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    Black Lab Pt2


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    Black Lab with big cock having sex with a woman its a nice video hot girl and cool dog. nothing more awesome. its a nice video we enjoyed so we hope you do too! amazingly hot. Part 2

    Uploaded by ybay · Rating: 3.8 (1022 votes) · 155771 views


    She needs to learn how to take the knot..wouldn't have to dildog so much. Women serious about K9 sex and close to Louisiana, message me. My lab is well hung and experienced!

    blueyedcwby69, posted

    Love this! I have a yellow lab and know first hand what a large lab cock feels like and recently what his knott feels like in me I just love it!

    359pete, posted

    Nice vid got me wet

    kountryqueen, posted

    Hot! Wouldn't you just love to do this with a dirty cop's wife or daughter?!

    KennyCopafiel, posted

    Wow that's hot. I hope someday I'll get to try it.

    Jennpuplove4, posted

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    LuxrayKitty, posted

    get that ass

    lexxilynn33, posted

    Nice fucking. Good camera work. At least you could see what was going on. And she sounds like she is enjoying it too!

    junglejohn, posted

    Movie was OK. On the plus was all the cum in her pussy.

    ewilson, posted

    Thank you good boy! give her your hot seed she craves inside her womb ;)

    mehoff, posted

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    jp857, posted

    I normally don't care for dildogging but the amount of cum running out of and picture quality definitely make this pretty good

    pasqualyjackson, posted

    That's very, very nice !

    charliehorse69, posted

    Too contrived... the dog isn't into it. Typical poor 'professional' photo shoot.

    Leanstranger, posted

    I agree, I don't like dildogging either. Like seeing the dog fucking on it's own. That's much hotter.

    LWJII, posted

    Average at best. I like to see a dog that wants to FUCK his bitch. Dildogging is boring!

    trailboss40, posted


    shanetopia, posted

    my wife wants to sck them boh

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    young_one_65, posted

    great action

    houndog69, posted

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    i20, posted

    Love the hair really hot video wish i was there i wanna see this in person really bad

    sjohnny99, posted

    Her beautiful pussy looks even more beautiful with that dog cock in it filling it with its hot seed,very lovely clip.

    breeder09, posted

    ...fuck that pussy....fuck fuck fuck that pussy...mmm...excellent job...more, more, more

    Pergotski, posted

    Fanbloodytastic. Made me real hot and horny. Need to get the wife to watch this one.

    petesfolly, posted

    What a delious pussy,want a taste of that!Loved the moaning and would love to make her moan some more.Even though it was cut to show her with no dripping pusy its still a wondeful video.On a scale of 1-10 this is a 9+.Thanks for sharing.

    1billy4unow, posted

    why didnt he let him hump her ?

    lilbeaver, posted

    if anybody in melbourne fl. has a well endowed dog. and would not mind me haveing sex with him pleae message me. ps i would not mind beibg recorded.

    boatman6969, posted

    What a sexy pussy on that sexy dog slut,what a turn on to see the cum dripping off of her beautiful pussy hair Mmmmmmmmmmmm lovely!

    breeder09, posted

    I enjoy seeing a cock dripping with cum-I want a taste of that

    craveit, posted

    saugeil, mir troft der zahn dem rüden der schwanz.schöne klare scharfe bilder. schade das nicht zu sehen war wie er richtig abspritzt

    Flowerpotman, posted

    What a turnon to see that fresh hot doggy cum dripping off of that pussy hair!

    breeder09, posted

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    animalfucker23, posted

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    lookinside, posted

    wow I just came to this... hottest vid I've seen on here. Dying to get fucked like that!!

    lilyxox, posted


    gentleg, posted

    lol i give 99++ votes for girl :P

    momo999, posted

    This may be a black lab, but the black lab does nothing on its own. His dick is hard, most probably made hard and is then shoved into a beautiful wet cunt. Everything, that is not done out of its own free will is pathetic and should be banned, so that other people will know, that forcing a dog into having sex is a NO NO in petsex. But the web masters of petsex don't care too much. As long as it's sex. Don't necesarily need to be with an animal. L A T E R ! ! ! 1202 animalpsychologist 3.

    cleclego, posted

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    yummy1245, posted

    mmmm that was a nice cock n look ar all that juicy dog seed too

    inuyasha86, posted

    Dog or not, that cock is PERFECT.

