• This is my wife jacking our dog buster off making him cum all over her pussy, when he was drained I licked every drop of his still hot cum off her then deeply kised my wife

    Uploaded by 13lss · Rating: 1.4 (180 votes) · 84216 views


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    anm210eb lolz :D Tell me all, how come camera guys always fuck up these vids. Is it they are mostly retarded? Or high? I simply do not get it.

    k911, posted

    can't really tell whats going on

    bulldogfan5050, posted

    Wow how cool was that

    anm210eb, posted


    King_Cross, posted

    hey anyone for meet, 18.m.uk essex

    wilko167, posted

    Can't see a thing,may be the camera was too near the vagina, that why can't a thing.or you don't want we see the dog has his penis in your wife vagina.

    jokersam, posted

    CRAP......total crap

    becauseican, posted

    It amazes me that people will upload such poor quality videos.

    hotazguy, posted

    She should have had him in her hot pussy filling her with hot cum but nice!

    mehoff, posted

    wait... what?! O_o

    Just_Me, posted

    We'll......take your word for that! Can hardly see a thing!

    Prince777, posted

    its something alright...lol

    wuffy, posted

    Yes, it can be really anything black...

    ferdomravec1, posted

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