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    Live Eels In Pussy


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    Women and Animals - Eel - Live Eels In Pussy. In this movie you can see a girl who let inserting a live eel from behind in her shaved pussy.

    Uploaded by eels · Rating: 3.9 (559 votes) · 92906 views


    Very disturbing

    sdheavypapac, posted

    They're abusing the poor eels..

    Jack_withmydog, posted

    Seriously who the fuck watches this and finds it sexy? Get help.

    ou81288, posted

    Fucking Asians.....this is disturbing. I hardly believe Eels find any pleasure in this. This is animal abuse..

    dragonsgirl, posted

    I have serious respect for any woman who does this.

    horsecumlover90, posted

    I don't think this is actually a good idea at all. It's not a fantasy but the real thing. Would you want to actually suffer that kind of death if you had no idea what the fuck was going on? Much less being pushed in there with no real will to fight back? I love animals that is why I say this. This feels wrong.

    Madhaus, posted

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    michaellj1972, posted

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    glowstick25, posted

    Love this hot sexy awesome lovely pussy innsertions! Wow!

    DogHorseSukr, posted

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    anaughtyguy22, posted

    someone message me make me cum again, black bbw here

    bobant61, posted

    yummy anyone near manchester with some eels to put in my pussy haha :3

    kiplup, posted

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    NaughtyAngel69, posted

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    young_one_65, posted

    I wonder how they took them out...

    qwark, posted

    eels up inside you, finding an entrance where they can.

    metallica666, posted


    ou81288, posted

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    gewgirl, posted

    I wasn't so much into the eels as I was the size of her hole! It looked like it would be a damn fun hole to play with! Anyone else like to email or chat about this stuff? Email me at junglejohn295@yahoo.com!

    junglejohn, posted

    I love watching this girl receive her eels! So very lovely and so hot! Yummy! Love you! XOXO Rob

    DogHorseSukr, posted

    Beautiful. I love this video. I also want to feel eels in my juicy twat.

    haavatra, posted

    That must feel amazing. The entire eel pushed in and feeling it squirm inside. I'm jealous :)

    gloree, posted

    hmu females if you wanna show me your animal skills ;) good vid too

    punkdude1445, posted

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    haloface, posted

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    guyyug, posted

    I want an eel in my pussy

    hgolightly420, posted

    Wouldnt putting eels in your ass make them attack u and rip.your insides appart? Im just asking cuz ive wanted an eel up my male us for a long time and wanna take precations if i try it where could i get an eek by the way?

    horselover192, posted

    too bad he didnt make her cum with the eels inside - imagine that would freak them out!

    talynndar, posted

    Loved it it was hot

    hellyea88, posted

    Superb vid but i too would enjoy seeing them coming out of that gaping pink hole.

    vespamanfred, posted

    I would really like to know how they get em back out.. lol... looks like it'd be kindy tricky.. lol

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    I sure would have loved to have seen those eels work their way out on their own afterwards mmmmmmmmmmm awesome video though

    rikk469, posted

    TZwolf is one oppinion ! varieties are for all the peoples and not only for tzwolf ! maybe for other people is interesting ! and maybe we don't like what tzwolf likes ! that's the difference !

    signupsignup, posted

    Put in an electric eel and you will feel that shock

    stupidmelon, posted

    Another disgusting clip which has NOTHING to do with beastality. Just a disgusting naked monkey using whatever is at hand to debase herself. The review says, "This viewer would have loved the clip to run longer to see the eels slither their way back out". Well, THIS viewer would have also liked to see it run longer also....to the point where the eels eat through this shit's cervix and rip through her rotted uterus and burst forth from her belly like in the "Aliens" movies :->

    TZwolf, posted

    thats so freeky bet it would feel good though i love the way she can keep her pussy hole open like that gess i must still be 2 tight

    pinkcunt, posted

    im willing to let insects use my pussy & womb or even pigs

    Krystal, posted

    I don't think that it is fun,but it a video.

    samsonsam123, posted

    Lucky girl i wish i had an eel or two up my asshole i bet it would feel so good:)

    horselover192, posted

    this must feel so amazing! is there anyone with eels that will do this to me? if so message me

    summitkid96, posted


    MasterRecruits, posted

    Aren't you killing that animal....you know with no air and all O_o oh no!!!

    Lolita1992, posted

    wow, looks weird but fun

    kitykat, posted

    wow, damn, that must be weird, but ooh soo kinky

    kitykat, posted

    ich liebe mit fotzenschleim marinierte fischgerichte

    K9Hentai, posted

    •Aluzky says• If those animals are alive, this is animal abuse >:(

    Yesilovedogs, posted


    grapehc, posted

    such a hungry cunt....

    jayko, posted

    i love the idea of having live creatures inside of me.

    pussycat1084, posted


    BamBam807, posted

    i love this one , i would love to see her actually having the helper moving them in an out of her and i mean totally fucking her hard and fast with them both in her ass and her pussy . im wanting that to be done to me!!

    sexmaniac451, posted

    Would love to see them come back out.

    birich, posted

    Hot! Now in wanna see her push them out ;3

    jakelm4, posted

    now THAT is some good eats :P

    Dr.Eel, posted

    unbelivible, great !!

    eraser, posted


    FatherNature, posted

    sehr ungewöhnlich für mich

    schwanzimarsch, posted

    nothing to said.

    jokersam, posted

    omg. good thing the eel wasn't hungry.WHo is this woman? & how many drugs was she on? That's amazing.

    breakitnow, posted

    [07.01.2011-20:49] Das ist nur noch krank ! Das hat mit Zoo-Liebe nichts zu tun ! Die Aale werden dieses "Spiel" wohl nicht überleben ?!! Dann soll sie sich lieber einen Gartenschlauch einführen lassen !!!!

