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    Dolphin Sex


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    see as this dolphin is trained to have sex with a woman, he truly enjoys the part he is playing, watch carefully as you can see the sperm after his release.

    Uploaded by soy332211 · Rating: 3.5 (269 votes) · 117323 views


    So beautiful and intimate pity it wasn't a bit longer and featured more.

    AndyH11, posted

    I would love some of that delish cock!

    solotu, posted

    hot hot

    proworx, posted

    I'd sooo love a dolphin to fuck me over and over

    nomnom85, posted

    Damn, i so want a dolphin to mate with me.. couldnt see much on this vid, but still made my clit swell

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    very good

    raw.man3, posted

    i come on this 3 times.

    furryx, posted

    Woo ! what a fantastic sex video.

    samsonsam123, posted

    Okay, now I am a true lover of animals...just might have to buy a farm.

    sweet3pet, posted

    that was hot were do i sigh up to get fucked by a Dolphin

    inuyasha86, posted

    this video is fantastic awesome,if can get the movies,is the best of all.too bad i can't get that movies.

    samsonsam123, posted

    i must have missed something,i thought the movie was cool

    wizard1000, posted

    where is it, I want a dolphin fuck me

    balthazar77, posted

    very very awesome,movies like this sure i like it the best of all video.how can i buy it .

    samsonsam123, posted

    it was very very very amazing,that was awesome sex, not thing can compel with the fantastic sex dolphin with her,her body was execellent figure,that dolphin seem like her hubby and the girl was his wife.she come down to the lake naked and go in the water, the dolphin hubby well come and make love to her,no need to tall to the dolphin she want sex with him.now that was fantastic sex.if i got only one girl lake she,i was a huppy man on planet .

    samsonsam123, posted

    esse é bom á pesar de não ser em uma Agua bem clara mais vale á pena ver que tem intimidade

    guarani, posted

    that was very very awesome and is was natural sex in missionary is like she was making love to boy friend.

    samsonsam123, posted

    i was so expecting a screamer at the end

    ollivander, posted

    this could really be hot need better picture quality an longer film,but nice start.

    likesitwetbaby, posted

    replaid this one over and over so that I could finger myself until i came. well worth watching

    sellarae, posted

    This video is so HOT and MESMERIZING!! My goodness!

    jefferson25, posted

    im 13 and live in williamstown nj plz message me if u wanna burst my cherry

    zengestu5, posted

    i wonder if her belly swelled after the dolphin cummed in her womb most likely

    Krystal, posted

    ....just wow

    redx666, posted

    thats just fucked up XD

    lolwutututu, posted

    I never tire of this clip ;)

    mehoff, posted

    okay need better graphics

    theking67, posted

    omg... whats with the women fucking dolphins and horses.. makes the men all jealous

    hahaha01, posted

    deff makes me wanna go swimmin with dolphins more often... ;)

    she_wolf92, posted

    9.5 9.5 9.5 9.5 9.5 Probable the most erotic movie on the page

    karkajoo, posted

    very nice... first time i've evern seen this.

    jonez2525, posted

    Very Good, I wish the quality of the film was more clearer so that I could make out if the woman had briefs on and if not did the dolphin get in her

    rinkb, posted

    huh...stupid "dolphins ejaculate with enough force to cause internal damage" myth. Look, we mammals are all made out of the same stuff; same flesh, bones, blood, and mucus membranes. If any mammal could ejaculate with enough force to injure a human, than they would do the same damage to a member of any species, including their own, therefore rendering reproduction impossible (P.S. horses ejaculate greater volumes with more force than dolphins).

    jgt2598, posted

    very good

    hb392003, posted

    very nice a like hummmmm, thanc you

    taggedman, posted

    I wanna f**k a Dolphin, and i want a Dolphin to f**k me! ^_^

    kitten2, posted

    is fucking a dolphin fun???

    sexyvampire910, posted

    im tired of the fucking idiots that post that "the dolphin could kill her with its cumshot". thats 100% bullshit. some people say its deadly because it shoots its load at 15Mph. well the human male shoots his load at 35 mph. do the math dumbasses. if it would hurt a human, it would hurt a female dolphin too.

    zooles123, posted

    i wish lt was a littel clearer and longer its a good movie..

    gmg34, posted

    Young hot female from FL looking 4 fun. Message me if interested ;)

    fuckmehardbaby, posted

    oow this is so nice..... wish i was swimming with the dolphin!! he can cum in my pussy

    kabla, posted

    oow this is so nice..... wish i was swimming with the dolphin!! he can cum in my pussy

    kabla, posted

    @ShuNeko69 That's a little silly. Dolphins have been known to sexually harass swimmers. They are very willing. A man can even get a female willing. As far as them being wise, sometimes when they get a little too playful, they can seriously injure a friendly human. Or worse. It actually happens way more often than shark attacks.

    alpinepurple, posted

    Lucky girl!! i want to be her!! I want this video, how can i get it?

    sebastian77, posted

    GAWD.. this is quite sexC.. i never thought that you could do it with a Dolphin? If i hadn't seen his dick just before he got in between her legs, i would have thought that this was fake, but if you watch close enough you can see it! Kool!! :)

    kitten2, posted

    this is one movie I like the most, I wish it was longer ten minutes.

    josephmontiel, posted

    Yet another sad clip in my opinon. Dolphins IN my Opnion are much better then a meer human>< Even if this wasn't real. Just the thought of something so beautiful going inside of a Human Which dosen't even began to understand a Dolphin nor the sea is sickining. I LOVE Dolphins I support them whole heartly. I don't support a human thinking they are good enough to be one. I believe Dolphins to be a higher and more wise beging then humans. So either that Dolphin was drugged up.Or this Video was fake. Or didn't know any better. because all it knew was foolishness of humans.

