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    Chow Chow Chowin'


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    Sorry no sound! Hot likcing action, a good shot of the cock near the beginning too. If you look closely at the end of the clip when she's on all fours you will see he gets her to squirt a couple time. Hot stuff even without the sound. Enjoy!

    Uploaded by doggiephan · Rating: 3.2 (329 votes) · 68384 views


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    doucheback, posted

    I could not enjoy this video. All that I could think is "Yuck"

    Xlovemorganx, posted

    "Hot stuff even without sound" NO. NO IT ISN'T. I'm so goddamn sick of all these videos with NO SOUND. The sound is like, the best part. Even videos with shoddy quality get good votes because of the sound. Come ON.

    dertydertyderty, posted

    Great fuckable ass..hmm!!

    okkos, posted

    Chick's built like a linebacker.

    Viking25, posted

    any1 interested in c2c on skype or yahoo i would prefer it to be a girl and it would be even better if you have a animal with you ;) but i am a lil younger though so you would have to be ok with that

    glowstick25, posted

    damn does she has more

    horse_dicc74, posted

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    likelikealot, posted

    Mmmm any one from NJ who has a dog that can fuck me hit me up I'd love to share. ;) I need to be drilled bad 21/f/nj

    h0rnybeast69, posted

    i love the licking action in this clip, when she's on all fours is hot to me, don't think her ass is bad to look at at all. she is shaved in all the right places too, regardless on the hair on her pelvis. but bending a doggy dick backwards is not cool. if it wasn't for the part with the dildogging handling, it'd be in my favs even though there is no sound.

    browneyedog, posted

    mmmmmmm super pipa brawo jamil5@onet,pl

    tadek1699, posted

    eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww gross ass and dogs arent dildos gross ass once again and pussy so eeeeewwwwwwwww

    zigie123456, posted

    Could not STAND that blasted sound. The sound is half the movie.

    anglebre02, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    poor dog, he deserves to fuck better meat than this

    SpeedJunkie, posted

    Indeed this is a gross ass that this woman has...but who am I to judge since I think ALL human asses are nasty :-> I just like the way she interacts with this handsome male dog. She obviously cares for him and wants to be sure he is enjoying this encounter. At least she does not "dil-dog" him or resort to chocolate sauce or butter or some similar bad for dogs concoction to get him to lick her...at worst all she does is pee a little :-> It really is something to read all the negative comments on a video like this one...and then see everyone cheering on a "hot" woman who is just USING a dog for her own gratification :-? BTW--I think this is a Chow/Golden Retriever mix.

    TZwolf, posted

    Can someone link me to a video of a girl shoving multiple things like animals inside her?

    hdjcbehcu, posted

    I'm thinkin that dog was her only option

    tones, posted

    can't wach his she is gross!,

    kelly534, posted

    Ugh! I couldnt even watch it! She is so gross!! Next time shave that afro we all got a shot of!

    terenia, posted


    p3p3p3, posted

    i wish i could like that pussy also yummy yummy!

    p3p3p3, posted

    My name is Ashley. Call me and get me in the mood and I'll reward you back ^.^ 314-808-0749 I'll moan and do whatever you want.

    analbeast123, posted

    very good

    246748ajacs, posted

    the shit stains on her stinky ass did not even turn her dog on!!!! Filthy bitch.

    EvilWolf, posted

    this site does not allow us to upload video, then i find it not good

    hikmatouri, posted

    Would of been a hot video if her ass wasnt so nasty looking. Gross.

    verbalseduction, posted

    Her ass is so ugly the dog would not even fuck her!!!

    henrygs, posted

    ew why was her behind that color??

    mikey165, posted

    that's just not cool man... not cool...

    gabeluh07, posted

    Great video! If you're willing todo a one on one show with myself. 'female' or any of use reading this then email you're MSN adress and ile add you! :)

    tammymcm, posted


    lickmyasshole, posted

    I didn't care for this at all....Her ass looked bruised (?) and dirty...her feet were dirty....All in all...it was rather gross....

