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    Ass Knoting


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    A young beautiful girl keep the dog in her ass and shout during all the knoting, she masturbate her in same time. She really is a amateur who can be qualify pf pro I hope my girlfriend can do this.

    Uploaded by yoyo015 · Rating: 4.1 (1441 votes) · 173921 views


    Wife's BF and 2 of his friends tied wife to the bench she often uses to mate with his dog. Then after arousing her so her scent filled the room they turned her K9 lover in. Seeing her in "their" position and keying in on her arousal he went right for her. In his haste to mount her he got in her ass instead of her puss. She was hollering and telling them to get him off of her that he was in the wrong hole. But they were laughing so hard and they made no attempt to remove him, telling her she'd like it there. She didn't! But no matter she got the whole experience knot and all. Now this is a large mixed breed and he has a cock some men would envy. Enough she most certainly likes experiencing it. But way more cock than she wanted up her butt, especially the way he jackhammers! He can brag to his dog buddy over the fence now that (like several of the men who have had her) he has cum in all her holes. lol

    Dogslutshub, posted

    DAMN OMG just the sounds of the dog got my asshole wet!!!! I need a dog to fill and knot all my holes like this.......plz let him fuck and breed a horny bitch like me

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    Omg this video made my asshole wet....wish he was in my ass and his owner in my pussy

    kountryqueen, posted

    A perfect fuck for each of them.......... This is one of the finest ever.

    billy4unow, posted

    She did an awesome job of keeping the knot in her asshole! Wasn't the first time these two have locked up. Women seriously looking for K9 sex message me. N. Louisiana, E. Texas S. Arkansas areas. Women only - neither me nor my dog are bi! I have a very well hung experienced yellow lab. Check my profile out - serious women only!!!

    blueyedcwby69, posted

    wish I was her gf

    tanyaesk, posted

    your moans are sooooo good

    qhuma4321, posted

    OMG this is so hot

    LauraOpenShot, posted

    That pussy needed some cum in it, badly. Glad to see it being worked on at the end.

    ewilson, posted

    Geile Muschi...da wird meine doch wieder so nass....wer leckt mich

    geilemuschi65, posted

    would have loved to seen if the dog actually mounted her and pounded her ass or if they just inserted his cock when he was close to the full knot. The moaning could have been left out because you can tell it's fake from her. If the dog was mating her, I would believe the moans.

    Wolfiekrum, posted

    fucking hot plus the hot girl,

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    Fucking hot video. I want to be underneath her licking that sexy pussy of hers.

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    I'm doing this today

    bobant61, posted

    OMG that Dog really stretched her Ass eek

    lilbeaver, posted

    well done.... ild love to see this for real rather than a vid.... longing to watch a woman /girl do this and more

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    This video is amazing! Male seeking female to have fun with my dog and I.. message me for details

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    aint big on asshole action but this is good

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    im going to try this rt now..1st itme..

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    Wish it was my ass :-( ...But It made me cum :-)

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    Would love to give this a try, I'm sat here soaking thinking about big doggy cock stretching me, wish I knew someone who could help me

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    What an exceptionally hot clip!

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    Beautiful and exciting.

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    OMG that Cock really stretched her Ass -WOW

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    So hott love it.

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    So hot. Anyone have a sheperd to lick n stick me mmmm

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    lucky girl,wish i was her

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    fuzzyfreek, posted

    Sweet! Looked like a good time!

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    what can i say magnificent....

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    Want to be there under and licking and helping. Fuck this was hot

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    that was a hot vid, made my pussy so wet

    gabriele40, posted

    21 male... i want a girl to play with a dog with me! knotting and breeding us both ;]

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    raygal, posted

    Great piece of film let's see more like this

    alanjohn, posted

    yes boby good knoting sodoming

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    That is the best feeling, having that slippery knot up the ass. Then if shes lucky he'll lick off his cum.

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    Ooooh, I want a big stud like to dominate me and breed with me over and over again. Tie me up and let his puppies suckle me whilst he pounds me again and again. PM me is you wanna chat! I'm a submissive horny bitch for your thick hard dogs!

    x116, posted

    Wow! How picky can people get? This beauty with a very clean ass and pussy just had a dog dick in her ass to the fur! FAKE? Well someone pushed on the dogs ass after the lock and the dogs dick wasn't that big or her moans were fake--- What the fuck do you want? This was a smoking hot movie and if it gets hotter then just where the fuck do I get a coppy! Thanks for a great show!

