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    Chubby Girl Sucks Dog


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    Cute, curly haired chubby girl sucks dog's dick. Home made, short but hot clip, she clearly likes it and her boyfriend helps. Need more of this girl.

    Uploaded by partypartygo · Rating: 3.7 (255 votes) · 145713 views


    Horny young boy wants to pm someone

    xxsniper229, posted

    I love sucking dog cock

    tgirlwhore, posted


    ciombe, posted

    shes sexy

    kikibaby13, posted

    I'm a hefty woman myself...need a dog like that so I can get fucked...

    vicky2078, posted

    mmmm. i'd let her do anything to me. i'd wreck that bitch.

    semiazas, posted

    sweet plumper wife.sweet curves.

    digitallover, posted

    She looked fine to me. If she was on my cock like that I would be harder than that dog was.

    tinymut, posted

    nasty slut

    pablo8888, posted

    Nothing specally action.

    sadfuck, posted

    Suck that shit fatty!! Don't eat it though. "9 months ago pigggy wrote: I believe i know that girl,what a surprise.she is very special to me,we almost fucked once,what is her name? it is very hot to see someone you know get nasty with a dog." --Pigggy: if you can't close the deal with a cow like that then quit trying. Obviously she would rather give a german shepherd a crappy halfhearted blowjob than hang with you. Maybe if you took her to Golden Corral first you might, maybe might, have a chance....Nahh probably not lol.

    tonktaf, posted

    is that REM playing in the background lol

    madcyril, posted

    Wish hubby let me fuck her doggie style. I like bbw's

    ced, posted

    stupid dog not fucking

    246748ajacs, posted

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    pthc99, posted

    i like it

    ninetwof, posted

    need more of chubby girl love her big titties oh ya!!!!!

    rugrat, posted

    nice- wish i could try . any ohio guys here?

    eager, posted

    I believe i know that girl,what a surprise.she is very special to me,we almost fucked once,what is her name? it is very hot to see someone you know get nasty with a dog.

    pigggy, posted

    why do guys hold the dog's dick, that's so gay!

    37013701, posted

    A girl sucking a dog dick is always worth watching. But suck it with GUSTO!

    chopper73guy, posted

    I have to agree with cumdrinkingslut. she looks good suck dog cock.

    Jillnjewels, posted

    She looks so cute when she's sucking on that doggy cock ;)

    CumDrinkingSlut, posted

    Bravo, nice job. Keep practicing. very hot.

    Malepuppylips, posted

    id like to show her how its really done

    dogcock67, posted

    she could suck my hard cock hardone1126@yahoo.com

    hardone1125, posted

    Would have been nice to vget some cum outta that!

    chopper73guy, posted

    chubby,you should see my wife,only joking luv,i like em all big and small,more

    lookerlooking, posted

    I suck better than her

    candi69, posted

    sexy breasts

    beastsexbill, posted

    is she a slave? why dosent she know how to do the work without the commands of the gay guy that was holding the dog dick she would be lost.

    cashronin, posted

    the lady can suck my cock anytime she IS very sexy with luscious tits & NIPPLES cum play irish6925@yahoo.com

    fun, posted

    Chubby chicks rule !!!

    bosunseap, posted

    bb your the reason im into this shit! email me sometime

    bboy422, posted

    i wanna see the dog cum on her face. post more please...

    doubleXtrouble, posted

    nice video but lets see more of her and the dog doing its job

    mick111, posted

    Not much sucking.....she should of rolled over so he could put it to her!

    harleypoor, posted

    very good movie very good quality would recommend this to people and picture quality is brilliant and the women in this video looks a bit like my sister but oh well, it aint her tho she doesnt even own a dog lol.overall a very good video the dog looks like it has a bit of trouble getting it started in the first place but gets there in the end she doesnt good tho with wat shes got as it is not the biggst in the world !!! i would rate this movie 5 stars i would like to see more of this kind of video, go doggy thanks evomatt !!!!

    evomatt123, posted

    Well, where to start with this video. it was pretty short, and I would have liked to see more, but it's free, so what can you expect there. I did like how the camera had a better quality than other cameras that I see on this site, even though it's only a webcam. I guess because she is chubby, it means that she might be self-conscious about her weight,which made her want to do it alone. when I think about it like that, a find it even more hot. I do like chubby girls, and when they're submissive to animals, like dogs, it makes me as horny, as a dog in heat. Keep making these videos, because they're the best porn out there.

    MrPimp6969, posted

    I love big women. The curves of their thighs, belly, butt, breats, the softness of their skin and how supple their lips are above and below. I've seen this young chubby little hottie in a few other video's and I must say she REALLY loves doggy spunk. Not only that she's not camera shy in the slightest and has no problem making eye contact with her hubby who is playing director. If you like big girls as much as I do then you'll love this clip as well as the others that she stars in. Enjoy :-)

    cltguy, posted
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