside me... any one in ky that wants to see this?? bring your dog ! (grin)

    slipandslide, posted

    14 yr old lass looking for first experience. willing to suck off dog and owner

    sn00ze, posted

    what a turn on...grrrrrrrrr

    harderthannorm, posted

    Does that dog have any fukn idea how lucky he is!!??? Love the hard moaning! Wish she was my gramma......incest anyone?? Lol!!

    666pedro666, posted

    great clip love it email me at gjkieley@hotmail.com

    BIGGREGjr, posted

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    junglejohn, posted

    yuk yuk

    chloe19, posted

    i got very wet listening to her moan...watching her cunt be filled with a throbbing dog cock. i want to be her! anyone have a dog that would like to watch me fuck him?

    lynn7272, posted

    Od suck both cocks!

    dreamwalker55, posted

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    twsea72, posted

    thats one sloppy pussy

    whsepop, posted

    Fuuuuck.......love her grunting and moaning.......filthy slut.....love it!!!

    666pedro666, posted

    would so nice watching a woman do this in person

    gemini69er, posted

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    young_one_65, posted

    Any one that has sex with God's animals will go to hell

    horn3james, posted

    i wish there is a man in melbourne fl. willing 2 let me be his bitch 4 him & his dog. & take both of their loads & the dogs knot

    boatman6969, posted

    i wish there is a man in melbourne fl. willing 2 let me be his bitch 4 him & his dog. & take both of their loads & the dogs knot.

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    puppyspussy, posted

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    kiwirobbie0, posted

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    gewgirl, posted

    That was awesome!! I need to borrow a dog like that ;)

    gator6907, posted

    uuh yummy!!!

    fidel75, posted


    malepemas, posted

    So HOT!!! I want to be her!! Anyone in nc have a dog that would fuck me??

    lynn7272, posted

    Extremely hot vid

    litka, posted

    Anyone in the GTA who has a dog to fuck me?

    Hornehgirly, posted

    Hi Grandma...luv yr beautiful steamy cunt....hummmm

    fredog51M, posted

    toatally fucking awesome!!!

    1billy4unow, posted

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    haloface, posted

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    tomnomkk, posted

    oh yes...

    thegerf2, posted

    now thats nasty love it got my pussy wet from the start

    nastylinda, posted

    All I can say is, it was hot! Anyone else agree?

    darkuser19, posted

    Granny, I fucking lov you. Being an equal opportunity guy, the cumming on the dog's cock made my cock hard as a rok too. more please...

    lvmydog, posted

    oh granny go granny go!!

    AnimalSexMMM, posted

    Oh Hell yes!!! I love that!! It made my pussy horny and right now I have my "BOB" on it!!! But I wish I had a dog's cock in there instaed of "BOB"!! Sigh

    Iwantdogcock69, posted

    mmmmm...My cunt would have secured his knot...lets see tight pussies thanks

    marylasher122, posted

    awesome body on this woman

    rikk469, posted

    now thats a woman who can handl a dog at her age

    inuyasha86, posted

    that was an awesome vid, love how he cums on the dog cock and how the knot slips out of her pussy, my pussy is to wet and ready to get knoted

    gabriele40, posted

    great movie special prize to grandma

    happynono, posted

    Very hot turned my pussy right on

    hspice, posted

    to old

    AlenRusso1976, posted

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    slashounette, posted

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    oocumoo, posted

    wow thats horny as fuck would of loved to have been in amongst there somewhere

    tess43, posted

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    jayko, posted

    made my pussy wet

    791986, posted

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    xxsniper229, posted

    this vid got me off

    oocumoo, posted

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    Why the loops? With so much filmmaterial you don't need loops. L A T E R ! ! ! 24 animalpsychologist 3.

    cleclego, posted

    Loved to see that knot being released from that well used pussy of hers,nice!

    breeder09, posted

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    Wow very nice

    insulator2011, posted

    so hot !

    amscott, posted

    Love this

    treasure72, posted

    im throbbing and juicy wet .... excellent !

    sheluvsthknot, posted

    I'd lick grannies pussy after, so HOT!!!

    tazman99, posted

    ohh granny you are wonderful

    biggimp, posted

    i want a dog soo bad, this is a sweet tease!

    tlvedogie, posted

    oh baby it was beautiful>>i loved every second of it and would love to see more. if u can contact me and lets play. wally

    referee5, posted

    I like this one A LOT. Made me wet. I want a male dog sooooo bad.

    pet_sex_lover, posted

    Very nice, how totally sexy. I luv the guy cuming on the dog cock

    doghunter69, posted

    as a grandpaw, I'd love to meet a hot granny like this... I'd introduce her to my boxers,,

    kennykringle, posted

    fucking awesome. love the part at the end when that knot and big cock slides out of her wet pussy. i want to slide my dick in there next

    cwr703, posted

    Beautiful.Greetings from Croatia

    crogotios, posted

    hot very hot

    oocumoo, posted

    nice...very..i am wet..

    denise1961, posted


    oocumoo, posted

    Would love to taste some doggy cream straight from my pussy. I want to be bred so bad!

    ilovecreampies, posted

    way to go grandma.... your cool

    yosmighty, posted

    great flick..would have liked to watch grandmas face while getting banged

    gazebo100, posted

    i god..i want to walk in there and fuck that old woman with my 15 year old dick

    Dogcumbag, posted

    nice vid!!!!!!!

