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    I don't know what is it? Ta-ta-ta... I am russian, and i don't know english language. . . Upload and Share Moves. Я это написал потому что не знал что ещё можно написать, из-за не знания иностранного языка, не бейте)).

    Uploaded by Nick174 · Rating: 4.0 (171 votes) · 47504 views


    ...Is that a giant starfish monster? Why is she fucking her food?

    Sorrik, posted

    cheap animation

    dominic18, posted

    Sind hier jungs die jünger als 18 sind? alle in skype melden : poati.dream7 ist der name

    GeileStutex3, posted

    Awesome 3D clips. I wish it was english dubbed.

    bluedestiny, posted

    the animation was amazing... great video

    bigcaboom12, posted


    lematin, posted

    It make me so hard so quick. I love the thought of impregnation by different species and the following birth. Its best when fill the anus, mouth and pussy pumped with pressurized cum jets from the creatures until they are filled to bursting with insect (or whatever) cum to where they would explode if not for relief. Love to see them pumped up with cum and the bellies all extended to the max pressure given them pleasure pressure to all their internal organs, g-spot, prostate etc. Then then when the pressure is maxed out, the excessive cum pressure bursts forth from their breasts mammary glands of cum mixed with breast milk. She is cumin so hard at this point she empties her bladder pissing all over the member crammed up her pussy an anus. This of course lubricates those areas breaking the tight seal and then the cum pressure succumbs and starts gushing out her filled pussy and anal tubes. Since the species has accelerated growth you see her impregnated and growing a belly again until she bursts out the little babies of whatever type of the day. Yeah, I can cum to that visual.

    alifealife22, posted

    I wish something like this could be real... endless cum, endless hard cocks...

    gwenwalker69, posted

    the video was fantastic to see 3D animation, she was fucked by a monster and got pregnant.she than gave birth to a monster. when the monster come out off her pussy then the monster grow up in a min, then the monster start fucking her.it really fantastic sex.

    samsonsam123, posted

    I love beastiality.

    doggays, posted

    dam LOL

    tooslow, posted

    I didnt expect the birth part

    meh64, posted

    i am 14 male i live in williamstown nj message me if u would like burst my cherry ^^

    zengestu5, posted

    it wont play?

    sesshysgirl4eva, posted

    i want one! ^_^

    kitten2, posted

    I swear she said "todo queso" at one point. o.O Her giggling near the end kills it.

    6kittykat9, posted

    Not bad. Damn Jap bitches will fuck anything, lol.

    jayko, posted

    This is an amaaaazing vid... totally loved it! very sexxy creature & girl

    dannii_c, posted

    What movie is this from?

    1grover, posted

    crap, sort it out

    robroy, posted

    black screen :S ??

    magician9999, posted

    Why the hell is the fucking screen just black

    Fakeone111, posted

    very hot but what was that

    givanni, posted


    BADBOY1963, posted

    wow that's hot!

    wannabesoon, posted

    WTF Artiefox.

    trevorlanch, posted

    Creature Glorious, Tentacles OF A, Loving creature, WATCH HIM CLOSELY WILL BE TOUR TEACHER. PENIS SLIDES BETWEEN BOOBS TO HER CHIN, CARESSING GENTLY ON WOMAN'S SKIN. Creature gives pleasure without measure, TITILLATING HER WITH great pleasure. Woman moaning, squirming with delight, Sex is, Glorious,it is alright. Written by Artie the white arctic fox

    Artiefox151956, posted

    This movie is a decent little freebie, one with 3D animation. usually, this means that it isn't nearly as good, but this seems to be the exception. If you like tentacle porn, then this is something that you can enjoy. With the female giving birth to a tentacle creature almost within the first twenty seconds, and then raped and taken by it, this is quite an arousing video, if it is your thing. One hopes that you will enjoy it as much as possible. I know I did. Many different styles of cock tentacles seen as well. Best of all, the female is enjoying this quite a bit.

    vassk, posted
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