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    Woman Gets Knotted


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    Mature woman gets knotted by her dog, would be nice if admins could give me some credits for this movie, I have thousands more of homemade movies! would like to post all of them!

    Uploaded by jng_myst · Rating: 3.5 (956 votes) · 135838 views


    That dog has poor aim, probably mad cow or e coli brain and just got lucky... I wouldn't take him hunting with me!

    KennyCopafiel, posted

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    conniechung, posted

    21yo male in suffolk,uk looking for woman of any age that wants to suck and fuck human and doggy cock

    sexymaxyboy, posted

    I would like that dog cock slipping in and out me.

    craveit, posted

    taht was just fucken boring!!!

    DoubleDude, posted

    What else do you do in a kitchen with the hound dog..Good dogy

    PINKCADALAC, posted

    when he finally found that spot, damn did he get to work... why is she not moaning?

    bigcaboom1, posted

    Sweet! Looked like a good time!

    harleypoor, posted

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    BlackBiTop, posted

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    GeileStutex3, posted

    once he found the spot, good boy.

    tgirlwhore, posted

    Once he found the pussy he really tore it up

    babygirly, posted

    Once he finds her wet pussy he knows what to do!!

    nativeiowan, posted

    if anyone in melbourne fl. has a well endowed dog or pony. and would not mind me haveing fun with them please message me. ps wouldn't mind being recorded

    boatman6969, posted

    Hard to tell if she actually enjoyed that, she didn't make any noise or not. If that were me i'd have been moaning so much when he finally slammed that cock deep inside me :)

    belfastbabe, posted

    It looks as if were dog`s fist time . . .

    starboy390, posted

    i want that dog, oh mmmmmm need that sweet knott

    dtguy, posted

    very nice

    buggeringnuttin, posted

    hat frauchen doch noch einen geilen fick bekommen

    dog9898horse, posted

    Hmm... other then mounting at the wrong angles an the guy talking.. this was a good vid an can clearly see that she did indeed get knotted. Love it an it made my pussy drip juss watching it.. wishing i was in her place gettin bred with that male really turns me on... hmmmmm.. now my clit is all swollen an throbbing.. gunna havta have my female lick me in a minute or two.... Damn im so turned on right now... yea, ik what you all are thinkin.. tis not very lady-like.. but i cant help it an i am juss being me by being honest an speakin my mind...

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    Don't tell me, that with all the experience, she's got, she still doesn't know, how to keep the dog from dismounting her after he's done! How to keep the dog's knot inside her! Oh, she knows. But she just doesn't want that! Why not? Because it doesn't feel good? Why keep all the failattempts in the clip. Couldn't you better have filled it up with good attempts? I'm pretty sure, you've got lots of them on film. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Clearly an experienced woman, as in: been fucked many times by the dog. Why then lean on her elbows, when wants to fuck with the dog? Ever seen a bitch do that? And why not keep the dog inside her after he cummed in her? With so much experience, she should have known by now, that it feels so much better if the dog stayed inside her and kept cumming inside her. Some people will never learn. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    This is super hot he nails her pussy real good!

    breeder09, posted

    i would love to be the one getting fucked by that hot dog god i m so horny just thinking about it

    inuyasha86, posted

    i would love to meeta woman like this get in contact if interested

    Romfordasa, posted


    ciombe, posted

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    summitkid96, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    Boring. Probably didn't even stick it in her.

    jackf9, posted

    Awesome video...got me hard real quick

    kinkyhorsefuck, posted

    that dump dog is takeing time to figure out were to put his cock,and don't know how to mount a women.

    samsonsam123, posted

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    ilovetocum, posted

    Gets me wet every time!!!!

    miller6999, posted

    Another good video! The dog has a little trouble at first, but he nails her in the end!

    chickenman82, posted

    looks like he loaded her up good

    bill6, posted

    love it

    mischief54, posted

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    blackOokami, posted

    dog missed a few times

    angrybird, posted

    good, but felt for dog in beggining, he coulda used some help. all n all good video

    jakksun, posted


    xxlxx, posted

    very good

    slim2711, posted

    My wife did this with a chocolate lab and was knotted to him for a good 10 min. or more! Lots of dog sperm in her cunt!!

    Bigeightincher, posted

    how do i get my dog to mount me like that? some1 help me...i need some k9 cock but he wont do it:(

    trae611, posted

    Not bad once he got going, but needed some reaction from her...

    siuoly69, posted

    Not a word from her when he finally mounted her...was she alive or dead?? We'll never know.... I like to hear a woman's "song"...mmm mmm

    ThisMan, posted

    Nothing Special!