    246748ajacs, posted

    luved it I want more

    aaaaah, posted

    This is so hot, I always love cumming to this one. Love that big knot.

    ilovecreampies, posted

    Thats what is all about..love it

    jonniekay, posted

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    petseximmergeil, posted

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    birich, posted

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    samsara69, posted

    Go grandma. I came to this one

    lkk70816, posted

    Härligt se hans sperma på hundkuken!

    larby, posted

    I love the last scene, with the dog slowly pulling out. Makes me jealous. I can't get my dog to mount me :( He's a big boy, too. It'd be so much fun!

    xDearPrudencex, posted

    lookin @ the movie it was great movie to see grandma get her freak on wit the dog then grandpa nut on the dogs dick kool

    SherardM, posted

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    swampdonk, posted

    I love when gramps cums on the dogs throbbing cock, his cum looks soooo good!!!

    Freet, posted

    Thankyou very much that was hot!Sex is always good when everyone enjoys it.Love the way she takes the knot and pulling it free very hot indeed,I love it!

    breeder09, posted

    Go grandma. I came to this one.

    tinymut, posted

    my Master would love to see me do that.

    mastermenow, posted

    ottima inculata

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    fld40, posted

    Why don't people turn the fucking TV off when making these movies?!?!

    Rocinante, posted

    Yeah,how 'bout investing in a fuckin' SPELL CHECK?!?! But,for now,that's all FOLKS!!!

    BamBam807, posted

    What a hip, sexy, open minded couple!!!!! I loved seeing grandma knotted by the dog and watching it slowly slide out of her eager pussy. Hearing her sexy moans of passion and arousal as the dog humps her is one of the best parts of the clip, along with the knotting. I loved it and want more......so much more!!!!!!

    redrover69, posted

    very good clip welldone grandma keep going

    happynono, posted

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    manbearpigss, posted

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    Equine_Whore, posted

    Nice kinda odd when the guy was jizzing on the dogs dick but good none the less

    sgt_donut, posted

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    manbearpigss, posted

    Excellent view of her shaved pussy as the dogs knot was in her. Loved Grandpa jerking off on the dogs dick at the end. The audio was outstanding of her pleasure. Would love to have that dogs dick inside me as that mans dick was in me too. At least while I was sucking him off.

    LdySaria, posted

    that's a good fuck. that grandma has it going on.

    ghantry10, posted

    awsome fuck that slut

    dogmanass, posted

    SWEET, make me want to fuck her too while the dog is still inside...

    boglee, posted

    gradma lovers her dog cock.

    fishlover, posted

    just fantastic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    cockie53, posted

    Lighting could have been better, nice photos of Gmas pussy, would like to see better angles on the dog knot and the cunt oozing doggies cum out when the knot is out. Overall good clip

    Hardluck, posted

    not so god dog hes old

    rallien, posted

    grandma has a nice pussy.

    fishlover, posted

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    lesley, posted

    GEE"S, Was that my Grandma?


    wish i could play with these lovely folks

    jerk69, posted

    good knot at te end. not the body on the bitch but hay ho! not into the man spunkin on the dogs dick though3/5

    sy30sw, posted

    that was so ffucking hot and sexy it gave a boner

    tonbonus, posted

    Bravo! Great and thank you

    Malepuppylips, posted

    loveeeeeeeeeee how it stetched her coming out..i love huge dog cocks !!!

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    BeastyFriends, posted

    really hot. i love it when the knot pulls out and she moans,And thats one nice pussy for an grandma

    staples75, posted

    She's a older woman with beer gut, saggy tits and gray hair.... And you're complaining about her ass? teh fuck is wrong with u.