    PetOlli, posted

    das fühlt sich bestimmt geil an wenn er sichj in der möse bewegt,wer in BW möchte mich in tiersex einführen.

    sboy, posted

    is this or is this animal abuse?

    havik82, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    That's fucking gross and wrong.

    ilmhp, posted

    How kinky was that!!!

    animalover20, posted

    Poor animals!

    Lenny2007, posted

    What kind of eels are those ?

    BulletBill, posted

    OMG! What A Turn On! WILD!

    Adonia, posted

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    BeastyFriends, posted

    how cool! I wanna try it!

    christi901, posted

    Hmm should of place one more up her ass too that way she would of been double fucked but hey and then like someone said before fuck her with those eels in her. I bet you anything it would make her even more horny.

    ctkdjane1, posted

    Anyone know where i can get an eel to put in my pussy? Or anyone on the West Coast that wants to help me put it in? Message me!!

    haavatra, posted

    Hmmm?I wonder if this trick would work with snakes?


    Die Fotze ist ja wunderbar geöffnet, ein Hundepenis wäre schöner gewesen. Wer in Germany / NRW hat real mit Haustieren Sex und lässt mich zusehen, später evtl. auch mehr...?? Diskretion ist selbstverständlich!

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    How do they get the dead eels out without tearing anything?

    Cederic, posted

    Someone should fuck her now,with those things squirming inside.


    I came across an eel video on another site,I had know idea you could do that with an eel.

    lianeb, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    Yummmm ----- We get to see 2 eels entering the woman who has her hole spread open in eager anticipation of their entry. a little too different for me - i'll have to think about it!

    eep52, posted

    I love this. Its hard to find on the internet. Any search ideas? It gets me so horny. I love that live thing slipping in that hole. Best part is you can have it for dinner afterward. I love eel sushi.

    alifealife22, posted

    lol, I still like this one. She has a rather expansive cunt, eh? I`d say she`s popped more than one puppy out of that stink tunnel.

    jayko, posted

    God I wish that was my cunt, I love it,

    dare_zoe, posted



    Man Thats Nuts! That guy should fuck her now!


    GEE'S That hole is BIG enough to stick my bullfrog in as well!


    mehr davon --- viiiiel mehr :)

    ColdestBlood, posted

    fucked up.

    hotamale, posted

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    fuckmehardbaby, posted

    Es ist faszinierend, dass sie den kompletten Aal in ihr klasse Fotze bekommt. Wäre interessant zu wissen, ob der Aal in ihr sich bewegt. Wer in Germany / NRW fickt mit Tieren allgemein und lässt mich zusehen oder sogar mitmachen?

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    que sorprendente

    eazs, posted

    Its absolutely fantastic. I wonder what and how the woman feels when the eel is going inside her and the two eels are actualy inside her. Does she feel the ticklish feeling, the biting feeling, the heavy vagina. Does it feel absolutely heavenly when the two eels are inside her. Its something more than a cock going inside the pussy. Would love to feel the long sliding snake like eels going inside and then the vagins closed with the eels resting inside sensation. But how on earth do I get the eels.

    sonalika, posted

    absolutely fantastic

    Vlaityn, posted

    wer schiebt mir mal einen in den hintern ?

    Mitras_Ffm, posted

    i would love to do that but no guy i know even would think of staying with me because of it

    lickmykitten, posted

    wow what if they enter her womb..some how? then what

    MrOwnagePranks, posted

    i bet they shocked her on the way in and screaming "no no!! ahh omg no please! some1 helppp!~" thats y they didnt want to go in..:\

    MrOwnagePranks, posted

    bet that feels wild

    big69dady, posted

    agreed, all of you What a fuckin' retard, might as well eat the live eels, you'll be doing your body a favor.... salmonella faster, delicious sharp teeth to pierce your insides, and an ungodly sea odor to haunt you for a month

    2millionhits, posted

    wow... nice way to get salmonella.

    loki974, posted

    owwww i don't think i want 2 try this one

    kcfucd, posted

    ewwwwwwww skank bet she stinks of fish even b4 the eel lol

    manbearpigss, posted

    what happens if it never comes out dee dee dee!! retards

    MrOwnagePranks, posted

    no thankyou

    rangerrick, posted


    whosyourmama, posted

    yes this bad

    yrg600, posted

    yes this nasty

    yrg600, posted

    its very good

    yasibasiba, posted

    exelent wish i could find a girl who would do that 4 me

    londonmale, posted


    mike765, posted

    OMG dont think i could do that

    brittneyok, posted

    wow, amazing

    mousemat, posted

    Eels bite I know I fished them for years .Those are also half dead Eels

    Tyler, posted

    Would love to try that! having something live and wiggleing and squirming inside me, makes my cunt sqrirm in anticipation mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    littlelana, posted

