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    3d Horse Fuck


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    Woman and horse are fucking on a stable this is by svarog 3d beast sex they have lot of fun. BeastForum.com -> Home-made -> Beastiality Stories. PLeasure. Enjoy, this is good.

    Uploaded by me65 · Rating: 3.7 (252 votes) · 237191 views


    Hi ^^ My age can only be told through message ;) im up for dirty talking and pic trading ^^ im male and im bisexual, so check my profile, and maybe message me :)

    young_one_65, posted

    Deep throat

    2jasonbshark, posted

    hoti want to be that horse

    sa112773, posted

    mmmmmmm very erotic!!!

    rikk469, posted

    nice, I haven't sucked a horse yet, but would like to try

    tgirlwhore, posted

    great penitration

    inuyasha86, posted

    nice penitration

    hardflare, posted

    good movie

    turkhutt, posted

    it amazing,she just walk up to the horse and swing her back side,the horse follow her,and she bends down to the step .the horse just licks her vagina and fuck her from behind hard.

    samsonsam123, posted


    cat965188, posted

    Liked the pounding of her, but thoughr the lighting could have been better when she was blowing him

    lmoth, posted

    I dislike the music part, honestly.

    sharelia, posted


    dob1, posted

    the women is very sex teen walking and bends on the table the fuck her from behind is natural.

    jokersam, posted

    real stimulating

    longtongue48, posted

    not bad talk bout deep throating

    ilovedogs24, posted

    where are these vids from?

    MonteCarlo, posted

    Mmm, sexy movie. I'd want to tease the horse as well to get him on top of me. :)

    kerstingirl, posted

    Why does a cg movie have bad lighting?

    inafterdesu, posted

    Pretty good sound.Pretty good 3d movie.

    123go, posted

    Very nice. Every girl's dream.

    Renaissance, posted

    loved it, sometimes things are best left to our imaginations, which are some times better. I imagine he cums all over her face and body. The way he almost picks her up with his thrusts is soooo sexy!

    djw, posted

    Very nice. Every girl's dream.

    ponyslave, posted

    just saw it agian, same results, big hardon came like a horse! HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT five stars *****

    esparzascc, posted

    Hot2suckgbgirl is right about the flood of cum across her face. . . also, the lighting is little dark. . .I have imagined what horse love is like and these images come close to what I've often thought about. . .

    morgan_faye, posted

    oh my oh my he fucked her in the ass, all the way! she deep throated him all the way! drank every oz. of cum without spilling a drop!!!!!!! i am done over and out!

    esparzascc, posted


    kitten2, posted

    Would be better if it werent so dark.

    kreynolds, posted

    Man..what a throaty..deep throat?? Eat ur heart out..er..I mean eat ur meat and stay fit and healthy.

    khalan, posted

    man I would love to do that with my mare

    austin, posted

    that was awesome best since i signed up

    haydn, posted

    Love seeing a woman pictured enjoying a big animal cock.

    redo2, posted

    no you're not alone ;) :P

    cowzilla88, posted

    these clips are so unreal yet so horny,hope its not only me that's getting turned on?

    lookerlooking, posted

    yess thats it

    wolf126, posted

    Nice video. Love how the horse comes up behind her and surprises her, and how he practically lifts her off the ground with his cock. She sucks him eagerly too. Very nice. Would have loved to have seen him flood her with cum.

    hot2suckgbgirl, posted

    so dark cant see anything

    calgarybitch, posted

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    grosfather, posted

    its a very interesting clip, graphics are really good for the video. This video is just very interesting and the virtual horse cock is spot on and porportions are good for graphics. I like how the horse neighs then charges its cock into the girl. Also the girl looks like a hooker so thats a plus and her boobs are huge and her twat looks correct. The video has good showmanship and is just very interesting. I think people would like this video. Well done to whoever made this video. I wouldn't change anything about this video. The clarity is thetre and the sound is good.

    rocker1992, posted

    awsome never seen anything like anime stuff is great i can imagine stuff like this in rl but hey anime is good enough for me just a lil wierd with the blue hair and alll but its ok not that bad now i can go on and watch more great vids i wonder wat else this pern has in store for a person who likes stuff like thisa a a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a aa aa a a a aa a a

    rqarq123aswde, posted

    i really liked how the woman was moaning as the horse was fucking her. i think you can really get into it more when you have good sound quality.i wish it was longer, the moaning had me very hot.i hate you could not hear as the dog was slamming his cock into her. the horse had huge sized cock, also.the quality of the pic is good but wat i could see and hear it was turning me on. maybe in the future they could get a another pet, it would be nice to see more from them.

    vanilablue2, posted

    It was amazing! The horse gets really nice penetration. This video makes me want to get a horse. I played it over and over again so I could cum a lot! The horse fucks her hard and she begs for mercy. I would recommend this to everyone. It made me cum so much I thought I needed a bucket. I watch this video a lot because its amazing, good, hot, and sexy. The main reason I am writing this is because it is good and I need the credits. This is my favorite video in petsex.com. This is just amazingly hot and turned me into a horse lover and not a human lover.

    dolphinsex97, posted

    It was amazing. I could watch over and over and over agian! Lol it was thus amazing! Omg i would love to see more of this! Who ever made it great for you! Here i go watching it again and again and again and more and more and more yay more! I know good stuff when i see it so good job amazing! good work! And will you be making more???? Huh? It was thus so amazing you can make more i bet! Oh my god it was laugh out loud good! I will watch and watch and watch even more! You did awesome on this! good job!

    lolawesomeman, posted

    Starting with the blue haired woman walking down the stable lane I thought this animation was going to suck but man was I wrong. After shes done walking the woman stops in front of a horse and bends over a table. The horse looks at her rear as though thinking about foreplay licks her then has second thoughts and straight out starts fucking her hard. All the way in for a good period of time, as the music changes to some type of hardcore metal to fit the action going on. Once the horse is finished he pulls out and immediately the woman starts to deep throat his entire cock. One wonders if that thing goes all the way into her stomach. Once shes done the short ends. The animation and graphical quality were excellent, the only downside is the beginning which only lasts for a few seconds. Good job, Five out of Five.

    darkwolf, posted
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