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    Young Girl Laying On Her Back Being Eaten Out By Her Pet


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    Young girl is laying on her back with her legs up and her little dog lapping away at her wet pussy, she moans loudly as she is cumming it is filmed for us all to see

    Uploaded by bitch_for_you · Rating: 3.7 (256 votes) · 140116 views



    renita18, posted

    super awesom clip ....the moaning had me rubbing myself...that pussy looked so nice wish It could have been my mouth on her wet pussy...WOW..it had me totally hot and horny!

    bitchydod, posted


    rocker1992, posted

    if you seen anything you must have x-ray eyes!!! honey you need to turn your lights on next time. great sound thou.

    1robert, posted

    Ok, super uber movie, I can hear when she cums, higher moans and then you can hear a few squirts but the dog is like ON HAT she squirts and hollers and the dogs quickly swllowing, he can only drink so much at a time lady, save some of ya pink lemonade, thirsty pup, tasty.

    drinkincum, posted

    she sounds like a squirter, her moans were fab, and you would hear after she'd squeal high thered be much wetter, sloppy sounding cunt licks from the pup, sounded tasty

    ahhyeah, posted

    id love to lick her minge!

    jbob12, posted

    wow wow and wow again lol LOVED THIS CLIP

    love_mature88, posted

    Mmmm wonderful video, yes it is a little dark but it's still a great turn on listening to the dog lap that nice young sweet girls pussy and to hear her enjoying it even more made me wetter then hell wishing I could share her dog with her!!!

    missi35, posted

    Great audio! Video quality sucks. I wish every girl getting her pussy licked by a dog sounded like her. Nothing gets me stiffer than a beautiful, young girl being licked by a dog. Actually, I like seeing a girl being licked all over, feet, legs, especially the insides of the thighs, belly, titties, asscheeks, asshole. I love seeing a girl letting a dog put his head up under her skirt while she stands there, legs apart, letting him sniff and lick. Any girls out there ever do that?

    Viking25, posted

    too dark....

    GrassGal, posted

    Theres something about the sound of a dog licking a girls sweet pussy and her moaning with pleasure at the same time that just sends some of us over the edge every time and this clip does just that. Would have been nice to see her spreading her lips apart to give her pussy up to her pet even more. Please post more and longer pussy licking clips thank you.

    gonzo8, posted

    WOW...JUST WOW!!

    noeymac88, posted

    omg u can even see her leg twitch & shake @ the end when she cums. this makes me sooo hot! i tell myself everytime i come hear i am just gonna diddle my clit while i watch, bt watchin vids like this... my doggie always ends up with his face in my pussy

    tweetypie, posted

    lighting is not great but u can hear the doggies tounge, must be lappin right @ her clitty, gets me so hot, brought me right 2 the edge, will watch again while my boy does my clit

    tweetypie, posted

    im soo horny i love her pussy i would eat it like candy!!! yummm i wanna fuck her soo good

    dayshamsthing, posted

    Delightfully delicious!

    dirk20200, posted

    the sounds are sooo fucking nice!

    shadowxr, posted

    I love hairy pussy, the dog loves that pussy.

    josephmontiel, posted

    i love this video its one of my favorites, her moan makes me wanna cum so badly, she has one lucky dog! :)

    mrjimbo1984, posted

    Wow I need that very bad I looking from somebody in NYC email me at catherine_alamo2003@yahoo.com

    catwoman, posted

    very erotic

    kitten2, posted

    her moaning is so sexy ;)

    itsasecret88, posted

    love when my dog licks and fucks me too

    JessiMom, posted

    sounds like they both loved it

    fishlover, posted

    nicht viel und schlechte qualität aber schön gemacht

    hebr63, posted

    that hot as shit

    rharper, posted

    i love the way she moan

    pida, posted

    can't enjoy it. if I can't see it

    edwardc, posted

    wow..great video! good puppy! loved seeing and hearing her enjoying that excellent doggie tonguing

    dogluvr, posted

    Mmmmm, nice video...Lucky girl and dog, sure looked and sounded liked they certainly enjoyed themselves...Cum baby, Cum!!!

    missi35, posted

    why did she bother to post something that hard to see

    st_benard, posted

    her sounds are fantastic! Agree the lighting could have been better but i could see enough to enjoy it. What a great dog for lapping her up so well!

    littlejohn, posted

    god that was great! love the sound she was making! made me so fuckin wet!! wish the light was better! it would have been a wonderful video!! lucky girl!! wish i had a dog lick me!!

    littlebit3860, posted

    some one got a very valable dog wished he was mine she sure enjoyed getting licked by the sound

    doggiedoer2, posted

    mmm yummy yummy good girl xx

    Belinda402007, posted

    the sound was awesome... her getting off got me off... grin... wish the lighting was better

    deedee333, posted

    Makes me envious!

    doggonedizzy, posted

    The sound was hotttt the visual couldve been a little better. A little more light and it sooo wouldve been awesome.

    dldoglover000, posted

    very hot.. if only the lighting were a little better. Nothing like dog tongue!

    febfantasia, posted

    So hot. Lucky fuckin' dog!

    AndSoItIs, posted

    How do you know she is young? You cannot see her face.

    Holton, posted

    Little dog got her off....Sweet!

    harleypoor, posted

    she doesn't seem to think so!!

    ravensley, posted

    poor quality

    tony1114, posted

    Even though the scene was dark you could see the dog was definitely enjoying eating out hat pussy and licking all that sweet pussy juice. The moaning of the girl excites you as the dog fervently went down on her wet pussy. It had my pussy pulsing and got me all wet and ready to try it myself. I could actually feel the dog's hot wet tongue on my pussy licking it ...eating out my clit as i played with my self watching the vid and was ready to feel his heavy dog cock inside me fucking me, making me moan and cum all over myself. Great vid ....still soaking my panties thinking of that good doggie.

    dogcandy4u, posted

    That was hot. I can't wait until my husband goes to work tomorrow. I'm gonna start training my dog better. Right now she gets off track and starts licking inside my pussy, where I don't really enjoy her going. I want to train her to stay on the clit. I'm sooo hot and wet now, I'm just gonna go masturbate until I can get with it tomorrow. I gotta watch this again. Her moaning like that, I know she came hard. I could just feel that big hot tongue on my pussy right now. I'm ready to call my dog over here right now. Don't want to get caught though. lol. I'd love for my dh to approve of something like this... I'd have my dog lick me off every night.ummm ummm

    onekerri, posted

    This is an awesome movie. You get to hear her moans, which are perfect...I love hearing moaning...This is good because you don't often hear anything but fake moans. So this is good. I enjoyed this (many times)a lot. I wish I could moan and orgasm like that. It might help my sex life out a lot. I just don't like hearing the dog licking sounds. Other than that and the lighting, this clip was perfect. There should be another movie with this girl getting fucked doggy style and missionary position. And she should moan like in this movie. That will get me off.

    mkj_4114, posted

    This is an awesome clip!! There are 2 great things about it -1) the lucky dog is getting her pussy juice and very clearly doing a great job licking it! Hearing her moan with satisfaction, knowing that she loves it too. 2) That hairy pussy. Nothing better than a hairy pussy, the dog likes it hairy too! :P This is a superb movie to cum and believe me I have numerous times, her moans alone have sent me over the edge in no-time! Two thumbs up! We gotta get more from this woman! There is nothing that would make this clip better except if this woman had sex with the dog. If there is a clip of that, then by all means it needs to be posted on here ASAP. I, for one, would be jerking off forever watching it! MAJOR TURN ON.

    swc, posted
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