• princess jasmine from film aladdin, tries out sex with aladdins monkey pet abu. she loves to suck on his hairy dick and get covered with his sperm.

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    bischen lustig. Aber schön, wie der kleine Affe sie fickt. Habe real nie gesehen, wie Affen mit Menschen vögeln, warum eigentlich nicht?

    gutnichtschnell, posted


    vashane, posted

    damn good

    fghhgfdsa, posted

    Wow... Who knew Abu had such a big cock?

    jaikei, posted

    GO ABU!! Hell yea lil dude! :D The lil mermaid clip made me lol. XD

    Emos86, posted

    Isnt there a tiger in aladin?? that would be nice!

    Tierstein, posted

    really good video, too bad nothing happened to ariel though

    porterguy, posted

    hehe jasmines rubbing her lamp while abu shines his sword

    mahdaddah, posted

    Nice..Would like to see the Ariel one also.

    dldoglover000, posted

    Was that scene in the movie? Ol' redneck Walt Disney is probably rolling over in his grave.

    lilgia, posted


    1grover, posted

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    if you have ever seen the movie aladin then you know that jasmine is a hot piece of ass. every guy the has seen her wants to see her with her clothes off and wants to know how aladin scored with her. now every guy can see her for all of her glory while she is spending the night with abu. this little monkey comes with a big package that he uses all over jasmine. also at the end of this movie after you get to see abu cum all over jasmine, you get to see a short clip of ariel from the little mermaid. i dont know any guy that does not want to see her for all of her glory.

    kidinkandystore, posted
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