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    Missionary Amateur Fuck


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    Amateur missionary fuck, its a fast movie, but it gains privilege since its pretty amateur, the quality is not too good, but i think it would be a good stuff to add to the site! hope u enjoy it

    Uploaded by jng_myst · Rating: 3.3 (252 votes) · 57657 views


    I love to see a girl take it misionary , you know she realy loves her dog

    houndog69, posted

    Oh thats hot watching that hungry pussy swallowing his huge swollen member!

    breeder09, posted

    would have been awsome with a good camra man

    houndog69, posted

    This makes me so wet!!! I wish I could be in her position--literally!

    goethe, posted


    nuy, posted

    Looks like something from Twilight..

    sexpotgirl, posted

    Very nice the way she thrust her hips so her hungry cunt swallowed his hard cock he just stood there letting her slide her pussy up and down his huge cock. He probably enjoyed getting his balls emptied out!

    breeder09, posted

    ok, if we had the original audio , maybe...but what the fuck was that? Church music??

    jayko, posted

    oh yes

    lillyfrench, posted

    only white sluts.

    jayman123456, posted

    any girls masturbating? inbox me

    oocumoo, posted

    buena pocision....

    gallopolveador, posted

    the best missionary position I've seen yet,leg back it was easy for the dog.

    fredpotts, posted


    pokerandy2003, posted

    Music was stupid n not needed, yet she was fucking real good......Ilove missionary fucking vids!!

    mizzk9, posted

    this one is good :)

    kitten2, posted

    young hot female from florida lookin 4 fun. message me if interested in hooking up. ;)

    fuckmehardbaby, posted

    Lucky woman

    Piffen, posted

    Wish it would have a clearer picture, because the woman was loving that doggie cock.

    2lvdogcock, posted

    seemed vintage. Dog could have had more movement. But lady was truly involved.

    cherokee56, posted

    great video. sweet lady. seems like 70's 80's video tech. many thanks for sharing.

    digitallover, posted

    great video. seems like 70's 80's video tech. many thanks for sharing.

    digitallover, posted

    ja wenn das nicht geil ist

    petfrau, posted

    lot of action and she knows how to fuck a dog missionary for sure

    kennelman2391, posted

    very good movie. many thanks.

    digitallover, posted

    love the action. Hot pussy and well trained dog. Would love to find out when you got into fucking dogs.

    boylans, posted

    Nothing but a commercial. Going elsewhere!

    cruising, posted

    lucky dog

    dogmate, posted

    Sweet! Chick was really in to it. Bitch should of been on edge of bed with dogs feet on floor. But it worked out. Chick did nice job!

    harleypoor, posted

    I love humping dogs and can appreciate this bitches moves, doing missionary on a dog is not as easy as it looks. this bitch gets into it with a good sized cock sinking in her, I like it been there done that it feels great.

    moresa44c, posted

    This move is obviously one from many years back (as the movie is in B&W...and the quality is low)..and shows that women fucking dogs didn't just start up recently! This girl has a very nice body...and is quite eager to get herself stuffed with dog dick! She was obviously filled with cum...because the dog licked her pussy for a long time afterwards (and dogs instinctly lick up their cum to regain lost elements). I would definitely fuck this girl...as I like chicks with slender bodies who do what it takes to get the job done!!!

    hngfbnb, posted

    I really enjoyed watching the woman and the dog doing it missionary. You don't see many. When his hard cock finally got into her nice wet pussy and she was Fuckin him. She really enjoyed it. The music could have been better. She got off so many times. Watching them really got me hot to get me a dog to feel what she was feeling. Him licking her pussy after that nice good fuck he did to her was even hot. After he was done licking her if it didn't stop he was going to fuck that nice pussy again. The camera person could have gotten better shots of them having sex. All n all I would enjoy watching this video again.

    celestreal, posted

    Wow, this one is like that 70’s show meets K9 porn. It is not a bad little amateur recording, it moves almost too fast for the music and the music made me dozy. The soft focus/ film quality issues really detracted from what could have been a much hotter scene. I like that the bitch strokes her lover during the fucking and I really enjoy seeing good K9 missionary. It would have been great to see more of the cock but that did not appear to be the films focus. Nice licking scene at the end- pretty pussy. All in all, this was a good presentation.

    curious_chick, posted
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