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    an older mature woman forces the dog penis into her older mature pussy and starts to ride it. Not the best quality picture an video.

    Uploaded by s1ta · Rating: 3.4 (252 votes) · 140515 views


    I rate this high because this BBW is also a MILF and probably a Grand MILF. This grand lady gave it all. Loved the hot outfit,sound track, camera angle, view of the woman enjoying the fuck. Please let me see the dog mount you doggie or missionary or any way you want you big beautiful doll. Thanks. I'm going to look again.

    watchindirty, posted

    i wised the dog would have have fucked her missionary style, he was small enough to rocked his dick in her while laying on her back.

    k94funlife, posted

    old cunt is still good cunt

    hogwild73pont, posted

    Man, she wanted that really bad! Would have been much better if dog wanted it too.

    doggonedizzy, posted

    All comments just mention the woman enjoying it..what about the dog? He didn't look thrilled and couldn't wait to get away from the old bitch.

    beastieboy99, posted

    Pretty cool that lucky dog is getting some mature hairy pussy,very nice!

    breeder09, posted

    very nice vid

    shaitan11221, posted

    Oh is that ever hot,she is satisfying that mature hairy pussy with that big hard dog cock,very very nice1

    breeder09, posted

    Dildogging videos get rated "poor".

    sexyjenny16, posted

    ...love the way a mature woman can let go....

    digitallover, posted

    OH MY GOD THAt was SO fucking hot. how she was pumping her pussy on that dogs dick with her legs all spread wide. i am so turned on. i wish was her! i would do it that stule too and just hup my dog cock forever and ever.

    twinkle3, posted

    Very hot movie! She seemed to really know what she was doing. Wonder how the doggy performs...well....doggy? ;-)

    ncdogman, posted

    Loved it love mature hairy woman

    sgf1966, posted

    not to bad, wait for sequel

    bone14517, posted

    i love this because old maids or widows all across the world turn to their pets for sexual gratification, this depicts that perfectly.

    browneyedog, posted

    WOW I hope hes spraying his seed in her hot pussy as she rides him;)

    mehoff, posted

    One of the best i have seen , i loved it shall seek to find more like it a bit longer 10 mins or more

    ticker73, posted

    Fucking hot!! I love a wet hot hairy pussy!! My name is Ben...I am From Mississippi!! Looking for hot women, men, or couples...call me you will not be disappointed...662-858-0081!! I love to fuck around with animals!!

    luvmibigtoy, posted

    I have a wife who is 52 years old, and loves to fuck dogs, and even a miniature pony on my cousin's farm! Very hot to watch!

    Bigeightincher, posted

    sweet women but the movie is not good

    d.cole, posted

    it was ok

    beastifreak, posted

    love to get into a wild 3some with this sexy mature lady and her dog

    grower51, posted

    A top clip..a magnificient hairy snatch.. just love them. mmm great

    freddo6, posted


    boofay, posted

    good clip

    maszkos, posted

    ahh replacement dildo tail of the dog purely out above will not slide or!!

    viancaro, posted

    ....great fuck..even I would enjoy that.....lovely lady w. beaauti boobs.

    fredog51M, posted

    Great movies. Great lady with big fat pussy. Great fuck .. want to see more baby

    lovlov11, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm would love suck her hairy pussy as well and make her moan that much and ride her with a god sex toy,another one of her mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    lillyfrench, posted

    oh yes want suck her boobs and that dog i want eh fucks me too

    lillyfrench, posted

    I love licking a nice hairy pussy after it's been filled with doggie cum...I'm so wet right now

    sin_stained, posted

    her pussy and boobs look yummy :ppp

    lillyfrench, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i'm straight but would like suck her at the enf and suck her boobs,i'm all all all wet now

    lillyfrench, posted


    lillyfrench, posted

    Nice dog and woman.

    Piffen, posted

    Nice older woman riding her dogs cock!

    mehoff, posted

    i would love to lick her out at the end.

    mikeymoo, posted

    i love mature hairy pussy.......please contact me woman any age with hairy pussy

    bigk9dick, posted

    Grammie should let the dog do it the right way on her back,hope some day to see it like that

    edwardc, posted

    perfect woman.

    digitallover, posted

    Great Hairy pussy love it and ass someones said already those lips !!!!!!!

    mikiyrogers, posted

    looking for pervert zoo couples. bernd_graf@hotmail.com

    nghiaTTP, posted

    Good dog and a wet pussy

    Piffen, posted

    love her hairy pussy dog cock sliding in those hairy lips mmmmmmmmm

    fishlover, posted

    looking for pervert zoo couples. bernd_graf@hotmail.com

    suckinghorse, posted

    hey mom you never told me about that will you share? and the dog nneeds to be turned around

    doggiedoer2, posted


    kennelman2391, posted

    id love 2 meet a zoo cpl

    jokingjamie, posted

    You are great I'm 70 and Id love to be there to help u

    fivftnine, posted

    I sure would like to have a go at those big tits and that beautiful hairy puusy. Lucky dog!

    locknuts, posted

    Loved it, I want to eat her pussy.

    maremount, posted

    Well done momma!loved watching you pump that doggie cock

    KnotBlkTemptres, posted

    Oh yeah - go there momma .. she so used that dogs cock as a dildo .. sweet ..

    lazarusheights, posted

    Sweet! Momma was getting the most out of her boy!

    harleypoor, posted

    now this woman knows what beast is all about gettin that much needed climactic nutt off! dont get it twisted like those sucka for love ass losers. nice tits too. well captured eroticism.

    cashronin, posted

    GREAT LOVE TOO MEET THE WOMAN johngimpone@yahoo.com

    biggimp, posted


    dagge6454, posted

    nurihanerzurum@yahoo.com for c2c

    hunlu, posted

    My boyfriend and I loved this clip. We love hairy pussies on a mature women. This lady obviously loved riding the dog's cock nice and slowly. her groaning added to the effect of her climax. The music in the background really turned us on also. the quality of video was a little poor but was able to see the goods clear, the whole video made up for this. would definetly like to see more of this chick as she had a first class pussy and she really knew how to please her audience! camera angles were good as we were able to see those big fantastic titties along with the cream kinky underwear. welldone it was a pleasure to watch.

    ratout09, posted
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