    pollyslot, posted

    That was a beautiful very wet and dripping pussy. Too bad she wasn't actually getting fucked, but rather dildogged by the helper. Still very good to see all that cum running down her legs. Mmmm.

    wineman123, posted

    j'ai mouiléé

    a_lodie, posted

    Actually the woman is a brunette and I believe they are speaking German? This is a clip from Book & Film, a porn web site that does both mags and DVD's out of the Netherlands. The specialize in bestiality films and photos, and were the distributors for the famous Adilia series of dog films. Very hot!

    jackf9, posted

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    rolrex, posted

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    summitkid96, posted

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    mortred1, posted

    made me cum

    msgirl41, posted

    nice movie

    bigdigg, posted

    she looks like shes loving it n=and so im i

    inuyasha86, posted

    im jackingoff to this

    oocumoo, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    i want to lick up all of that dog cum

    doghunter69, posted

    love the dog cum dripping from her pussy

    gabriele40, posted

    •Aluzky• They gona hurt the dog penis by doing that, if you are going to dildog the dog penis, you have to be the one in control of the penis and not some one else, I have see people pushing and breaking a dog penis because they don't know what they are doing.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    A gorgeous willing pussy and a nice big hard dog cock,what else could you want?

    breeder09, posted

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    yaz_boy, posted

    j'aime les chiens:) je suis du qc

    Sampik, posted

    non male ,ma forzato , la scena è costruita ,quindi non è una situazione reale. Rumori di fondo (rumore di qualcuno che sega del legno)Comunque bello il culo della signora.

    giuseppina, posted


    madcyril, posted

    Looks like our big cocked furry friend needed some help but he sure filled that pussy with lots of cum,hot to see it leaking out of her pussy.

    breeder09, posted

    absolut geil

    Peterpul, posted

    very hot action i wound love trying this to.need someone to make me a bitch

    jennie309, posted

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    neuesgirl, posted

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    asem74, posted

    Does being fucked by a dog feel as good as it looks? Some of these dogs have bigger dicks than guys I have been with. I really want to try this.... But I don't have a dog. :( Anyone know what I can do? I'm close to Portland Oregon.... And a girl, it that matters

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    fld40, posted

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    manbearpigss, posted

    Uhmmmmm damn love the ass & pussy so tight

    suckbigdick, posted

    good camera work showing close-up of the cum running down her leg,not trained dog on fucking

    fredpotts, posted

    lovely pussy but very false and poor sound.

    ralhper, posted

    that pussy is realy pleasing the dog with all that pre-cum running down her legs it realy is erotic

    keiko, posted

    lamee shulda let em go the naural way . doggie style!

    stuntr247, posted

    well the video is good but not natural ,there was a man hand take the dog cock up to put in the girl vagina .that is not in action. only the girl pussy is very very nice.

    jokersam, posted

    Wow lovely puusy and nice dog cock. I'd love to fuck her at the same time as the dog.

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    BeastyFriends, posted

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    kangeroe, posted

    looks like russian

    onlyanimal, posted

    I like it, I wish there were some one with pet in my area (California )

    joelin, posted

    Ugh...I hate dil-dogging

    mavsboy, posted

    omg this is so hot, i wish i had someone to help me fuck my dog. i wanna be knotted in so bad.

    WayWeDoIt, posted

    nice wet pussy all that doggy cum mmmm

    fishlover, posted


    legislador1, posted

    Not bad but it definatly would be better if they didnt have to keep purtin puppy back in her I prefer the natural love between woman and l8 insted of the forced kind

    babydollaz, posted

    Natural breeding is so much better to watch because you can tell how much both dog and women love it so much more. I'm so envious of women who can have a good fuck with their dogs like that!

    rookiegirl, posted

    very good deliciosus

    carlosmendieta, posted

    great camera angle of a juicy, dripping, trimmed cunt, framed with stockings and suspenders, with the dog fucking butt to butt. he didnt knot, so the thrusting action continued to the end. she was obviously enjoyng it; her moans and gasps added to the eroticism. the dog needed some help, and the cock was put in several times (obviously not the first fuck of the day!) to chat about this and other vids go to pet-animal-lovers@groups.live.com

    hamilton2, posted

    Knot this one again! I can see this one becumming a real classic!


