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    Woman Fills Glass Up With Dog Cum After A Long Knotting


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    Woman on her hands and knees tries to fill a glass with dog cum after a long knotting with the family pet. Looks like she had a really good time

    Uploaded by newdater · Rating: 3.8 (269 votes) · 74483 views


    Love the video. So hot! Would love to put my mouth under her pussy and drink all that cum from her after being filled up. I would travel to you if you ever want to have a clean up guy.

    wildhorse2010, posted

    •Aluzky• Would had be nice to who who was the sperm donor. ;)

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    They should make it so that if ur a member then u can download from phone

    kalinkessler1, posted

    thats a lot of jizz

    christmastree, posted

    i would absolutly suck up all that lovely hot cream i have shot off wads of my cum watching this hot clip and licked it up thinking of all the nasty people getting off watching too

    jerk69, posted

    wowsers! I would refill her! very sloppy,verrry nice! thank you for uploading this.

    bbdog999, posted

    AWESOME and very sexy,i know that dog cum has a bad taste,but would still love to lick her and the dog clean, even take the dog up my ass,i wish,sweetie!

    kinkyfreakn386, posted

    would have been better, showing the dog cock coming out of her cunt, then the glass set in place to catch the doggie cum and some of her pee.

    Hardluck, posted

    This was indeed awesome. That was a lot of cum. Like others would have loved to see some of the fucking and the knotting. Hell, would love to be involved wth the could myself to experince it first hand!

    cumlover2, posted

    great vid....i too wish she had drank the time...or at least pouring it on her tits or pussy

    thickboner4u, posted

    so fucking cool i blew my goo while i had hoot and jacked off fuck did i ever shoot off

    jerk69, posted

    wow!!! fucking great movie only wishing for one to drink the cum

    voste, posted

    Oh I'd love to hav that so much dog cum in me. I would retain it for as long as i can and like the feel of it

    sonalika, posted

    44,seconds is a long time to watch a fake?, no dog noshow.

    bombacie, posted

    i agree i love seeing a girl gobble down a nice huge load of cum. and the actual fucking would have been a big bonus too

    defeater, posted


    beleidoso09, posted

    need to see that fucking!!

    michman1503, posted

    good video, awesome pussy, fantastic ass. half a glass. wow!*****

    esparzascc, posted

    Had no idea they cum that much. wonder how long she was knotted?

    brittneyok, posted

    lots of cum very hot

    animallover2301, posted

    My wife has fucked dogs before, and we could not believe all of the cum that came out of her, when he pulled out. Very Very Hot!!

    Bigeightincher, posted

    id fuck her after the dog was dun if i could only find one of those typs of wimen in canada

    redyyy, posted

    It would have been a better movie if we had seen the knot...But still a good clip

    bear1135, posted

    i know i would of drank every drop and licked sucked it out of his cock

    karrie, posted

    she got his load up there but very cool if you watch you see his sperm swirling around in the glass!

    mehoff, posted

    If I was there I would of made drink it as i fucked in the ass

    wolfen30, posted

    Worth fapping to, but it would have been perfect if she'd swallowed it. I mean, I would have.

    uncleanly_knit, posted

    Fill her Up and let it drain

    islandman1952, posted


    hbjst, posted

    I agree with you, I would like to be that missing person cleaning this lovely dog gangbanged cunt with my toung upto the deeper end of the velly. Great shoot, all 10 oh no 10000000000 to this vid

    hjain69, posted

    must be great to drink it afterwards

    katemaes, posted

    OMG! That's soo hot!

    essceelle, posted


    cuntslave, posted

    nice fake

    clumaster, posted

    OMG What a load of doggie cum would love to join in

    doggiedoer2, posted

    i would give anything to drink that glass of warm doggy cum straight from her pussy mmmmm

    capriman, posted

    OMG I want to drink that!!! Cant wait to suck some dog cock & if that's the amount I can expect, jesus I cant wait...I just came myself which I ate of course! Would love to suck some Northern IN dog cock - email: khogg58@yahoo.com

    mmmgulp, posted

    She got quite the load from her dog!! That's not even what is still up there I'd say she still has some deep up ther yet

    mehoff, posted

    absolutly sexi!!! I hope to find the full vid!!

    Girl4doginSFL, posted

    oh baby I want to do you after the knot maregasm@yahoo.com

    maregasm, posted

    it taste even better

    bidad, posted

    very very nice 8===>

    buttknot, posted

    that was nice

    mangler510, posted

    I LIKE it!

    jayko, posted

    any idea who it is or where to find the full vid?

    Shadowaj, posted

    very unique!!!!!!

    k9lover_25, posted

    looks like half a glass of smirnoff ice haha

    Jtm5178, posted

    i would love to be where that glass is,now thats gross,but each to there own.

    lookerlooking, posted

    if thats gross why are you on here? thats very erotic, would have loved to see the knotting, but that much cum makes me wonder if its real :/

    jackch3, posted

    This video is amazing... I dont think I have ever seen anthing like that before... I love it. Too bad my lady wont do sonething like this. I think this lady and dog deserve best video award for beastiality... Who ever the lucky bastard is that filmed this should make more like it. I would pay any woman to come over and let my dog knot her like this pooch did... if anyone knows where to find more movies like this let me know. I would really appreciate the feedback... Well played dog... You boned this lady with everything you had, get some!!

    Zstro911, posted

    This is just amazing, you hav to love it. Would have been better had we seen some of the fucking, or even the dog as i'm sure he'll be huge, but this is still a great video anyway. The amount of cum inside her is amazing and im sure there is still more up in there. It would have been truely brilliant if we had got to see her drink the cum because there is nothing better than a gorgeous girl with a mouth full of cum and especially if they swallow it all down. Great girl, great ass, great pussy, great video, definately worth a watch.

    liam112311, posted

    This black haired young woman fills a glass with lots of warm dog cum. She presses hard and her clean shaved cunt is wide open. You an see her labia wince. She gives pretty much of that white and milky liquid and maybe some pee is included as well. She almost compltely fills the glass and it seems as if she was fucked by at least five dogs and obviously she is enjoying holding the cum inside. The only thing missing in this video is some horny person to swallow the cum and to clean her wet and still dripping pussy with the tounge.

    heinju, posted
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