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    Rotie Home Fuck


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    girl is teaching rotie how to fuck with her,this is the first time for dog to fuck with her and we hope that isnt the last time,bf recording all action

    Uploaded by zlajo1000 · Rating: 3.1 (739 votes) · 249375 views


    who was filming this.a vibrator or someone coming of the drink

    bigmmacphers, posted

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    mamaooo, posted

    I want a big dog dick in me right now

    sassycat, posted

    I would like both the girl and the dog....yummy for me.

    yasmin1960, posted


    Edalmo, posted

    What an awesome fuck!!!

    1billy4unow, posted

    anybody in melbourne fl. want a bottom bitch4 their k9 message me

    boatman6969, posted

    He is such a sexy doggie :)

    kerstingirl, posted

    und haben beide noch spaß und kommen zum zuge? aber echt geil

    barni67, posted

    did he finally get hooked up??

    lilbeaver, posted

    another attractive female mmmmmmmmmm

    rikk469, posted

    Quite nice...

    seltsam, posted

    geil würden gern den hund kennenlernen meldet euch mal

    wirsuchen, posted

    I want to Fuck your pet can any one help me on this I in Suffolk email on davidhw@hotmail.co.UK

    lookinside, posted

    I really love this video and the girl was lovely. Thanks

    jameswashington, posted

    Nicccceeeee beautiful woman and lucky dog but he might need just a little more experience he gets off to quick. Nice video all the same

    fidos_ladi, posted

    I think the girl wanted it bad real bad and I would have sure liked to see her get it all the way to the knot inside her so she could clamp that pussy down and hold him for a secound big shot of his red hot cum.

    hairybear42, posted

    Mmmm I want that dog to fuck me

    kelll23, posted

    the women like the dog to fuck her and the husband waiting to see the dog fuck his wife.what a enjoy sexy video.

    samsonsam123, posted


    bizznas, posted

    she finally helped him do his business. Wished it had ben me, I could teach him a little.HMMMMMMMMMMMM!

    wiseone2, posted

    wow - the Dog would be more willing if she would put her Ass down -wink

    lilbeaver, posted

    the video is good but the dog don't know how to fuck her,if her hubby was there and don't how to teacher the dog to fuck her, I can help to teacher the dog how to fuck her.if she don't want the dog to fuck her,i may fuck her everyday.

    samsonsam123, posted

    Oh that was nice,she has a beautiful pussy and more than likely will be able to take the knot deep in her vagina,Niiiiiiiiiiiccceeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

    breeder09, posted

    Please shoot the scene again once the dog knows what to do...

    tarcante, posted

    there is always someone who don't know to film with camera; funny!

    yefimia, posted

    It's stop half way.

    jokersam, posted

    Wish we saw his cock, total tease of my ultimate lover.

    rottx, posted


    madcyril, posted

    I was hoping for more

    cuddles2puddles, posted

    not has potential if more humping is shown

    mailman12, posted

    nice woman like to see get well fucked by dog as she seemed to want .Sound of her poor.

    ralhper, posted

    love your work

    hungry4it, posted

    Her pussy is way too BIG for that dog!


    xDDD must be a pup in the early training stages

    ayman.aly, posted

    xDDD must be a pup in the early training stages

    skoob05, posted

    muy bueno!!!!!

    cali8, posted

    lol cum fart noise

    ilovedogs24, posted

    A very nice ass she had

    zox22, posted

    she needs a better trained dog

    mailman12, posted

    I want to get a girl like this

    iceland, posted

    Camera guy is so intent on seeing what is happening that he screws up the shoot!

    jckstraw, posted

    thank, so i guess every guy out there is a retard? they either can't shut up or they can't hold a camera. jesus

    maschng, posted

    swish to be more longer ..... is more of this one ?

    rocco16, posted

    My wife offers her ass up to a big lab and he fucks her very hard and very fast! Always a lot of cum!!

    Bigeightincher, posted


    GenerationWolf, posted

    She looks great. Would love to see more of her

    tempt8ion72, posted

    beautiful dog would be nice if he takes it mmmmm

    brittneyok, posted

    kinda lame

    beastyboy6969, posted


    mousa428, posted

    somebody knew where we can find more vids from this couple?

    couple42, posted

    Sorry....dame sorry ass clip, onlt thing that was good about it was the woman was not a 400 lb, jabba-tha-slut wanna be.

    JesseandApril, posted


    Niggo, posted


    ikkke2, posted

    Im sure he fucked her good, wish we could have seen it. Wish I had a rottie like that to fuck me.

