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    Elf Sex


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    This is the full length "Elf Sex" movie. Like all the other free ones, but no need for playing piece by piece. Basically put, you get to watch an elf do a girl doggy, blow, and cowgirl style. Please enjoy.

    Uploaded by heavyarms223 · Rating: 4.0 (253 votes) · 67475 views


    ugly elf with a beautyful dick and bals, he can visit me every night and fuck me

    aass2fuck, posted

    actually this is from the porn the princess has come of age, this wasnt even the best clip

    naughtycowgirl, posted

    he is all cock

    animalfun2, posted

    i cum to this every time :)

    bootybooty67, posted

    need more like him!!!!!!

    untrodden1234, posted

    i would let him fuck meeeeeee hardddd

    rand9888, posted

    i wish he was under my bed ;]

    flove1, posted

    They gave that Elf one huge cock and balls. I would let him fuck me.

    LWJII, posted

    i just luv it...every girl should have such a little...or not so little friend! hehe

    laniweb, posted

    wonderful sex.

    samsonsam123, posted

    It amazing girl she can take so many sex style,if i got a girl let this is a wonderful love.

    samsonsam123, posted

    There is an hour long version of it, people should see it.

    welbert052990, posted

    fantastic sexy fucking movies is like real thing.

    samsonsam123, posted

    awesome sex the elf have big size penis and the girl has a small pussy,what a amazing video,thinking a above it make very hot.and they play so many posistion .

    samsonsam123, posted

    very nice indeed! I'd never leave the house if that were a house elf.

    MaeB, posted

    I wish i had one for me, i love his big cock. i will fuck that little one every day.

    sweetthing, posted

    one of the best

    jackthelad67, posted

    i was hoping for legolas but thats ok

    ginagirl, posted

    That was good nice and wet!!!!!!!@!!

    TAHANDAE, posted

    very nice animaton here...good work and lets keep them coming...thanks!

    stud654321, posted

    taht looks more like a goblin then an elf..... wtf??

    DoubleDude, posted

    Very nice

    djfucker, posted

    This is actualy off of a game on this one website.

    1010790, posted

    oooh elf, im here as well

    bootedskinhead, posted

    something for everone! very nice! thanks for sharing. please make more. :)

    south2, posted

    Not that good.

    joyfire991, posted

    i've seen better to say the least.

    horny5099, posted

    leider sind nicht alle Männer so

    schwanzimarsch, posted

    If all men were as well hung as this elf us women would have NO complaints. To ride his big cock would surely satisfy anyone of us!!

    jennyhock, posted

    nothing to see.

    jokersam, posted

    great animated movie, wish it was longer

    kevtus, posted

    Oh wow! I wish!

    NiteStar, posted

    This is the best animated film in the entire batch.

    Cordoba, posted

    ugly little fucker! ^_^

    kitten2, posted

    The Princess comes of Age. Back story, future kingdoms has to find a mate for the girl, so she has 12 "tests"

    dreg102, posted

    Very NIce.

    hydra0001, posted

    OMG!!LMFAO!! that elf looks like my neighbor.. hahaha!! i can't fap while laughing at the same time..

    SuperHuman0908, posted

    I love the flower seen attached to this video

    islandparadise, posted

    The Elf said to the girl " What would you say to a little FUCK" ? She said " Hello little FUCK".... LOL

    gusto4me, posted

    Loved it. The chic is hot. Wish I was an elf.

    tw1278, posted

    That things creepy D:

    Kfox, posted

    Would pay big bucks for some one to custom make me a movie and also were can I get about a dozen elf's

    needfull, posted

    You have no Fucking idea how goddamn wet i am right now.

    whorenextdoor, posted

    That was hot. Hot girl. mmmmmm I want them both

    Mmmnice, posted

    wow, i would let him fuck the hell out of me

    Lolwut111, posted

    that was hot

    porterladonna, posted

    that was hot

    porterladonna, posted

    this made slaves cunt sooooo wet

    slavetok9, posted


    goodtogonow, posted

    animation is pretty amazing.hope we see more like o this, and visitors both hot and well drawn.

    art69xxx, posted

    that was hot!

    Stickieinc, posted

    I would let him do me and for sure I would love to eat her and play with those beautuful titties :-) Mary

    girltoy, posted

    GREAT lil flick....luvved it!!

    dogsoldier69, posted

    U just wonder how this little guy made her undress in the first place, once that obstacle surmounted ... anatomy speaks for itself ...just would like 2 see those massive balls discharging.

    Snow2White, posted

    Wow, if this guy were real, men would go out of fashion ..

    Snow2White, posted

    Big Bollox for a small guy ...lol.. would have liked a cum shot ..

    lazarusheights, posted

    watch movies

    zaman-2, posted

    This is a clip from a 2+ Hour movie Called "The Princess Comes of Age." This scene involves a Goblin who has the power to change the size and shape of his prick at will. He ends up taking her with a thick rod, about 10" long, bending her over a table, licking her, and eventually getting her down on all fours to take her doggy style. This scene in the movie is approx 25 minutes, and is definitely worth the watch. There's a scene with A beast that uses Dragon-winged dildoes, a giant plant with numerous tentacles, a mirror which allows her to do a mirror image of her, and a giant robot equipped with special... features.

    horsepounder, posted

    I love this movie! Although the motion is a bit jerky, it is better than most of the CGI on here. The sound of the actual sex is minimal, and if it was ramped up it would make it much better. But what do you want from a free clip right? I masturbate to this little guy (and only little in body NOT COCK) every time I come to this site. Kinda makes you wish elves were real, and I could have a couple of house elves all to myself! Probably wouldn't ever leave the house... and be very very happy about it.

    MaeB, posted

    Pretty good movie it seemed although would have been nice if it had a larger monster to fuck her. The animation was perfectly smooth and all of the angles are good. They did a wonderful job of capturing all of her facial expressions as the little elf fucked the shit out of her. Although i found the music didnt add much to the whole piece and the girls voice did not have enough expression to really give off an air of extreme pleasure. Over all the video was quite good especially for a free one although i do tend to be partial to the monstrous type that use the 3d image and a frail looking girl. All in all i would give the video about a eight out of ten just because the animations are so smooth.

    actroff, posted
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