    WireFire22, posted

    I'd love to knot/breed you/her too.

    dutiful9, posted

    better end loving

    graft, posted

    I would love to get knotted tonight please email me if you live in VA!

    crow4ever, posted


    fredpotts, posted

    Typical big dog, very clumsy, eventually he gets there, I bet his knot is one to die for. Missionary would be better, more control and so easy to get him first time,

    robroy, posted

    er macht es am Schluß

    schwanzimarsch, posted

    Fantastic video. I wish petsex.com would create a seperate site or option where we can initiate dialogue with the performers. I have always been interested in asking about their sexual acts.

    dswayed24, posted

    She must be really horny and confident to do this with two men in the room with her.

    likkrman, posted


    rabiddog, posted

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    kangeroe, posted

    i would love to get fucked by that dog

    bi-doggy-girl, posted

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    BeastyFriends, posted

    With a bit more practice Mr Dog will give her the ride of her life. But the lovely looking woman needs to get rid of the clothes to make this even better watching!! 7/10

    smiley1956, posted

    sexy! ;-)

    tercel, posted

    patience pays off big time sandyl

    sandylove, posted


    rocky49, posted

    kewl. lady was submissive and like stated before didnt move away. awesome mate she was.

    kidd42o, posted


    koley2, posted

    [17.10.2010-01:21] Geile Ficknummer ! Noch ein wenig unbeholfen - Aber zum Schluss wohl doch richtig in ihr ?!!! Schade , dass das Video da abbricht. Und man nicht sein Pull-Out und Cumming sieht !

    PetOlli, posted

    fuck that shit

    slickcoon, posted


    musme, posted

    dog could of used some major help. chick could of used some emotion i couldnt tell if the dog made a diffrence or not.

    thegreenax, posted

    Yep patience is a virtue. He got it right in the end...and all good things must end in a cum!

    jayko, posted

    mmmm.... Such a handsome stud I’d love to spend some time tied to him. It's a shame the video cuts where it does… I would have loved to see a bit of his nice thick cock. ^.^

    lilnekomimi, posted

    another bred bitch. Great job

    dutiful9, posted

    At least she was smart enough to save those riped out jeans and put them to good use ;) ;) If your knot going to keep his nails trimmed or don't want any scratches from your love making adventure's its the way to go! Knot so much if your making video's I'd say? lol Rob aka petloverhere with battle scar's and all ;) ;)

    petloverhere, posted

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    BeastyFriends, posted

    great clip,,, but can i dog fuck her next !mmmmmmmm

    nytro, posted

    needed better camera angle...

    snooks, posted

    It takes a while for a dog to figure out how to mount a human, and a lot of training for him to hit the right spot with any sort of accuracy. Training a dog requires a lot of patience, and as you can see, the patience pays off. He did very well, and he will get better each time. He knew what he wanted, just needed to figure out how to get it. She was a well fucked woman when he was finished.

    meli, posted

    dog was dumb as hell, but shoutout to the chick for hanging in there!

    Shuddup, posted

    y anyone help this dog?

    ssnake24, posted

    Love how she cut the seat out of those blue jeans! Kudos!

    Malepuppylips, posted

    What a determined dog......he kept trying till he got hos cock in her & knotted.

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    is that you? messygirl? fuckmehardbaby?

    esparzascc, posted

    would love to get fucked and knotted by a dog. young hot female from florida lookin 4 some fun. message me if you're interested in hookin up

    fuckmehardbaby, posted

    took a few tries , but boy he fucked her well when he did get in, mmmmmmmgood boy

    bareback53, posted

    any english women here fancy a chat?

    Pacific, posted

    the sound cut off towards the end when he shoved his knot in her...I wonder why, LOL

    Kbottom9, posted

    help your dog

    junxz, posted


    aredheart, posted

    take off your pants,more natural for the animal,

    ninnafaye, posted


    leek2009, posted

    who video taped this mess, someone from salvation army?? terrible movie,,a camera man,,but it's just set on a table and doesn't move. she doesn't make any noise, the dog acts like his brainis too big for his scull!! what a mess, ,,should have nad closeups, an intelligent dog ,,and camera man,and maybe a woman who actually got into it. very very boring,,kept dosing and had to rewind to see if I missed anything,,only wasted time

    dogboned, posted

    she should have been naked for him.. it just seems more natural.. i thought it was a good clip

    kitten2, posted

    it was a good vid

    bigtex8700, posted

    gets good at the end keep watching

    charlie456, posted


    charlie456, posted

    Liked it. Would have been nice to see the camera angle from behind to see that big ass knot tie with her...Good video, thanks

    crusty6661, posted

    the patience worth

    junxz, posted

    He finally gets her. That will be a big knot and he ties her well. Lucky girl.

    robroy, posted

    after all he get the right thing

    sadiabatool25, posted

    you gotta love his determination. i wish i had a dog like that...

