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    Riding Doggy Cock 2


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    A nice clip of a women with a really nice ass bouncing up and down on a nice doggy cock. No sound. part two of two.

    Uploaded by s1ta · Rating: 4.0 (256 votes) · 91306 views


    What a wonderful fuck that I'd love to taste.

    1billy4unow, posted

    going to start training my puppy how do i get him to let me do this ...i really want to ride such a nice red hot dog dick like this one

    fuckmeup47, posted

    I want my turn ...i would love to ride that nice red hot doggie cock

    fuckmeup47, posted


    bor1, posted

    looks sexy...I'm next!

    solotu, posted

    poor dog...this isnt right!

    thisisillegal, posted

    Dam she has a nice ass.Any ladies on here every play on web cam?

    JustJB, posted

    damn wish could of heard you moaning while fuckin that dog cock

    k9luvver69, posted

    god i wish that was me on that nice cock ;)

    kellihasanal, posted


    girlgonebad, posted

    nice ride!

    Monster9991, posted


    gwenwalker69, posted

    hey ilovepetsex2011 all u have to do is keep his knot inside your pussy..hold his ass his knot will get bigger,just squeeze ur pussy around his dick.what is it ur 1st time

    getdownonit, posted

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    ilovetocum, posted

    That hound has a great cock and massive knot and she has a great ass. I really like the way she slowly rode the animal’s big red dick. Awesome watching her erotically move her ass up and down like a pro, which tells me old Fido has filled her pussy with cum a few times before! Great camera angle and enjoyed the way the camera zoomed in. I gotta wonder why she didn’t let the stud tie-up with her. Looking to see more from you!

    LongIslandBTM, posted

    so hot

    JessePrice, posted

    if the kmot ar inside you pussy you have mutch moor feeling

    petseximmergeil, posted

    Would like to know how to get the dog's knot to actually stay in. Any pointers? I got my dog to fuck me which was awesome, but he won't go in deep enough to actually keep the knot in. Loved it though!

    ilovepetsex2011, posted

    I know what I will make tonight. I will ride mine hund cool. hammer cool video

    Brina8, posted

    goeie hondelul in da mooi kontje amai

    kangeroe, posted

    Utána én is megdugnám!

    bagira61, posted


    ali6000, posted

    je suis du quebec

    Sampik, posted

    the dog is probly loving it

    beckster, posted

    Damn she has a nice ass!

    graduate_gibson, posted

    love it!

    dermeister99, posted

    this is sooo cute!!

    kingkong11111, posted

    This made me so horny, I'm watching videos so I can try to fuck my dog for the first time tonight...And I think I'm going to start by riding him. Any pointers?

    WayWeDoIt, posted

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    TXfamilyfungirl, posted

    oh how i'd like that.

    wetpetpussy, posted

    WOW! this bitch can ride.. amazing ass too. would've loved to seen more :D

    gdaddy84, posted

    WOW! this bitch can ride.. amazing ass too. would've loved to seen more :D

    gdaddy84, posted

    how did you get your dog to do that! i tried and tried i need help!

    i_want_IT, posted

    albeit brief, one of the better clips on this site !

    farmerA, posted

    fucking great i wish i was that dog nice gorgeous ass baby.

    Kevin55, posted

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    50centdog, posted

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    karilla, posted

    wat an ass

    cornbread1954, posted

    well good any body got a spare dog 4 my wife in stretford

    drogerson, posted

    i would like that dog fucks me too in my wet pussy

    lillyfrench, posted

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    jhon87, posted

    nice red cock to eat

    cuntslave, posted

    wish i was the one to get that cock

    attala200, posted

    nice cock love to have it in me

    attala200, posted

    Yummy big cock and ass mmmmmmm

    bosunseap, posted

    She getting his think cock nice and deep in her nice!

    mehoff, posted

    Wish I was the one under her :)

    whytrabbit, posted

    mannnnn!!!! what an ass i wish i could fuck the shit out of it and that pussy

    fishy10-0, posted

    She has a nice smooth ass,Lucky dog.

    aldonatto, posted

    riding and dildoggin videos suck ass... try to get it from behind!

