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    Girl Knotted Amateur


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    masked girl or woman gets knotted by her little dog who wears a kinda nice knot and cock, fucks her as she screams when knot comes in! pretty nice movie! pretty amateur

    Uploaded by jng_myst · Rating: 3.0 (87 votes) · 16021 views


    that bitch needs more trainig

    internaly, posted

    need more mexican hotties like her! sexy pussy

    beastsexbill, posted

    sexy body on her

    beastsexbill, posted

    they┬┤re mexican xD

    annita, posted

    This frustration level is what you normally get when you are trying to train a dog, it takes them more than a few times to get it right. Many of the clips you are used to are edited to take out all the false starts. This is real.

    meli, posted

    a lot of trying but not much tieing

    doggiedoer2, posted

    hey this is from JOHN'S AMATEURS website

    JesusIsDead, posted

    Nice Try from both. Good effort. Too bad not a success

    qruscuple, posted

    Not terrible video but it was frustrating to watch. Dang music in the background made it difficult to hear when the dog finally fucks her and begins to knot in her. The woman could stand to lay off the beer too...

    Irishbull, posted

    The dog tried alot. To bad he missed most of the time.

    appguy2004, posted

    que tal amigo has asercamientos d la panocha para que se aprecie como la penetra

    elfenix, posted

    This clip has a low rating but after veiwing i disagree with it. This clip has alot of great shots in it. One of my favovite parts shows the dogs cock deep in her pussy and knotted very well. After he pulls out you can shee his hot puppy cum in her pussy very well. After seeing the size of this dog I didn't expect to be thrilled much but very suprisingly this dog has a very nice cock with an awsome knot. This dog really knows how to work with his woman and also does alot of great licking also.

    funanimal37727, posted
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