    ShuNeko69, posted

    i see nothing

    leroy68, posted

    such a beautiful couple undersea. So peaceful to be united with a dolphin. It's Aqua love

    sapphireailish, posted

    realy good for us i rely like that clip amazing i am discharge due to this clip

    sadiabatool25, posted

    this is beautifully hot. :D

    crazywoofs, posted

    man this is freking awesome

    musallat, posted

    This clip is the most amazing video that i,ve seen so far truly beautiful,I really hope to see more in future.

    bigarse, posted

    If a woman can mate with a horse a dolphin should be easy!

    mehoff, posted

    The idea of having a dolphin an a woman mate with a light on her lady parts to see him penatrate her would be awesome but near impossible. A naked female with a dolphin thrusting at her body was enough to make me rise up! I think it's HOT as hell!

    mehoff, posted

    You can see if you look closely she is nude and he may have got penatration with her!!

    mehoff, posted

    Hey it's still a dolphin with a hot naked chick !!! Even if his cock didn't go in her it was still hot as hell!!!

    mehoff, posted

    like the idea but film needs to be in a salt water tank an day light redo

    likesitwetbaby, posted

    kewl major shot

    Tslizzle669, posted

    hot,wot does a dolphins tool look like.an the name of film?

    breathless69, posted


    pattama_con, posted

    someone knows how the name of this movie is

    lcbernal78, posted

    Did I miss something. I was pure crap.. You really can't see what was really going on. Open your eyes would you...

    chuck145, posted

    Wonderful clip. I hope more are posted soon!

    Buzz6182, posted

    That has got to be the wildest animal sex video I has ever seen, a woman wanting to fuck a Dolphin!

    elittle56, posted

    I would like to know the mane of the movie,may be someone knows and can help us.

    josephmontiel, posted

    They're making mermaids. ^_^

    mustela, posted

    i would never have dreamed of it but it is nice.

    luvembig, posted

    Obviously alot of people don't know about the dolphin's ability to have sex, even though it's penis is rather large, it wouldn't have killed the woman, or even have been uncomfortable, and dolphins cannot kill or hurt anyone, or anything with it's ejaculation, for if it were able to do so, the dolphin would actually have hurt itself, there have been real life people who HAVE had sex with a dolphin, and they have said that it was nowhere near the point where it would actually harm them, there are alot of things on the internet that say "the dolphin ejaculation can be deadly" IT IS 100% NOT TRUE!!!

    turkey_lord, posted

    hell if there was penetration, she would likely have drowned a dolphin has a pretty big cock and it is prehensile and he cums with a lot of force, it would have really hurt her if he came in her

    kennelman2391, posted

    beautiful woman naked and a male dolphin trying to mate with her.He thrust at her with desire but even if no penitration still hot!

    mehoff, posted

    Love clip would like know what title of the full movie.

    RoadWarriors, posted

    thats some old french movie, i dont remember the title... but if you look more closely theres no penetration, just thrusting

    zndxxx, posted

    i would love to know what the name of the full movie is :O

    Smash31, posted

    Please say you have more :-0 !! Outstanding!!

    beastbeav, posted

    what the name of the movie

    theone1315, posted

    Although not much is seen it's fairly obvious what's happening here. You can see him thrust at 1:02 pretty clearly.

    trevorlanch, posted

    hello to everyone I adore little movie is one way or a woman and a dolphin I search for another film in the same style or it may be plain the coupling so if you know or find do not hesitate to tell me. to see kind of movie m excited because its exchange dog or horse is always a way the same thing can have more of a rare film with animals really wild and turn into the wild or j loves the kind of movie surtou film Reel style amateur web cam. But this is really hard to found, because maybe all the dolphins humans can have free access are in captivity and nothing else, the savage dolphins are hard to record and stuff… there should be more movies like this… I hope

    ccmmee, posted

    In this video we can see a woman floating in the water. She approached a dolphin. Unfortunately the lighting in this video isn't very good and all of the figures are just silhouettes. The woman is then penetrated by the dolphin. The clip of the dolphin penetrating her is repeated two times over, the final one in slow motion. This is all of the 'dolphin sex' that we see in this film, unfortunately. The only thing after the penetration is a small exit clip of the woman floating in the water next to a small, rocky beach. Overall, I did not find the video very stimulating, though it was a bit entertaining.

    rair123, posted

    Wow this thought made me ejaculate... Perhaps the video should have been high definition. But hey, sub sea shooting is any way tough. And there is no need to add music of strangeness because fish sex has been going on for centuries. I like the moment when the girl has wrapped herself around the dolphin, but it would have been crazier if the video could show how the dolphin finally mated. How does the dolphin dick look? Is it tubular or something else, like that of a swine? I am not too sure, but I love the thought anyway. Oh I wish I could meet a female dolphin sometime!

    bakwaas, posted

    salut a tout le monde j adore se petit film ou l on voie une femme et un dauphin je recherche d autre film dans le même style ou l on voie bien l accouplement donc si vous savais ou en trouver n hésiter pas a me le dire . voir se genre de film m excite car sa change des chien des chevaux ou l on voie toujours un peut la même chose de plus se sont des film rare avec des animaux vraiment sauvage et tourner dans la nature or j ador se genre de film surtou les film reellement amateur du style web cam

    19steph69, posted
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