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    Girl Has Sex With Dane


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    First some licking action, then she get fucked by the great dane. Some licking too and cum flowing out of her pussy, so nice to watch.

    Uploaded by darksoulcashx · Rating: 3.6 (382 votes) · 70981 views


    lookin for a dog. message me

    shangjii, posted

    the more he tried the less he got!!!!!!!

    fredpotts, posted

    she took it like a true bitch

    internaly, posted

    sexy tiny girl lov her small pussy streached! is that andy?

    beastsexbill, posted

    mmm, very preety pussy. would love to taste that big black dog's juices

    Girl4doginSFL, posted

    very slow upload, cute woman though

    stubborn8466, posted

    the girl is perfct has such a beautiful back

    piston37, posted

    petite and sweet, the Dane was fast and furious, a bit too fast, shame, he had time to pop 3 or 4 times between his speed and efficiency and the BF commentary it was a let down (you should try again)

    sliped, posted

    non-commital Dane finally gets going and unloads quickly. Nice close up of her worked and wet pussy dripping with Great Dane cum.

    4fingers, posted


    wobuzhidaoy, posted

    not to special, a bit of a let down

    Doggies, posted

    beautiful dog! excellent performance

    pyryx, posted

    i love the noise she makes when he pulls out of her

    dragonlad27, posted

    loovely arse, pity she's not naked so we could enjoy all her body. that dripping cunt was a great climax more, please!

    yourholeinone, posted

    typical, the moment the dog penetrates and the action is starting they camera man starts talking so it's even harder to enjoy. with animal sex and peeping it's about enjoying your work afterwards so try to hold the cam steady, get not too excited and shaky and most of all try not to babble

    dirtdevil, posted

    dane could use some stamina.

    cherokee56, posted

    My favorite part of this the way that her swollen pussy glistens with & drips dog jism, after he pulls out. Pretty cool.

    apuleius055, posted

    wow most amsing film ive ever seen and ive seen a few perfect camera work keep up the good work so intensly hard after that

    knot3, posted

    been looking to get fucked by a great dane....any one have one in the san fernando valley in california please pm me or email....what ever its called 19y/o white female

    sweetwishness, posted

    omg i got so horny by just looking at this I mean to actually see the cum from the dog...i always had a fantasy of getting fuck by an dog...

    reavorkie, posted

    i need to deep rim the dog

    knotlikker, posted

    wow nice does that dane need another bitch to fuck

    sherryspatz, posted

    nice dog had fun? :)

    coeur, posted

    mmmmm I bet she would taste devine, I soooooooo want to be a dog bitch x

    Belinda402007, posted

    Did that dog cock feel good and very warm in her pussy? I wish I had a pussy for this! :) I would want that dog to mount me but I am a male! :(

    tercel, posted

    very nice hull east yorkshire

    michelle6969, posted

    i love how casual the dane is about it, like he's a pro

    hhbcts, posted

    i sooooooooo wantto try that. My pussy is soooo wet. Can anyone teac me how and wat to do in yorkshire uk

    kittyk9, posted

    very good and have u all tried animal sex fun .com u get longer films

    erdalpoli, posted

    I would love to try that. My pussy is soooo wet. Can anyone teac me how and wat to do at yahoo. e-mail is roedenise@ymail.com

    derdroe, posted

    good fucker i wanna him bitch

    beastkumr, posted

    amazing they no what to do

    animalfun2, posted

    too bad the dane didnt stay in her longer

    kennelman2391, posted

    she loved any girls onn msn messgeg meur emails

    leek2009, posted

    muyyy buena

    dionisiojose, posted

    Fuck!!! I've been looking at clips for half an hour & this one put me over the edge! I"m off to get my cunt licked & fucked by my beautiful big German Shepherd.

