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    Muttley Sucks K9


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    a clip from one of muttley movies she is sucking a rottie with cum from her mouth big dog cock, young girl making a splash on the beast sceen

    Uploaded by tippy · Rating: 3.8 (269 votes) · 66881 views


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    Tolkatore, posted

    I would suck that cock with you

    Bigdick889900, posted

    she looks like a doll, my god, what a bad video

    zocurioso, posted

    sweet blonde

    digitallover, posted

    luvin muttly

    dazshooter, posted

    Great video!

    knottyfun12, posted

    buen video por fa quiero una mujer que le gustetener sexocon los animales

    fernanxxxd, posted

    she does not seem that interested more like doing it for hubby,would love to see her knotted

    bigwave, posted

    so muttley is the girl then ? That's a good one, poor thing. A lot of dumb ass bastards in this forum would (and probably did I'm not going to waste time reading their old comments) post comments expressing thoughts such as "Wow what I wouldn't give to be her..." Me, I'd want to be the dog I think.

    tonktaf, posted

    wish she did something besides hold her head still.

    metzochrist, posted

    my dick woit womens :(

    by_jinekolog, posted

    Muttley rocks, this is great!

    jayko, posted

    delicious - eat that lovely doggy cream lucky lady

    markgonfishin, posted

    oohhh fuck....I'd sure like to have him in my mouth....he's so hung~

    fredog51M, posted

    Very enjoyable movie...gorgeous woman

    polarize, posted

    she needs to take him deeper

    animallover2301, posted

    This is just fantastic would love to see more from this one also would like someone to film me. I was deflowered at the age of 14 as well but by my dog and I have never stopped, I also model both figure and bathing suit and I would love to be an escort sometimes. I have never regretted anything as well and have only done a threesome with 2 guys, I have only been with 2 dogs both Danes both very large, I have also masturbated my stallion many times in fact now when he sees me he gets a hard on. Sometimes when I go out I wear stockings and no panties and a short skirt and a low see through top with a shelf bra or nothing at all and always high heels.I once met a guy and his friend and after I got to know them a bit one of them tried to neck and play with me and told him that I could not decide between the two of them so it would have to be the 2 of them together or neither well they agreed to that right away and we went off to my place. That was a friday around 9pm and we did not put cloths back on till late Sunday night. I had cum in me and on me and after they went home my Dane and I tied one on.

    needfull, posted

    hot girl not a bad vid would lv to see more of these 2 in action

    k9voyer72, posted

    My wife likes to suck dog cock also, says precum is a little bitter, but the sperm is great!

    Bigeightincher, posted

    yeah, she is a big star, i love her!

    Prasak, posted

    yeah, she is a big star, i love her!

    Prasak, posted

    I approve of all Muttley videos

    Alexyarlat, posted

    id love to deep throat that big hard cock and feel His cum filling me

    slavetok9, posted

    Thank you Muttley and Tippy, for letting us see a pretty girl doing such wild, fun stuff.

    Pudgy_Dog, posted

    Such a cock tease !

    dollygray, posted

    Wish she would go wild and suck it like crazy! And it was a shame that she didn't swallow the cum, I sure know I would've!

    CumDrinkingSlut, posted


    cuntslave, posted

    funny to hear the cunt jeremy kyle in the background lol great vid

    madcyril, posted

    mmm i love mutley, she is awesome

    ron007, posted

    Bi male in Northern IN cant wait to try this...I heard dog cum tastes like salty pennies so I've been putting both in my mouth to acclimate to the taste. I'm sure I'd love it & just the thought of a dog cumming in my mouth...MAN I CANT WAIT!!!

    mmmgulp, posted

    Mutley is soo sexy love her with cum all over her beautiful body! Now her with a mouth full of cock and cum! OMG! She is red hott!!!

    mehoff, posted

    I wish she would have deep throated it. I love seeing a woman gag on cum. I love it too!

    stormysx, posted

    wow if she's a kentish girl I'll be very happy :D

    drazenli, posted

    cute girl, yes she could do the deep throat!

    Prasak, posted

    she needs to be more comfertable with this , and stick that dogs cock right down her throat

    animaljerker1, posted

    a very tender girl!

    Flowerhunter, posted

    that was awsome

    sherryspatz, posted

    i would like to feel him in my mouth

    redamber, posted

    yes!! really nice!! i like cum-drinkers!

    aaamarco, posted

    I love muttley too!!! I love watching women eat dog cum and she sure dose seem to love it!!! God what a turn on!

    sidsnow, posted

    i fucking love muttley...need to see more of her!

    biffy_cly, posted

    love fucking while she sucks off her dog need more cock sweety

    tjohnson362000, posted

    This is a pretty good film about dog cumming in a nice looking woman's mouth. She doesn't really suck for all she's worth but rather allows the dog's cock to remain in her mouth while he is emptying his balls into it. She let's the cock stay there until he is squirting his cum into her mouth and let's the cum drool out her mouth and down her chin. She and the dog are pretty quiet and all you can hear is the background of a tv announcer which doesn't add much to the video. I would love to see what lead up to the sucking scene.

    jaguarguy, posted
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