    watchindirty, posted

    Ass knoting? Was this an ass knoting? I looked at the clip and from the beginning of the clip till the end there was no assknoting. Maybe there had been one, before the 'knote' came out, but in this clip, the 'knote' was NOT inside the ass. Only when the 'knote' is inside an ass, we call it an 'ass knote'. and that was not the case in this clip. In the last part of the clip, the 'knote' was at its biggest. The woman tried to push the 'knote' into her cunt, but couldn't. I've said it so many times already: 'once the 'knote' is there, there's no getting the 'knote' inside a tight cunt'. When the cunt is like loose, it could be done, but that cunt will NEVER hold the knot inside. Though even with that cunt it could be done, but in that case the dog will feel nothing, because the cunt will be too loose to squeeze him behind his 'knote'. I always write too much. My mother used to say: 'He, who talks a lot, says lots of stupidities.' animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    they sounded like they enjoyed it ;)

    biglaaad, posted

    jolie plan de vue

    akaxora, posted

    I woulkd love to have that dog in my that knot was big pm me am in florida

    kinky9865, posted

    Very nice, happy woman, happy pup.....enjoyed it

    yellowgrizz, posted

    Bobby's got game. Good job indeed bobby.

    alifealife22, posted

    Sweet! Chick enjoyed the dog cock deep in her ass!

    harleypoor, posted

    My arse is begging to be knotted like this

    Belinda402007, posted

    Id love to eat that pussy while the dog is fucking her ass

    tbailey61, posted

    loved listening to her too. camera man should have given it to the dog too. any videos out there with man dog man sandwich? would love to see those.

    lvmydog, posted

    Wow what a woman to take him like that anally.Well done and hot!

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    camera man should be eating her pussy and licking excess mess clean

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    Great ass knot. She wanted soemthing in her cunt too. He should have shoved a vibrator in her pussy and she would have really gotten off.

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    you this black man hard as a rock. loved this

    bobant61, posted

    although i thoroughly enjoyed the movie, i would have liked to have seen some pussy banging. i feel that the woman would have given more, and so to the dog. he would have loved to have given her a pussy pounding and hopefully a good knot. Maybe that is one for the future. Still I loved watching and listening to it 8 out of 10.

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    wish I could have filled her pussy too

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    you can tell he was pumping cum in her ass

    fredpotts, posted

    It was ok..

    Emos86, posted

    i wish the next time she gets fuck somone put a cock in her mouth.

    myhole, posted

    Why do people have to add lame moaning sounds and ruin a nice clip.

    tinymut, posted

    lame video

    beastgirl26, posted

    WOW It would be great to have my cock in that pussy while he ass fucks her.

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    ebrusch, posted

    Thought it was a very good movie and enjoyed it.

    coachrje, posted

    Sound is absolutely terrible, ruins the whole!

    DanishMale, posted

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    extremehunk, posted

    Fair, But, She should have got her man to fill the other hole at the same time.


    Sounds like fake moaning and that spoils it.

    xbgold, posted

    Action is worth the time---tho' I am sympathetic when the K-9 dick pops out of her eager ass and spurts onto her ass instead of into it!!! I love the feel of the pumping deep in me. . . .and she missed that part obviously! I am a little skeptical of the soundtrack---I think it is added after, but that's being nit picking. . .enjoy!!!

    morgan_faye, posted

    great nail polish--great rings--great asshole for the doggy to dump its load--hot babe hot vid wish we could've seen sum dog cum dripping from her asshole--or her mouth after the asshole fuck :)

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    Great vid and audio. Glad to finally find out that that beautiful pussy was to get a cock in it. Hard to beat a knot in the ass though. She sure enjoyed that big knot. Hope to see more of this lady and her friend.

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    aredheart, posted

    i like this one too, but when are they going to do things on a woman's view point? from being on Petsex for a couple of weeks now it seems to me that all guys get so much out of all the moaning & growning, and how a woman looks, and how she is being domanated insead of wanting to see passion between a woman and her dog. I think less directing and less of an audience in the room might just want more women to be filmed with their dogs. just my opinion

    kitten2, posted

    Jesus christ, that woman's nails scare the piss outta me.

    Nekkofox, posted

    Yum Yum Yum I wish it was me

    Belinda402007, posted

    you know that was hot.. love to chat with anyone female.male

    bipmark, posted

    4 months ago this clip was billed 'phony'...now it's 'hot'....come on!!!...babe takes dog in her asshole and moans like crazy...i love it...if she can take dog dick in her ass you know she's taken dog dick in her pussy and mouth...give me more

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    glocar, posted

    Fanfuckingtastic. Where can i get one?????

    hungry4it, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmm I want this soooooooooo much

    Belinda402007, posted

    It's an 'okay' clip. I suspect that most of the 'action' was due to a helper outside of the camera's field of view. More of a case of dildogging and not real sex.

    need66, posted

    Good thing his knot wasnt any bigger, eh?