    2lvdogcock, posted

    could do better

    Lotto, posted

    mmmm.... He's a very handsome rottie. Looks like he just needs a little practice.

    lilnekomimi, posted

    this was a great movie.

    huh101, posted

    this was a great movie.

    huh101, posted

    well the dog prefers being sucked

    cp10bob, posted

    I like the smile on her face as she looks back at the dog. She knows she is gonna get fucked good!

    trailboss40, posted

    first k9 i seen go for the head he was thinking any hole will do please thank you!!!!

    bigdamo09, posted

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    piston37, posted

    son malos los rotwailer para el sexo llo tambien tengo uno y lo mismo me hace es una lata, queda uno con las ganas. nimodo...

    quiros, posted

    Girl seemed to be very strong & hot as she has to beg so much to fuck her again ! Nice movie!

    KDL, posted

    der stellt sich so dumm an wie meiner am anfang

    JBTlieb, posted

    wow da würde ich gern mal mitficken geiles video

    ollowain, posted

    mmmmmmm, i like how how she is begging him to mount her! nice ass!

    smiling4mares, posted

    m very good I would love to lick her clean mmmmmmmmm

    Belinda402007, posted

    My wife stays in the same position for the dog.. mmmm I love wen she screams

    u7u7u7, posted

    i love it

    sandyg, posted

    Muy caliente!!

    murdoc_z, posted

    How the fuck does he fuck that nasty pussy after his dog does. WTF?

    judgenotjules, posted

    What a beautiful site watching a woman and a male dog mate! :)

    WomenAndDogSex, posted


    playboy0011, posted

    Well......they gave it a go.

    harleypoor, posted

    Hammergeiles Video

    toby69, posted

    fucking bad

    evabi2, posted

    could have done better

    countrygirl1935, posted

    not bad getting there.when done will make great video.

    mick111, posted

    Not bad, could be better

    DKM86, posted

    This is a very very I interesting video although the title says fuck I personally think it is more of a hump but none of the less. It starts out very good how he humps the girl lick crazy as her hand guides his cock but after about say 10 or 15 seconds the dog stops humping here a walks around ( although it was pretty funny when he was humping her head) it seems that the dog was in no mode for sex but then finally in the last 20 seconds he goes back to humping the girl but it deals more like 15 seconds as the last 5 second of the clip have bad camera hurt the video but overall this is a good clip but not great I personally give it a six out of ten

    jessicazoosex, posted

    wow wow wow wow wow wow what a fuckin horny dog and woman... i wish at that moment dog gives it in her mouth and fukcs her mouth. but again the video is amazing. i want to have groupsex with a women and a dog like this. dog sex horse sex also they lick her or she licks them im always curious about them. i want to find out more videos like this. this video can be longer but again this is a good video. it makes me hard and hot. i wish one day i will do somethng like this. or i would fuck a female dog it can be interesting:P

    slimhot, posted

    I like the dog to have giving her the knot and showed us more of her pussy filled with dog cock and cum spilling to the floor.Her helper didn't help so put the cig down and help the dog mount her heard of a tripod try that next time.I would have like to see her blow the dog till he came in her mouth.The girl was really wanting a hard fuck but I think if she played with him more he would be more in to it.I try to explain this to my wife we just started and I know if she would just try a little more and if she got the knot and felt that dick in her and cumming so hard she would work at it with more effort.I guess it just take time

    tylerderden1974, posted

    This is a failure. Most the video is the dog being clueless. Then when the dog actually mounts the cameraman fails. What little action there is we can't see because he is trying to zoom in or changing angle. The clearest video is of his hand getting into the action, the last thing I wanted to see. Too bad the cameraman is an idiot and couldn't just stay with the angle and distance he started with. Also why do amateurs think we want to hear their voices during the action moments. We want to hear the dog and the woman and that is it. This video had some potential so it is a shame that the cameraman lost it shortly into the fun part.

    coueran, posted

    In 2 words: Love it, It is a nice video, the dog starts doing what he's supposed to be doing right away but then after a small amount of time loses track of what he is doing, he looks confused poor thing, and within this time he tries to hump the girls head, which i though was kinda funny :P. But then he knows what he was doing again :) Love it ^^. Also : the girl is beautifull :) Not a total reviewing point of the video itself but i love the fact that the video was selected to be in the free bonus area :). Well i hope i ever get lucky enough to get in a sitaution as the one you can see in the video :) i gave it the highest rating possible ^^

    username213, posted

    There is lots of waiting for this video to get going. It starts out with the woman on all fours offering herself to the dog. He is interestesd as is obvious with his panting and circling. The problem is he doesn't know what to do. He circles and pants and circles and pants and then does it all over again. At one point he mouints her head. Then does his circle and pant routine again. When he does finally figure out which end to mount, the actual footage of him inside her is very short. He is on and off very quickly but I suppose he can't be blamed, after all this is his first time and he needs to build up his stamina.

    loblo, posted
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