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    Masked Blonde & Dalmatian


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    A nice sexy Blonde with a mask on loves to Jacks off her dog on her chest and sucks out the cum of Her big Dalmatian dog all nite long.

    Uploaded by preacherlmc · Rating: 3.9 (65 votes) · 8200 views


    il est tres bien monté ce danois arlequin

    a_lodie, posted

    this is amazing iwant to try it ;D

    light123, posted

    she wasted all of that dog cum on her body. should have taken it all in her mouth.i would have swallowed every drop.

    jayshaw, posted

    not bad, but let the dog have some fun

    raymtz, posted

    what alucky dog wish i aws tht dalmation

    mouse05, posted

    a waisted 9 minute

    spring1234, posted

    this is good stuff! sexy bitch and nice doggie! i love it!

    Prasak, posted

    what a "lucky dog"...got to eat a real pretty pussy...got a nice hand job... and got head to boot...would have loved to seen him fuck that sweet pussy.. ummmmmmm

    dickweed1, posted

    Nice tunes haha she's hot, loved the oral at the start

    upnorth28, posted

    my cunt is wet wanting that hot hard cock

    slavetok9, posted

    You should get some glasses!

    markul78, posted

    Her hair is not blonde idiot.

    Holton, posted

    what the fuck why cant i meet a girl into this !!! ...im getting pissed off haha ...awesome movie

    Jtm5178, posted

    It is not Dalmatian, it is Great Dane!

    ferdomravec1, posted

    What a wonderful video,it shows a lovely woman enjoying the taboo of sucking k9 cock and having a taste of his cum,you can see her jerking his awesome cock and him cummming on her tits,then she seems to finish him off by sucking his cock and tasting his cum,MMMMM,she has a wonderful body and enjoys the exciting moment when he squirts his pre cum and cum on her,you can tell she's really into what she's doing and one point she rubs her pussy as she jerks him off. Its a must see video and you will,as I did,masturbate and wish you were there with her,so get comfortable and enjoy!! it made me wet as I'm sure it will a cock hard

    LoveCouple2, posted

    A very young beautiful ladie wearing a mask has a great time jacking off and sucking her dog. If you watch close in the middle of the movie. you can see the dog squirt a little into her mouth. The whole movie you get a good shot of her and the dog. The camera tries to stay were the action is the whole time. You can see her grab the knot and keep jerking the dog. in my opinion she looks like she is enjoying it and this movie is worth watching if anyone likes to see a young ladie suck of a large dog.

    pocatllocpl, posted
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