    We loved this vid, my girlfriend wants to try this soon. We got so hot she only had to touch my balls and I blew my load after seeing this

    simonslut, posted

    would love to see them come out of that pussy

    richcouple4u, posted

    I've always wanted to try this... anyone know where I can buy some eels? ;)

    Ketlow19, posted


    antoniov11123, posted

    well that was different you never know what those japs will get up to next.was that a fart right at the end?!!!!.....

    bigarse, posted

    is it just me, or do Japanese women get all the fun?

    febfantasia, posted


    gloree, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm awesome i love how they wiggle deep inside me

    lynn_h, posted

    i think the eels in pussy is so cool

    billyum0123, posted

    i think this is kind of disgusting.

    MasonRaines, posted

    this one wonders what it would feel like to have them moving about in her belly

    slavetok9, posted

    I thought it was hot.

    jayko, posted

    About 10 sec before the clip ends, I think her belly jiggled.

    Stepiwolf25, posted

    Poor eels. =/

    RuffStuff, posted

    i have a rough time enjoying any activity that i know results in the death of the animal partner, eels die after sex with humans, which is why i would never use one as a "living sex toy"

    meli, posted

    id love to be that eel in her pussy

    billyum0123, posted

    thats one horny,lucky lady.

    billyum0123, posted

    the eels in the womans pussy is a hot movie

    billyum0123, posted

    wow, best eel clip I've seen. two whole eels inside, must feel pretty good to be a woman.

    freakie, posted

    On xnxx there's a few really good eel movies (i believe one or two vids for pussy and ass) also has a lot of good enemas and the sex stories are so yummy....

    Dark725wolf, posted

    So hot, this one is really a great vid. Can't imagine how great this would feel moving around inside of me. Sure would like to watch them cum out of that hot pussy, ummmmmmmmmmm

    jronl69, posted

    Sehr geil! wie sich das wohl anfühlt? Probieren würde ich es auch!! :-)

    sweetleo, posted

    Now this is a good clip, such a shame it isnt longer! I love the creepy-crawly and slimy critters, but the problem with most videos and other content based on them is that the animals are dead... Dead fish, dead eels, what's the point? They're just overglorified dildos at that point... but living, they squirm, and that HAS to feel good. I would just love to lick her clit or screw her while that eel is squirming around inside...

    Sekhmet7386, posted

    *wide eyes* the bacteria would scare me but imagine the wiggling mmm

    SleepyKit, posted

    Makes me wonder why I never have seen a gerbil movie ala Richard Gere????

    huskerdu99, posted

    I couldn't image all the bad things that you could get by putting live or dead fish inside your pussy, I hope this lady douces'es afterwards. Definetly not for me

    P1nkMeNow, posted

    Very Nice

    jeevansathi, posted


    srspom, posted

    I can never have enough of this clip, I just love it!

    CumDrinkingSlut, posted

    I wonder if she ever tried an electric eel?

    Buzz6182, posted

    I definitely think dogs are better.

    sildolan, posted

    it is good i want that in my pusssy

    cuntslave, posted

    look like its fills good big petty pussy i"ed like to get in their

    sexred, posted

    omg this is sooo hot! ive always wondered how this would feel!

    dyzzyangel, posted

    Nope...not for me

    blueeyeds26, posted

    das ist ja megageil ! die frau möchte ich gerne mal kennenlernen :-)

    Mitras_Ffm, posted

    This is definitely my cup of tea, love having this done to me, though I also take them in my ass<3

    CumDrinkingSlut, posted

    Sorry.. but yuck.. can't se anything in this. Definately not my kind of beastiality.

    shadow, posted

    OMG - Hot!

    mavsboy, posted

    very hot

    Amit1, posted

    Its really hot, but funny too seeing the guy trying to grab the other eel XP

    Filipe1990, posted

    this video is a very strange, exotic, and interesting one to watch. it is am amazing challenge for her to take the eels. overall this video is worth watching and is recommended to anyone who likes weird or bizarre sexual things. this video really inspires the viewer to imagine what the eels must of felt like inside, how they are slimy and how their muscles contract and twist, pleasuring all of her in multiple ways at the same time. My review of this video is one that is of high quality and eccentric so that it will appeal to a wide variety of viewers.

    ron_spinsky, posted

    If you are into eel movies, you will love and hate this one! you will love it because it's more than just eel dildo. The live eels, yes, I said eels - plural, are not just insterted into the woman's gaping hole, but you can see that they are sliding in, in part, on their own. How exciting to see the eel slide though the handler's hands into the waiting woman. We get to see 2 eels entering the woman who has her hole spread open in eager anticipation of their entry. Here is the disappointing part... the clip ends. Two eels all the way in and that's it. This viewer would have loved the clip to run longer and see the eels slither themselves back out.

    febfantasia, posted
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