    Knottypleasure, posted

    i agree 10 more seconds would have been great but, i like the naturalness of the movie - the dog did it all by himself good boy!!! :)

    MrNY, posted

    Wow! Awesome video. Wish that was my dog!!!

    lovek9knot, posted

    good movie

    Bigmasterk9, posted

    Such women are wonderful. Lucky husband

    nogueira, posted

    great got me horny had a great wank

    albert, posted

    stopped a few seconds early and she could have helped him to find the right place

    st_benard, posted

    people dont bother to take into consixeration the dogs fucking height...the bitch's cunt height and.. a maximum knot, penetration " ANGLE" you need a special stool built fo this ..

    ceemank9, posted

    Failing dog, but still, nice movie

    Boylovesdog17, posted

    I hope the girl have had a lot of pleasure !

    fourquez, posted

    That dog wants to be inside you so bad.

    dogs_are_phat, posted

    dident see any puss still worth watchikg

    red111, posted

    she is great.

    digitallover, posted

    lets see some good missionary fucking

    edwardc, posted

    very hot lady

    crow16, posted

    very hot

    piston37, posted

    i would love to join them and have a great time

    doggiedoer2, posted

    fucking HOT! wish that big boy was mounting me. excellent video, thanks!

    dogluvr, posted

    Very Hot scene.

    lc1971, posted

    Sweet! Once her boy got his act together he gave her a nice pounding! Bet his cock and knot felt good deep in her pussy!

    harleypoor, posted


    raxcool, posted

    Very cool! Thanks!

    geoff, posted

    Despite the misleading title it was quiet a movie worth watching. It takes up until the last part of the clip for the nice Dane[Guess on breed] actually hits his mark. For the rest of the beginning of the clip is the dog trying. He fails a few times. I personally thought "Reach back and help the poor boy out." But then the thought of the possibility that it might the female might be an amateur. Either first time or one of her first few times. It's a clip worth masterbating too, least in my opinion. Hope you all enjoy.

    sharpmind, posted

    The dog was very big, I liked how the dog humpe dher and it was very nice, What was the breed of that dog. This video made me very hot o//o, I liked how she had her face down and was just taking the dogs humping. She did a very good job with the dog, I think it was it's first time though but that didn't matter. I'm gonna go masturbate soon, I rate this movie the highest I could, also this movie is free, whats better than that? I recomend this to everyone who can see this comment, I hope you enjoy this video.

    Lina_heartnet, posted

    The movie's name is a little desepive in you dont see her realy get any thing. She does look like she is getting it at the very end but on closes ups shots so you really have to guess. The lighting is great and the sound is good alos till about 3 sec. till the end. The woman also has on all of her closes so you can only see her butt. All in all a good short movie. not much action but could be a good one to whatch if your just starting out. To show you that it does take a whole lot of time to get it right. The right kind of dog helps too but that is realy up to you and what you feel you can handle.

    toydog, posted

    def like the hot ripped jeans. and the type of dog love how they just le thedog do his thing and find that hot cunt. and i was really so ho to see the big dog paw n her pussy rubbn her hot fat cunt. i would love to see a lot more of his bitch and he dog. i also love hearing he deep mans voic in the backround. telling the hot fat cunt what to do. would love to see more angles of this vid. he best part was the ripped jeans and seeong the dog rying to find the cunt

    nedadabaddest, posted

    pretty good. She did a great job staying in spot. Im so jealous. I would love to have that big dog inside me. As for the quality, its pretty good. The comentary could have been editted out. But overall better than some i've seen. i agree with the fact that it should maybe consider a different camera point of view. Would like to actually see the underside but thats just me. I love the jeans cut out, its the first time i've seen that, but me i'd rather go completely nude. Over all good video. Great watch for the bonus area.

    midgetshale, posted

    WOOHAA!! Daddy like! Can you believe it. Wish I was a great dane. Man what a lucky dog. Great vidieo. Made me as hard as a two by four. Nice lighting the only thing I needed was a shot of her tits. I like women with a little more meat to them and this babe looks like she qualifys just fine. I remember this one girl from high school with red hair and she was pretty good until I met this burnette who is as wild as a grizzly bear. Haven't seen her with a dog yet but what a fantasy. If you keep putting out videoes like this I'll be popping my cork every day. Thank you very much for the excellent hard on. dirk.

    wilddirk, posted

    The scene is definitely a amateur scene, The dog could have used alittle assistance in the beginning of the film getting into position but he has the concept for sure. He definetly makes a tie at the end of the film which is told to me by how the humping yields at the end, Wish there was about 10 more seconds of film which would have revealed the dog staying mounted or jumping off. In my opinion its cut due to the dog pulled out and she was stunned by so. I would rate this a 9/10 for Effort and taking the consideration to share this with us other 4 legger lovers on the internet.

    Techyon, posted

    i like even though how the mastiff couldnt hit the right spot, the very nice looking lady just stayed in the position and didnt give up. the mastiff was obveously interested in mating the lady but couldnt get the right position. the sound was high quality along with the picture. the camera work was pretty good but, could have zoomed in a little more and also got a possible close up of the under side and a close up of penetration. the video should have been a little longer as to see the tie if there was one. over all, i would rate this video a 8/10. keep up the good work

    doglover1400, posted
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