    The dog was too tied to do it him self. The dog had a hand up his ass pushing, the dog was being forced.

    maddingo, posted

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    fernanxxxd, posted

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    pnkpssy, posted

    Pretty pretty pussy,and a pretty nice fuck. Im going to have to score this one high again!


    You can tell by her moaning that she was enjoying that big hard cock fucking her cunt so deeply'

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    wow that was hot

    crazypets69, posted

    i want to feel a big hard animal cock deep inside me. making me his bitch

    slavetok9, posted

    Sehr geil, wie nass die Pussy wurde, ob Hundesperma oder Mösensaft? Schöner finde ich allerdings wenn der Hund richtig fickt und nicht so verkehrt rum gezwungen wird.

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    where are all the English women that are into this? lol

    Pacific, posted

    What he/she said under the movie...yeah, but that pussy seems to be near 'new-to-the-experience' and does look young; sound Was inconsistent but the young girl wasn't faking the sounds she was making--this seems new to her. Might have been commercial, but rang fairly true.

    abl72lok, posted

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    creamgurl, posted

    Love to lick that up and rub it on me

    mommmy, posted

    so sweet, would love to lick her clean after

    mikkiwhite, posted

    Love seein' all that cum drippin' from the pussy. Can't wait to have that pouring out of me and that big knot deep in me.

    ilovedoggyknots, posted

    so disgusting .can't imagine she is not afraid of diseases that this dirty dog surely causes.Nothing to be said just she is from the same family a dog pitch??!!!! she must be afraid of death and hell.

    jamalkh, posted

    Staged or not, he gets her so fucking wet you can't help but get horny!

    Cmmshot, posted

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    zabrata7, posted

    that made me sooo wet! I would love to have that doggy cock cumin in and out of my pussy, having the cum drip all over me making me wetter and hotter with each drip!

    kcfucd, posted

    beautiful pussy

    246748ajacs, posted

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    leek2009, posted

    Though I understand all the criticisms foisted onto this vid, I rated it awesome because I have to agree with curiouslisak who pointed out how wonderfully intoxicating it is to see doggy drips over pussy lips. . . .I am often torn between taking my schnauzer's cum and savoring it with my mouth and across my lips and face OR teasing my pussy lips with his dripping dick. . . I just love it all and this vid struck the right chord with me.

    morgan_faye, posted

    this is very good, i can imagine thier faces, it seems to me that there are at least two or more dogs in this clip. i give it five stars!*****

    esparzascc, posted

    not to good of a movie. i have filmed myself getting fucked in the pussy and find it easier to get the dog worked up first. if you let the dog cum that hard at first then he wont mount you again for a while. i like to see the female and the dog not just the pussy of the female. there is nothing like the pounding of the dog on yourpussy and then in your pussy.

    parttime01, posted

    MMMMM , would love to clean that up !

    sirgolfdude, posted

    Some people are critical this is aw sum and some times help is needed. I love the taste of myself also like the taste after getting a load or 2 from man or beast, it is very difficult to get the knott in after it has swelled on my dog anyway very large, and no problem getting it out after he looses his load in me, you just have to do it slowly and no it does not hurt in fact it feels great to bad men did not have one, a little like fisting but with fisting there is nothing in the front ( penis) and nothing shoots a load. PS if the knott is outside it feels great having it ram against my pussy lips

    needfull, posted

    nice cock in that pretty wet pussy. would love to see that knot going in and out...ummmmmm

    dickweed1, posted

    Mmmm, looks like a nice 69 postion! Would love to lick her clean!

    tazman99, posted

    its ok

    beastyboy6969, posted

    russian girls are always game and very liberated and vocal when it comes to sex..like this very sexy lady girl on the video being fucked so good by the dog....the video is very clear and thats why it add up for....i love the juicy pusy aldo and tatanggalin k na

    w.flores18, posted

    fake sound sucks penis.

    fuckyougaf, posted

    I'd love to have that dog's cock pounding my pussy. I'm so wet from watching this, loved to see her pussy dripping with doggy cum......

    curiouslisak, posted

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    redmandog, posted

    so sweet

    dogfucker03, posted

    Great doggie! I wish I had one at home just like this.

    acdcjoanne, posted

    nice are there dutch girls who like this stuff ??

    ikke33, posted

    nice dildog

    nhiggy, posted

    the sight of the dg's sperm dripping out of her cunt and off her bush was a real cock-hardener! can we see more of her body- the arse was great!

    yourholeinone, posted

    Nice wet pussy, love to lick her cunt and drink her piss after she fucks dog.