    Puppyslutxxx, posted

    has to be said very cool! vid if you want to chat or anything message me for my yahoo or msn addy

    drazenli, posted

    lovely gash. such a hot pussy and the dog is great too.

    boylans, posted

    nice pussy like me

    shonal, posted


    xxxuxxxme, posted

    Shes just ment to get her pussy fucked by dogs. Professional wearing plastic cover on feet to avoid dog-nail scratches.

    dilipkumar12, posted

    very pretty pussy

    Girl4doginSFL, posted

    such a sexy cunt!

    eatmypussydaddy, posted

    OMG what a sexy fooking lady...I would love to get oral as she is pounded.....

    beastman481, posted

    megageil ! bei sowas wäre ich gerne mal dabei ! würde auch gerne mal meinen Hinten hinhalten wollen :-)

    Mitras_Ffm, posted

    wish my wife was into puppys and young girls!!!!!!!!!

    chris8, posted

    the dane did not last long,but then with a ass like that I would not last long either.

    morry, posted

    Hmmm, wouldn't mind picking up where the dog left off!! Nice slippery looking pussy on this lovely lady, so can't figure why the dog pulled out so early, perhaps he needs a lesson and should watch a guy who has more staying power. I'd be available for that!!

    kaaty, posted

    thats pretty fuckin hott... damn... i wanna have some fun too

    Mzz.Nasti, posted

    That is without a doubt the cutest arse in the whole world

    hungry4it, posted

    excellent video, very nice humping fuck!

    dogluvr, posted

    Fantastic looking body from what we can see. Love to see more of her in animal action.

    SenileMoron, posted

    wow thats the most delicious dick i try it already y se los puedo a segurar ke es lo mas rico

    cajeta3829, posted

    The pretty woman is needed for the dog that mates with it, we see her beautiful vulva open, but it does not stay coupled with the dog, it'sa shame!

    frany1953, posted

    Sweet! I think he was just getting warmed up! When he does burry his tool she will know it!

    harleypoor, posted

    this is one of the hottest things I've seen so far. thank you for the clip, would love to see more in the future!

    el_perro, posted

    I am getting a weird error. Stream not found: tubesite/(***String of numbers and letters***).mp4 I have uninstalled and reinstalled flash player I have changed my Movie Prefrences and tried all options It will just look like its loading and then give the above error. Any Ideas?

    airborneterry, posted

    This girl has really quite a nice ass and legs, wish the dog had been as keen on her as I am!

    kaaty, posted

    i wish that was my wife that was so exciting to watch. thanks

    thinkingaboutit, posted

    no tie, that sucks

    zndxxx, posted

    very good and have u all tried animal sex fun .com u get longer films on there

    hotpaul444, posted

    FANTASTIC movie, many thanks!!

    Prince777, posted

    nice can i have sum? mssxymexslt...

    mssxymexslt, posted

    wow, lovely bitch and nice dog. dog seems like a novice, but a good willing bitch we have here. I sure liked that puffy pussy of hers, I would like to lick the cum off it and drive my tongue deep into that tasty bitch.

    moresa44c, posted

    nice lets see more great video many thanks for showing

    mick111, posted

    Nice ass and pussy! He needs to stay alittle longer! Good boy!! And you got some of your juice in there did that feel good? Breed her next time boy!!Good doggy!!

    mehoff, posted

    That ws pretty fucking cool!!

    jayko, posted

    that was grate if you need more cock i would love to help her out and would love to watch her get more dane cock to

    tjohnson362000, posted

    very patient girl but she gets it in the end...

    doug1970, posted

    awesome the girl is hot and the dog is a big one she really looks like she enjoys that monster in her. The juicy drips are a nice addition to the movie. She looks really really hot the only thing the movie needs is some moaning while he is pumping her full. I would recommend this movie to all the perverts out there like myself. This site is awesome. The movie is a little short but good quality throughout. She is a real beauty and i do not know of a bigger dog to take her like that. True doggy style.

    davec2009, posted

    This video is to short and very little action dog mounts twice but only humps for a few seconds. Also no knot sceen or closeup till after the dog walks away. lighting could have been better and you hear the man shooting it talking more then the girl with the dog. this clip could have been way better especially if the dog had been trained prior to shooting. Hope to see more videos with this dog and women combo in the future, but hopesfully after the dog has had much more practice and stays till he knot her. She has a beautiful body and would love to see it more active.

    jb838315, posted
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