    jayko, posted

    it is not knotted!

    mauro_1965_24, posted

    passionate beauty. perfect couple. sweet!

    digitallover, posted

    Very hot! Wish that was my ass!

    lovek9knot, posted

    very bgood movie she could not get enough she handled this massive dog cock so well and loved it as we all loved it

    bracer, posted

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    Belinda402007, posted

    contrary to alot of you, i liked this video. it gave me a good perspective of how i look when my dog mounts me...less the cock and balls of course.. and though her moans "may" have been fake, they werent overdone and added to the clip.

    slipknot69, posted

    Great movie. Would love to see her face

    gravity54, posted

    Bobby is a professional ass fucker, and the girl isnt bad either. I have her as a redhead in another movie.

    jayko, posted

    very good video, but better if we could see more of her body.

    nogueira, posted

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    I think this movie is awesome! Fake moans or not, We loved it. Great Clip! Keep Up The Good Work! You guys are awesome!

    qruscuple, posted

    I'd love to have her after this.

    nogueira, posted

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    hbjst, posted

    Love it in the ass. Good knot

    Jillnjewels, posted

    i fucking hate when people move the dog when its tied... dog stops moving after the tie and just sits there orgasming... except for the knot in ass, this movie sucks !

    zndxxx, posted

    video sucks ass

    xxxguyxxx, posted

    I think shadow might be right. To much emphasis on phony moaning in a lot of these videos. I've had a lot of experience with woman/dogs sex and although it was a good knot that moaning was pretty phony.

    sildolan, posted

    Absolute top shelf. Wpould love to have sucked the cum out of here ass.

    hungry4it, posted

    wish i could see it in person

    coolbeans30, posted

    thats was wonderful!! very good video! got me hott as hell, really wet & throbbing!! wow!!

    littlebit3860, posted

    Liked the view. WOulda like to have seens her from the front once or twice.

    Irishbull, posted

    that is some moan...

    everevil, posted

    This situation should have been so hot but in this case it's just.. NOT! This might sound stupid but I think she fake-moans some.. It actaully seems too porn-y for the clip.The dogs dick isn't that big. And I keep on expecting those scary black nails to hurt either her or the dog. They are not even sexy for me. Could have written one of those reviews for this one but probably wouldn't have been approved because it's not very nice.

    shadow, posted

    close ups are perfect the clarity is great and the time or too it pops out even better i want more of this kinda of work and the sound makes it over the top the girl deff loves her animal lovers the fact that theyre is two guys there dosentreally come into play and the end where she is trying to heklp shove the knot in her pussy even better watch it over and over like i have and you will seee best love at its best i think now if we could just get it as a full length movie my search would be over

    fldogluvr, posted

    This is a 3 minute clip of a dog fucking a white women in the ass. The camera man is really good at not shaking and getting a good angle. The women does a really awesome job of taking the dogs dick. The video quality is very clear so you can see the dick in ass. As the dog is fucking the women in the ass she is also playing with her pussy. There is audio so you do get to hear the women moaning as she plays with herself and getting fucked in ass. At the end of the film last minute the women is laying in a bed on her back with her leg spread as the dog is fucking her.

    Tweaksja, posted

    Im sorry but this video is not exciting at all... the dog isnt doing anything, (no hump action) & the woman seems like she isnt enjoying it, kinda fake noise. what i look for in a video is a lot of action where both are having fun & enjoying it. needs longer video time as well.. this video also looks super old & out of date. where are all the new 2011 - 2012 videos. im not sure if i want to pay for this yet, ill have to see a video that really turns me on to start paying. needs more knoting videos with more action. i wanna c a woman getting pounded and loving it.

    drunkpanda, posted

    listening to this girl moan was and immediate turn on and she had the best looking pussy while the dog was fucking her ass. also listening to the dog puff really hard sounded like her rooted the shit out her and that was backed up with her moaning so sexy. also the camera guy did really good at the close up of the dog fucking the girl. while the girl was being fucked in the ass she was so horny that she started fingering her pussy which was really hot and then watching the dogs cock just slip out quickly was really good and then she started being fucked by the dog in her pussy

    kmonop, posted

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    girly267, posted

    This video delivers 110% on a strong tie between the dog and his female lover's ass. You can tell from the sounds -- dog panting, girl moaning and begging, that these two are deep in the throes of passion! While we don't see a full body/face shot of the girl, we see enough to know she is very happy with her "man's" performance! For his part, a nice duration for the tie without becoming boring waiting for the pull out -- when it does occur we are rewarding with a substantial amount of doggie cum! Yum yum!! The pull out scene is repeated with the encore showing a closer in perspective. Very worthy effort and we hope for more!

    huskerdu99, posted
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