    Gohan1991, posted


    totolata001, posted

    horrible ass

    Humboldt, posted

    oh to be dog fucked like that :-)

    cumhungryOR1067, posted

    this video makes me sooooo wet

    cumhungryOR1067, posted

    thats how it should be ...COUPLE + DOG ..loves it!

    tigerbirdy456, posted

    OMG, so wish that was me

    cumhungryOR1067, posted

    Great video, I enjoyed it very much

    polarize, posted

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    I loved this video great job good close up shots as well wishing i had a dog like that to fill me!!

    iwantknot, posted

    love watching the grandma movie,she sounded like she was enjoying it

    horniedog, posted

    Very good movie...And as a grandma, I'm glad to know there are other grandmas and grandpas still having a good time in their golden years...Let's give it up for the "K9 Loving Grandma"...Keep on fucking girl!!!!

    notnice1947, posted

    What I want to know is exactly what happens at the end. Is there a second dog that licks the cum covered dick/knot of the first dog or did the dog manage to get its head around and lick its own dick? Two dogs would have been totally hot. Grandma would have loved a little more licking though! Who wouldn't. Great shots of dog's dick going in & out AND particularly the knot coming out - WOW!!!!!!!!!! Loved the dripping cum running down her tush too.

    ridgerider, posted

    Great vid! Anyone out there wanna help me film a beast flick?

    k9lover100, posted

    who needs tv when you have entertainment like that!

    pablodiablo, posted

    that's the way 2 watch tv

    kcfucd, posted

    loved this video!!!!the only thing i would do different is i would want 2 suck on the cocks kind of a waste of yummy cum!

    kcfucd, posted

    grandma got what she needed........got a good know there.......hope you enjoyed grandma, and looked like grandpa certainly enjoyed too...

    spo1953, posted

    Liked it? I loved it man!!!! wow, to have taken turns on that hot dog juiced up pussy would've been awesome! wow, hot vid!!!!!! thank you!

    alex1m, posted

    Wow, hot grandma!

    valet, posted

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    concave_scream, posted

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    kcfucd, posted

    This is sooooo hot!!! I love how Grandma and Grampa love their granddog!!!! She certainly loves him in her pussy and grandpa loves to play with his nice cock too!!! Awesome video...can't wait to see and hear more!!!

    missi35, posted

    I wanna dog like this one... wow, have I been missing out! Ummm... made me cum twice already... juicy!

    Lassiepussie, posted

    This is a very hott movie. I really wish that dog would mount my fat ass.

    PwnMe, posted

    Yea did anyone else notice the repeats? BTW great video

    metalxwolf, posted

    i would love to have that dog fuck my pussy like that. she needs practice with the dog to get the dog to mount heer better. her pussy was wet and ready but she needs to work with the dog more to get mounted longer and maybe get the knot.

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    pandora1964, posted

    i want that knot deep in me

    sumabitch, posted

    Well that is what I like to see and hear, if that is what my grama was like, I would want to spend a whole lot of time with her. it is very obvious the dog really enjoyed being deep in her pussy which for an older woman I wouldn't mind going down on her after the dog had filled her with his cum. Lets talk about the dog as well Beautiful cock, nice length especially with that awsome knot to tie him in. I got really wet watchin this one and have to do something about it. Julie

    julie969, posted

    That was a good one,that knot was huge!!!!!

    easyluvn, posted

    This is what I figure I'll find if I ever go to someone's house to see something like this. No way will I ever see a reasonable looking woman getting fucked by a dog. It'll be a large lady with my luck. :(

    charterguy, posted

    yyuummm. makes me want to do my grandma ! and grandpa's load was great too, AND WHAT A HOT DOG COCK , oh what the hell ! i just want to fuck and suck every cunt and cock i cum across .

    nytro, posted

    this is a great fuck! Love to get fucked just like that ;)

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    mehoff, posted

    Thats my friend Judy. Not bad for an old girl, eh?

    jayko, posted

    really hot. i love it when the knot pulls out and she moans, "ah, beautiful", i have done that myself many times. oink

    sultanx1, posted

    Hot movie Wish I could get my wife to let our Mastiff fuck her like this grandma did. I agree grandma should have licked both dicks clean. Keep them cumming!!

    Mac1941, posted

    Hot I also loved the guy cumming on the dog's cock! Wish I had been there too! Bet my "grandma" wife would love that huge hard cock too!

    USNRetired, posted

    lov her big belly hanging down and those breasts this is the best woman on here

    beastsexbill, posted

    fucking hot as hell

    cuntlovesdogs, posted

    very hot loved the guy cumming on the dog cock!! wish me an hubby were with them

    LoveCouple2, posted

    lucky grandma, i need a granddog like that!!

    littlelover, posted

    Thats one nice pussy for an old woman

    goldenfucking, posted

    Whoever posted this should be ashamed for posting someone elses material.

    joedontknow, posted

    See how he helped the dog insert his dick in her. That's what is needed in some of the other films. This lady was really getting it, got knotted, cum inside of her, and hejerked off on the dogs dick. She should have licked it clean and it wiuld have been a complete movie. Still, was very good.

    sildolan, posted

    nice,hot grannma and grandpa,would have liked to join them

    swellhead, posted

    sweet lady.

    digitallover, posted

    der film macht mich echt an.

    torry, posted

    ein toller film danke !

    franzw, posted

    Excellent! The scene with granpaw jerkin off onto the dog dick could have been deleted though! Nice to see it was not recorded 5-10 years ago!