    UncleP, posted

    Very sexy and love the sounds. dog knows what to do with a hot wet pussy.

    boylans, posted

    I've seen this before and he's no Lab, he's a Great Dane. Great vid. I gave it 5 stars.

    Stepiwolf25, posted

    hot and wet movie very nice its make me very horny

    nylonlove66, posted

    very nice

    drgnxslyr, posted

    good vid,i love seeing a pussy dripping and even better when its because of dog cum

    lookerlooking, posted

    This is a beautiful clip, lots of nice juices

    Jazzguy55, posted

    Lucky woman I'm 22 from sydney Australia and havent had a chance to have a puppy fuck me :( i wish i could :(

    doggy2255, posted

    id love to have his hard cock pounding into my cunt.

    slavetok9, posted

    i can only imagine how good that doggy dick felt in that sweet cunt dammmm i want sum who has a dog to share pony anything really mssxymexslt on yahooo in da so cal area...oxox joanne

    mssxymexslt, posted

    Excellent cock & pussy shots right from the start. She moans like she's getting fucked "doggy style". Finally a video of steady fucking from a dog. This dog has a huge cock that is larger than some men. Yoy can almost feel each thrust of that dogs thick long cock, as you can see cum juices dripping from her pussy. I would like to see alot more of this dog giving it out "doggy style". You can hear him pant hard as he fucks her pussy. It seems like the two of them have done this many times...lucky girl.

    Pergotski, posted

    this video was good to a point but thought it sounded like it was skipping alittle. u can tell girl is enjoying what she was givings and she was realy wet an the dog got off a few times which was a good part for him. she did have help by a guy an another was tappeing it an sounded like was taking pics of it but by my stards it was a very thrill for me an other people that watch it will in my opion get the same reaction an hope i c more of these videos cause i enjoyed it very much an cud watch it again

    chuckrogan1, posted

    An alle K9 Liebhaber. Der Film ist zwar kurz aber denn noch sehr anregend - das Mädel hat eine echt tolle Pussy - und der Hundeschwanz ist genau die richtige Größe - auch gut zu sehen, wie der Hund seinen Saft in ihre Pussy spritzt - so das dieser beim rausrutschen seines Schwanzes heraustropft - das Vidoe macht echt lust auf mehr, und ich würde mir wünschen das auch bald mal machen zu können.Da ich schon lange mal den Wunsch hege mich von einem Hund oder Ponnyhengst decken zu lassen, haben wir wohl den richtigen Kontakt im Netz gefunden - Freue mich jetzt schon mit nasser Hose drauf - mich hin zu knien, und mir den Schwanz einer geilen Dogge in die Pussy schieben zu lassen - bis die mich genau so vollgepumpt hat wie in dem Film. Anita

    Pudelchen1, posted

    Black Lab Part 2 is a very good short video of 2Minites and 10 seconds of an attractive blond haired woman wearing a black garter belt and black stockings on her hands and knees on a big bed with an orange blanket and orange pillow cases on the pillows.you an hear a few words in the background that sounds like Russian. The Black Lab is of medium size and his cock is medium in size also the best part is it does not matter what language you speak moans of pleasure means it feels so good. And this petite lady is moaning and groaning to let you know she is enjoying every second of the sex she is getting from the Black Lab she is so excited by the pounding she is getting cum is dripping from her pussy and she is so wet the dogs cock pops out of her pussy a few times and she grabs that pink poker and shoves it back into her very wet and dripping pussy until the video end. I say Bravo encore. That means I like it and i want to see more...

    PetTrainer1953, posted

    it's a russian production with people in the background- at least three. a man's hand appears a woman's voice gives some direction and a third person is shooting stills. they action is forced but the camera work is clear and steady and focused. not THAT bad. the 'passion' is limited as the viewer can tell that the action is staged. cheap stockings but a great ass on the woman. that's a plus. i think most people find it better when the action is natural and not forced but the quality of the visual might make it up for some. the sound is a bit spotty in places.

    cpast1, posted
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