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    Gf And Dog 1


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    Amateur gf wanted me to post that movie here for you all to watch and of course for some good gredids if moderator will be nice and acctualy post that movie

    Uploaded by k9floridian · Rating: 3.1 (256 votes) · 88408 views


    I hate when they tease like that when all U want is that cock inside of U!!!

    gwenwalker69, posted


    uli123, posted

    That rottie is getting some fine assed pussy,lucky dog!

    breeder09, posted

    If I had been in that room with her I would have told her to get out of the way. Then I'd drop to all fours so he could finally get a piece of ass. He's welcome to make me his 'bitch' anytime. Cute woman, nice ass, fair camera work, but a beautiful dog. Just wished he had been trying to fuck me instead of that tease.

    dogknotluvr, posted

    bastante cogible esa tia quisiera ser el perro :p

    strorm, posted

    If I had a big dog with a big cock like that, that was as eager as he was, you better believe I wouldn't stop him from fucking me. I'd let him have his way.

    Decemberist, posted

    why wont she let him fuck her.... if she dont want his cock then dont mess with him

    rodeodad45, posted

    Not only was it a dog teaser but viewer teaser too. Nice body but little action

    suden, posted

    Girl has a very nice ass but need to have it plugged but good by that puggy

    mailman12, posted

    That was a dog teaser.


    i think they were great she was stopping him over and over so she could get more pleasure and good on her.

    1trophy2, posted

    Aww the poor frustrated pooch

    dazzledsheep, posted

    was the dog's nails hurting her fair skin?

    djw, posted

    Hes ready shes not. You fucking and keep stopping, he going to bite that bitch.

    ced, posted

    This was ok, dodnt think the dog got in there though. camara work a bit poor

    mrchicken, posted

    I'll translate ya the movie: She wants the dog to fuck her anal, but dog was"eine etage zu tief" that means dogs dick fucked inside her pussy. second try dog was even "zu flott", she said - dog was also sticking inside her cunt, and she wants fucked her asshole.

    GenerationWolf, posted

    This has potential...I like seeing this hot redheads face...they need more time.

    jayko, posted

    Looks like progress is being made..love the intimate action...looking forward to more...

    polarize, posted

    Well, she tried at least.

    latinwooters, posted

    does she want him or not let me!!!! Why? She keep trying successfully!

    santo_tep, posted

    keep trying!

    michman1503, posted

    does she want him or not let me!!!!

    brittneyok, posted

    very pretty woman

    oldlonelydoggie, posted

    Is she crazy? I would let that dog fuck me any time.

    jenn5780, posted

    Beautifull girl, not much action

    bushwaacker, posted

    A great effort, she will get her reward if she keeps trying.

    ihope2cu2, posted

    she was scared cuz if you really think bout it its an awkward thing to do. especailly first time on cam so cut her some slack.

    trouty12, posted

    Why do you have this website available for people to see, but you can't watch the films? I've tried downloading AdobeFlashPlayer and all kinds of options. I still can't get any of the movies to play. Is this some kind of a scam to get people to log on to this website? Pls give me some kind of info on how to see the films. Some of my friends have tried also and can't see anything but still shots.

    mabrewer9, posted


    xxxkingxxx, posted

    I would love to be knotted by that dog!!

    lovek9knot, posted

    I believe that she was scared from not enuff experiance

    EZMoney, posted

    There're 2 videos here regarding this same woman, Isn't she wonderful ?

    nogueira, posted

    hot lady. untrained dog though

    wileyguy, posted

    dump her shes afraid of being fucked

    knotlikker, posted

    She got too scared for the knot. tut-tut. Otherwise, it had pretty great sound and a beautiful dog.

    xivoryx, posted

    Würde gerne mal dabei sein oder mitmachen

    Udo500, posted

    Da würde ich gerne mal mitmachen!Sehr nett.

    OstfrieseDevot, posted

    They must have just started experimenting.. She scared.. He cant wait to drop the film. better view needed.. {but I'm left hanging wondering about rest of vid.}

    JasonVenison, posted

    i want to get fucked by a dog. cant wait to try it

    secret09, posted

    the bitch chickened out because she was afraid of being knotted. Why make a movie like this if you don't have the guts to go all the way.

    lilgia, posted


    arran, posted

    I figured he was hitting the wrong hole!

    harleypoor, posted

    Got to agree! Stay on your paws and let the doggie fuck your brains out girl.

    bitchboy, posted

    nice vid...

    pitbull10, posted

    give her a chance lads it could be her first,maybe we will see more full on in the future,if we dont give her a hard time with the comments,well done young lady and thank you.

    lookerlooking, posted

    Waste of time, either let the doggy fuck your brains out or quit teasing the dog, gonna give him blueballs.

    centraltxboi, posted

    Rubbish she pulled away when he got near entering her

    robroy, posted

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    dogggyyyyy, posted

    I give her an e for effort, and hope that they keep trying. It seems that both the girl and the dog are amateurs but at least she's willing and I'm going to be watching for the movie when they finally succeed. The girl has a great looking ass and the dog is a big dog with a very big cock. It looks like the first time he mounts her he may have actually got it in her ass which maybe she wasn't ready for and she pulls away. After that it's hard to tell if he really gets it in or not. I'm thinking that if he did we would be hearing some louder exclamations from that redhead! The Germans seem to be leaders in the amateur dog fucking movies and I'd like to see some sweet little American girls step up to the plate and show them how it can be done!

    billabong, posted
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