    Irishbull, posted

    Nice shots but repeats are unnecessary

    Kymfur, posted

    Nice Vid!!! I would love to get fucked like that!

    pussygalore, posted

    OK I coulda done without the old guy cumming on the dog's dick, but that hot old bitch! Hey Grandma wanna be Dawg's bitch..I'll knot that pussy of yours! A real GILF (Grannie I'd Like to Fuck)

    Dawg56, posted

    really hot. i love it when the knot pulls out and she moans, "ah, beautiful", i have done that myself many times. oink

    hungdaug, posted

    i love it best in a very long time

    darkd6, posted

    I think she should have been sucking on the doggie when he cummed on the doggie cock ... that would have made an awesome scene ;) Still really great clips of some great cock and pussy action. Who doesn’t love seeing those big red knots stuck in a sweet tight wet pussy? I know I enjoy it more than I can tell ya. Now I just need to find me a big red cock to stuff into me. She has an awesome pussy. I love when they have sound. Makes all the diff. for me personally  Really great! Thanks! She looks like she enjoyed it!

    PASANDRAL2, posted

    This is so hot. There was a couple in Oxnard area that used to do this and then I would lick the cum from her and him! I only wish there were other people in the area who were into licking and sucking people as well as their pets, each other and guests as in this flick. The hottest part is licking the cum after the dog and the male cum! It is instant hardness all over again! You don't have to look for hard bodies and younger people to enjoy this activity. It's entertaining for the female to watch as the guys lickeach other as well!

    jackfox96, posted

    That was a hot fucking movie!! I loved how vocal the woman was she seemed to enjoy being fucked! I even got off when the man cummed on the dog's dick! I loved the fact that the dog seemed to find the pussy quickly and got back to fucking even when he withdrew! I loved the way that the woman enjoyed being knotted and how hot she sounded! The dog even seemed to enjoy himself, he had to lick his own dick! This movie is the best I’ve seen thus far! I loved this movie...my pussy is so wet I have to masturbate!!

    cajunasian, posted

    WOOHOO....Hurray for grandma and grandpa, and of course for the doggy too. I really wished I had grandparents like them. Loved the way grandpa was involved in making grandma enjoy a great dog fuck. Make me wonder what they did in their younger days. It also made my pussy twitch when I saw grandpa cumming all over the dog's cock, That was awesome. It would have been ever better had grandpa put the dog's cock into grandma's pussy right after that. Hope to see more action from grandma, grandpa and the granddog in the near future.

    ashleytakahama, posted

    awesome movie got me really honey, my only wish is I would have loved to to see the dogs cum dripping out of her pussy when the knot came out. the fact that it was a couple enjoying this dog makes it all the better. that animal is truely loved and loves its owners both dog and woman were so ready for each other, no doubt in my mind that they were both fully satisfied I know I was. I cant wait till my girl gets home so I can enjoy her getting fucked so well. as someone else said more positions would have been nice but it was still great, and what a great know and for them to be hooked I loved it

    docdog78, posted

    wow what a hot video. the way the dog is persistantly trying to enter the grandmas shaven pussy with its wet waggling cock could make anyone horny. the gentleman has to help guide the brindle dogs red hot cock in the right direction but when it gets there he fucks like hes been waiting his whole life for it. the grandma is clearly enjoying it as she stays there with her legs spread the whole time leting herself be the dogs play toy. the angle is great as you really see the dog enter and bounce around. also the side view of the grandmas tits hanging whilst the dog is fucking her panting like mad made me wet as hell. i let my dog lick me whilst watching this and cummed all over his face. we have not yet mastered him fucking me but i hope one day we will get it as perfect as this.

    oasis, posted

    okayy grandma i see how u roll.i love this video.i love the veiw.you love that dog dick.that dog love that wet pussy.grandpa just loved everything.this home made video clip made me so fucking horney.i made my dog fuck the shit out of me and i was thinking of this video the whole time.you need to stick with that dog for a long ass time and you need to keep on doing what you doing and keep letting that dog knot in your pussy. make some more video clips of you and your dog and you should try missionary with the dog.

    thatdoglover, posted

    here we go , to me this is a goog ,very very good movie for if i have the strenght and the body and a dog with a dick like i would get rid of the old man for he had more to offer. so the granny need to just start her life with the dog, just watching her and the dog made me so wet for when i tocuh myself i just could not get the picture out of my head, second of all where and how can i find a dog like that can you tell me where . keep up the good work and granny keep on kneeling and i feel all your prayers will soon be answered. we can only dream of all your fun i love it hope to see you again and label it granny and granddog 2, take care

    granny743, posted
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