    zndxxx, posted

    hi good video here in Maine need help training my pup johns56ford@yahoo.com have a good one

    johns56ford, posted

    i love how you handle youer dog you must in joy how it feels a nice warrm peace of meat to slide in and out youer pussy as dog cum fills you up in side i love the way you ride mans best frend wish you could write some of youer best momments weith fito

    wolf126, posted

    Nice ass, actually great.

    maremount, posted

    What a lucky dog... wish i could take his place :-)

    dillerdik, posted

    now that the most erotic & sensible way to do didoing rite there even beter than using a fake as plastic dildo which i never understood about women anyhow.that ASS is pretty too except the tatoo above it defiles and destroys the total perfection it would of had.

    cashronin, posted

    Mmmmm nice cock...making me horny as fuck

    candi69, posted

    Needs to be longer and have more angles, to show her whole body moving as she ride it would have made this move top! Also some sound of her enjoying it!

    lovebbw4life, posted

    this is a very good video.it was a little ackward for me...i would have preferred to have seen the dog..kinda felt sorry for it. i liked this video ,but it was not one of my favorites.the women in this video was not one of my favorites but i may waych it agian. kinda short needed to be longer...in my opinion...seen the hand holding the dog cock that was lovely...a differnt angle would have been nice. i would have preferrred it really.i would recommend people to watch this movie if asked what to watch. it is not that bad of a movie.

    luvvver, posted

    nice. i really liked her pasty ass. i also liked the redness of the dog. i wish the video was longer. i am new here. i want to see more videos like this. i wish it had more angles. i also with the video was longer. i really enjoy videos like these. i am eager to see the new site. i am excited that i get 250 credits from this video. it was definitely worth the watch. i am glad i have met my kind of people. i want to upload my own videos some day. thank you guys bye bye!

    sjenna61, posted

    yep it is very nice yep it was good be cause it was a very nice view of her ass and the dog cock was really big i bet she loved it. she had a very nice ass. it was a great bubble butt. the dog dick was red and big and long. i approve this video to any one over 18 years of age. it was a very nice beastiality video, although it could have been a little longer, it was still very awesome. i liked it very very very very much. it gave me an insant boner because she was riding her dog that had a big dick.

    flipso23, posted

    Best video ever I busted the biggest nut after watching. This chick really knows how to ride a doggy. she has a nice ass too. i wish i could double Penetrate her. that is a fantasy and this is a great position to do it. that is one luck dog. to bad i could not be there to watch in person i would love to be that camera man. i would love to help out. all i got to say is im very very jealous. doggy and woman equals very hott in my book i mean look at that ass bouncing up and down on that meat stick. mmmm

    dank6700, posted

    Great action with a woman with a great ass riding a huge doggy cock. She slides up and down very sensually on the lucky dogs cock making you wish that you could be him and have such a gorgeous pussy riding your cock like a pro. I'm not going to lie it would've been nice to hav a little bit of moaning and groaning but hey, we can't have everything now can we.This video deffinately leaves you begging for more. Made me hard and i'm sure it'll do the same for you, or make you ladies nice and wet ;)

    liam112311, posted

    I love this video because it is a very nice view of her ass & of the dogs red big cock! she rides it nice & slow and keeps it in position. i wish it was my nice tight pussy!! she has a nice ass! thank u for this video it made me so hottt & wett!! plzzz make more videos like this!! i love the dogs big hott cock! mmmmmmm! i would love to know if he filled her with his hott cum in her pussy! plzz next time make it longer & let us see when he pulls out of her pussy and the hot cum squirting out ! how i would love to ride his big red cock!! damn this is so hot hot hot!!

    littlebit3860, posted

    This is one of my favorite women in amateur animal porn. She was also in "While Hubby Away Doggy Will Play" or "Pitbully" I've heard it called alot of different things. This girl and pit are a perfect combination. This vid and one other on this site are the only two I've seen of her riding and I love it. Lets face it that's not a little dog dick and she takes it like a champ. Though it is short I'm sure more like it exist out there so lets post them people. I would pay whatever it takes to see both full vids cause this girl is amazing. So two thumbs way up for the girl and the pit and thanks for the post.

    shankel, posted
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