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    Dog Fuck Girl In Pussy


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    its at fat chick getting pound many times the dog i squirting in her pussy and it drips out like water , reel nice vide she loves it and do it over and over again

    Uploaded by amstaff666 · Rating: 4.4 (104 votes) · 7743 views


    He made a huge mess in her! Amazing.

    jynx27, posted

    Mmm wish that was my cunt

    Nursetits, posted

    How can a man not want to fuck a pussy filled with dog cum? MMMMMMMMMM I just want to fuck that pussy so much!!

    encsailor, posted

    Hello my dear my name is mirian i am a romantic young girl i saw your profile today and i like it i will like you to contact me through this my private email adrss (miriian4lov@yahoo.co.uk) so that i will send you some of my pictures and tell you more about me hopping to hear from you soon. mirian miriian4lov@yahoo.co.uk

    mirianbaby2012, posted

    Great cream pie shots and `each one a little different from the others

    denmike123, posted

    Lookin for male dog in Fl

    shangjii, posted

    wish that was my pussy,damn that was hot!

    jepcsp50, posted

    Was any of that repeat or indavidual fucks,that was so hot my wife wants to be fucked by your dog got an address,she is ready NOW! Any more great video's you might know about?

    jepcsp50, posted

    one hell of a wife sexy belly thighs pussy lov seein her mounted

    beastsexbill, posted

    I agree with the first comment lol

    Friendsloving, posted

    mmm, she likes it!!! hot!

    Prasak, posted

    biggest gash i've ever seen.

    hungdaug, posted

    A pity it's actually just a few short clips looped for extra time.

    Kymfur, posted

    Great to see more of the vid. I saw some clips of it once but this was alot better. Thanks for posting.

    Guitarzan, posted

    what no comments? common people,this was fucking hot!!! seeing all that fucking cum running out & hanging off her cunt lips was fuckiong awsome!! as was the sight of the knot & the sound of his balls slaping her cunt

    cockhound5150, posted

    A woman gets fucked by an enthusiastic black lab. The quality is great and the dog knows his stuff. Lots of fucking and dripping dog cum. Her moans really add to the experience! I only wish there was more cum. The woman really wrung out the lab. She must have gotten fucked eight or ten times. Good action by the dog. Lots of thrusting. Good shots of his knot popping out of her pussy accompanied by nice moaning sounds. The camera work is good. Nice tight shots of the action. Good job! Wow. Where does one find a dog like that? He is really an eager dog Great movie

    dogtrainer, posted

    that dog was fucking her pussy so good hell I was cuming in my seat. What kind of dog was that..he new just how to make her cum. I definitely have to buy me a dog that fuck like that. I'm so horny I wish I was her in the movie, the sound of his dick slamming into her wet pussy made me go and get my vibriator and start playing in my pussy. Each scene was better than the first one. She kept cumming, everybody know she was lovin it to death because I was my pussy is so wet I wish that dog was here with me. with this kind of action who needs a man.

    login1, posted
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