    ThisMan, posted


    beastlytwistd, posted

    I would love to eat her out and suck that dogs amazing cock.. please message me :p!

    femaledoglover, posted

    Very good licker, if only she can learn him to mount. He sure has the tools to perform. Lucky girl

    dolla69, posted


    freakhh99, posted

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    kangeroe, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    what a fucking ugly ass and pussy so i think no body wants her poor dog not eaven he like it!!sick woman

    sexanimalinlove, posted

    to me like how she play mmmmm delicioous !!!!!

    masterblaster, posted

    it wouldve been better with sound. I would like to hear her moans and the dog lapping at her pussy.

    dldoglover000, posted


    elbellacosexy, posted

    I love my hair - Wish there was more penetration but there is a good view of the dogs nice rock hard cock while she plays with it. Both parties definitely enjoy this encounter. Home made amateur movies are always a favorite for me

    eep52, posted

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    BeastyFriends, posted

    wish I could get eaten like that

    indian_mami21, posted

    mmmm nice size cock just like my boy

    h20towncple, posted

    my cunt is very very wet

    slavetok9, posted

    Sweet fat women to lick

    d.cole, posted

    Love how he kept licking himself after licking her.

    weezee111, posted

    great clip shame there wasn't any sound.

    bigarse, posted

    any one from windsor ontario, like to have some fun, me so horny

    shrillylily, posted

    nice dog but ugly fat arse

    bdis, posted

    That Was Fuckin Hot Ass Hell

    Knot4All, posted

    poor poooooor dog

    xwillisy, posted

    nothing better than a dog licking pussy...and hairy pussy is even better

    j712, posted

    young hot female from florida lookin for some naughty fun. message me if interested ;)

    fuckmehardbaby, posted

    wot a great butt like to see that big dogcock deep in there

    william.bee, posted

    why is it always a fatass girl that looks like she has been sliding down a stair case hand rail covered with sandpaper.

    fatbaby158, posted

    gorgeous cock

    Branded, posted

    sweet pale plumper. made for love making.

    digitallover, posted

    Nice dog and willing woman but she should have been able to do more than she did with his beautiful cock. The dog was a licker thats for sure but showed little or no interest in mounting. The lighting and camera angle were not bad. Again with a dog that willing it wouls have been nice towatch her give a nice BJ or find somehow to take that big cock in her pussy. Maybe with a little more training the dog will show more interest in that area. He certainly like to lick.

    wizard5227, posted

    man that pup has got a big fat red cock! He'd be so fun to suck on, I'd even get past the long hair for a taste of that!

    Jackal_, posted

    good movie it makes we wet, i love to be licked

    julielynn, posted

    she changes her position all the time ı dont like it

    xxx07, posted

    He licks a good pussy and ass, but she's dieing for his dog cock... can't blame her at all, it's a beautiful cock

    glocar, posted


    mickaflex, posted

    it would have been a better movie if she could have got a hard dog cock in her pussy.

    billyum0123, posted

    i want them both mmmm doggy cock yum

    bisex8, posted

    the dog needed more training but this was a good clip or maybe she just needed help to have him mount her

    doggiedoer2, posted

    i really dnt like bigg girls but her pussy looked really nice

    babyface21, posted

    Good vid of BBW girl trying to get mounted You keep it up girl and you will get fucked

    rayray7, posted

    i think she wanted him to mount her. can you blame her?

    freemee, posted

    that is a huge cock! :D

    alrightybabes, posted

    geile frau würde ich gern mal besteigen

    ollowain, posted

    Great video, bummer that we didn't get to see her suck him a little, I mean she already had his dick in her hands, if it were me I would've gone to town on that beatiful love stick ;)

    CumDrinkingSlut, posted

    rubbish vid :no sound ugly ass ugly pussy so gross i think dogs shouldnt really be used as dildos and who would want to fuck her clearly the dog isnt interested until she plays with his cock what was up with her ass mingin i mean again who would want to eat her out or fuck her long enough for her to orgasm i mean come on people defo not me !!!!!you should try my boxers cock hot i have sucked it loads but this vid poor has no sound but if it was better it int long enough we want 15 min long movies that are worth watching until you orgasm playing with your self but btw my pussy is dry and i havent orgamsed

    zigie123456, posted

    i reakky thought it was very good, the dog was really getting into it while she was playing with him, it should have longer video, nut i really enjoyed it alot,she looked like she really wanted him to do her,but he just never would mount her,but the video was really good and had good view of it all,so keep up the good work.hope u add more in the future,the girl really had a nice ass to.i really wish he would have did her it would nice to see, pls add another in future thanks

    gamama, posted

    BBW girl with hairy pussy trys to get dog to mount then jerks it off for a while until it squirts all over the place. There is a nice view of her pubic hair while the dog eats her pussy out. Wish there was more penetration but there is a good view of the dogs nice rock hard cock while she plays with it. Both parties definitely enjoy this encounter. A few other movies have been posted of this girl but i think this is probably the best one so far. Home made amateur movies are always a favourite in my books.

    hexegon, posted
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