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    Werewolf Anime


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    It's an anime with a lot of werewolf that fuck a poor teen girl the boss is the only one that put his very big cock in the girl's pussy and cum

    Uploaded by gegestyle · Rating: 3.5 (251 votes) · 91451 views


    the videos are not working, what should i do??

    booo69, posted

    I like the idea of this..wow

    8n8n8kitty, posted

    she does not sound like she enjoyed that too much

    roflrifle, posted

    had to mute in order to even enjoy. this may be one of the WORST dubs i've seen yet.

    ppjsy, posted

    I think it's been slowed down...

    jorek24, posted

    the voice made me pee my pants from laughing lmao

    mrfaceless, posted

    that voice doesnt fit her at all...

    shadowmarka, posted

    That's a big dick, that werewolf has. I'm impressed. And horny. But black? Why a black dick? There's nothing else black on his body. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted


    user_six, posted

    lucky bitch ;D

    Lady_Black, posted

    great love the way he lick her clit and looklike he was licking his cock and both cumgreat got wetnice

    tinyheavy6, posted

    WoW! fuckin amazin!!

    LostCause724, posted

    linda caricatura ;)

    lizdiaz, posted

    love the big werewolf if men were more like him we wouldn't go for other species, with his assets a man could satisfy any number of women. Question: do wolves mate for life or do they play the "field"!

    jennyhock, posted

    Hey everybody txt me I'm a horny teen trying to experiment n I want sum advice;) my numbers 8037670175

    shoveitinme, posted

    natural wolves.

    jokersam, posted


    jkuruwolf, posted


    csacsa1, posted

    pack hunters indeed

    SAMTHERIX, posted


    SLUTISHA41, posted

    not horrible, but the voice is way too low.. xD I enjoyed the cumshot though, twas a nice tease. x3

    afterh355, posted

    well done where did you get it?

    victory0, posted

    Not bad. Love the scene when the whole pack goes down on her and begins licking.

    MaraLupa, posted

    yaeh aloneboy_512@hotmail.com add me girls c2c sex

    aloneboy_512, posted

    Yeah it's Boundary Between Dreams and Reality but the voice of that girl is supposed to be higher... at first I thought that this was a slowed downed version of the clip but I think this must be from another dub. I have the Japanese dub with subtitles and it's basically the same thing. I think I can get a few good clips from that show in.

    dnboltcaster, posted

    yea, that was pretty cool.

    6were6wolf6, posted

    thanks for the short and kind of intresting movie

    hohime, posted

    I think this is The Boundry Between Dreams and Reality, and theres another sceen where theres a orgy with one girl and a whole bunch of the smaller werewolfs.

    gentle_giant, posted

    I think this is The Boundry Between Dreams and Reality

    gentle_giant, posted

    lol. wtf?

    yeayea6, posted

    whats the name of the animation? ;)

    wuffy, posted

    This is a very good anime of a werewolf pack taking a human girl. The boss is the only one to take her in the clip, but the other werewolves lick his cock and her clit, her nipple and her face. I would have preferred to see more, especially if the others got her too. Let them have some fun too, though always deferring to their boss when he wants some pussy (or ass). The cum scene at the end was very good as well. But the last few seconds of the clip, where it's just desert floor, makes no sense, but then again, this is not the full anime, just a clip from it, so I would love to know the name of it so I could see the whole thing.

    Champagne, posted
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