• a clip from one of muttley movies she is sucking a rottie with cum from her mouth big dog cock, young girl making a splash on the beast sceen

    Uploaded by gogitomi · Rating: 2.8 (101 votes) · 39207 views


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    How exciting and stimulating would that be for a woman K9 cock lover. I would love to suck his lovely cock myself.

    wayne4fontana, posted

    So funny. The artist's so good (skilful) to make an anime clip of a dogdick in a girl's mouth. But he can't make her cheeks hollow, so that it looks like she's sucking on that dogcock. I know, it's not easy making these drawings. I can draw a little, but can only draw 2-dimentional (out of the blue). When I draw it from a picture of another drawing, then I can. But not out of the blue. So, I admire ev'rybody who can. But if you can, you can also make her cheeks hollow. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    I looked for, but could not find any sucking going on in this clip. I did see s dogdick going in and out of a woman's mouth, but there was no sucking, no sucktion what-so-ever. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    nicht schlecht awer zu kurtz

    walter00, posted

    stupid animation crap

    Fornavn, posted


    Nate2675, posted

    Perfect cock and mouth. Yummy

    Chummer, posted

    good video! I wish it was real. thanks for sharing. :}

    south2, posted

    this is a animation not a movie to badt

    attala200, posted

    I have tried several times to watch this movie and every time it has shown the ten second ad and then done nothing. I click on the play sign and it takes me to a paypage. I want the free movie, not a bunch of hassle over advertising. To the admin and IT folks, please fix this. KL

    KatrinaLamont, posted

    I want a dog just like that one :-) Mmmmmmmm

    girltoy, posted

    Just the same, I thought it was erotic.

    hot2suckgbgirl, posted

    that sure Sucked?'Dogsuck'?

    doggiegal, posted

    Errrr, this is an animation surely, NOT a movie?!

    Prince777, posted

    from one of? mean there's more?

    vincemoon, posted

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