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    Woman Blows A Small Dog Dick


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    this woman likes to get naked and give her waiting dog a good blowjob to his tiny dog dick, but she doesn't care she just wants dick.

    Uploaded by hellohello7 · Rating: 3.9 (255 votes) · 104386 views


    She`s clearly having fun...

    jayko, posted

    if anyonein melbourne fl. has a well endowed dog or pony. and would not mind me haveing fun with them please message me. ps wouldn't mind being recorded

    boatman6969, posted

    That is the best position to have a dog in, to give him a real good blow job. My favourite.

    ynnel, posted

    This woman is a keeper.

    ynnel, posted

    köpekteki mal mini kadına daha irisi lazım köpek uyanamıyo

    xxxturkuazxxx08, posted

    Specially super! This Wife knows what animals- and humans- Dick must to need! She does a right blowjob! Wish i was a very horney dog and she my .... Very Beautyful! Besonders super! Die Frau weiss was Tier- und Menschenschwänze brauchen! Sie macht klasse Arbeit! Wünschte ich wär ein voll geiler Hunderüde und sie wär mein Frauchen...! Sehr prachtvoll!

    roin, posted

    Very hot video well worth a worth defintly a favorite

    justgames59, posted

    this gal has got her puppy trained & ready for pleasure. no doubt she's done this many times before. would love to watch her perform on an even bigger pup.

    deexx, posted

    Der hund hat keine lust, sonst wäre sein schwanz dicker und länger.

    capricornus, posted

    it looks like she is trying to suck it off

    sillyjilly, posted

    That's a mighty big dog for such a little stick. He must be embarrassed to go to the doggy locker room to shower.

    minnie, posted

    Truth be told that dog wasn't even turned on. I've watched my share of movies, but that knot was nowhere near inflated. She just took the dog's dick out without coaxing him to put it out himself. If anything the dog was bored, but the overall effect is arousing... I guess.

    Steve22222, posted

    That dog must have felt great. God so sexy.

    snip3rm00n, posted

    dog dick is too sexy...i want to suck it too...

    nagpet, posted

    wow she sure can suck a dick now

    twopaul3912, posted

    I'm REALLY loving that little cock more & more each time I watch this video.

    lilbud200, posted

    Mmmmm, she needs to lick that cum off his knot that ran down!

    lilbud200, posted

    OHHhhhhhh YES, that is a huge treat when they cum like that....that cute little cock packs a very nice punch!

    lilbud200, posted

    Nice! A nice looking cock but a bit small, but looks tasty by the way she treats it VERY well. Looks like she got treated well too with a nice sweet load....THE BEST PART!!!

    lilbud200, posted

    She does really well. Loved it!

    whitchyway11, posted

    She does a fantastic job of sucking that dog cock. Would like to see her with a bigger one.

    dude4mk9, posted

    der Hund liebt das saugen und sie liebt den Hund wundervoll

    schwanzimarsch, posted

    Know this is dog slut, I should know becaues I am one myself! Peggy

    MsPeg, posted

    hey baby i would love to let you suck my cock

    lilbowow56, posted

    oh my wanna cum suck on my clit babe!!!??? love that on my clit will do the same fore you!!

    aaaaah, posted

    This is one special lady! She really enjoys pleasuring the dog and he responds well. Also nice to see her face, rather than hiding away. She is so sexy! Would love to clean her up afterwards!!

    garygary, posted

    Specially super! This Wife knows what animals- and humans- Dick must to need! She does a right blowjob! Wish i was a very horney dog and she my .... Very Beautyful! Besonders super! Die Frau weiss was Tier- und Menschenschwänze brauchen! Sie macht klasse Arbeit! Wünschte ich wär ein voll geiler Hunderüde und sie wär mein Frauchen...! Sehr prachtvoll!

    sadfuck, posted

    it looks she has been forced to do it..no good

    moony9, posted

    hey looking to talk to older men about there experience im a pretty gurl 19 f tx if you would like to chat and share stories or vids prettyyoungthing0809@yahoo.com please no scam and tell me your asl.

    creamgurl, posted

    at least the dog enoyed it as much as the lady.

    gatolady, posted

    I wish it were me-instead of the dog!!!

    nicknite, posted

    ...fabulous dog sucker...love her and love his dick....wouldn't mind having in my mouth for my first time..........mtl area!

    fredog51M, posted

    what did she say???...good cocksucker anyway

    thickboner4u, posted


    jayko, posted

    thats pretty hot ! love to see a bigger dog/dick get a suckin!

    scotto28105, posted

    she loves some dog dick hehe but if your on this website you must love it to besides whats not to love?

    foxyfurry, posted

    She has a no-nosense approach, that means all business, little pup, cock sucking lust. I love her look too. Wish I had an account here, this site is great.

    Jayms56, posted

    wonderful vid

    LoveCouple2, posted

    Very nice! She enjoys what she's doing! I enjoy watching her.

    chopper73guy, posted

    Good sucking. mmmm

    Jillnjewels, posted


    dualstar, posted

    it was suppose to be my dick

    blackharddick25, posted

    A lucky dog ? Hay.

    dilipkumar12, posted


    sherryspatz, posted


    beeloo69, posted

    I wonder if she'll share that cum, my wife likes it too

    cheffie101, posted

    The dog isn't errected. That isn't a "small dick". She just did it wrong

    Nark, posted

    Here in So. Fla. looking....

    swallowall, posted

    yeah... really nice blowjob! where's the cum??

    aaamarco, posted

    No such thing as a dick to small. She does a fantastic job of sucking that dog cock.

    poppa64, posted

    i wish that was me- any ohio guys here

    eager, posted

    super mädel

    TheSnooge, posted

    lucky dog

    usama1119, posted

    it doest`t look like she blew him on this vid, maybe later

    waffa, posted

    Beautiful blow job!! This lady enjoys so much sucking hard this small penis!!! Pretty good girl. Nice and great attitude, I love her and the video!! So cool . . I wish I could see the dog licking her ass and her pussy as much as she sucks it!! A 69 would be the best!! Also, I wish my wife was doing that also. Or just being licked would be so good too! Her boobs are so bigs, I d love to get something from it. maybe milk. What about a 3some with the dog and the wife?? Best fantasy ever haha

    Jojonori, posted

    After watching this movie I came I became greatly arroused and had to play with myself..This was a great older movie of a nice looking older lady sucking the small family dogs cock. Great camera angle and good sound quality..Have to love enthusiasm from the woman this is definetly not her first time with a dog...Love the way the dog just layed back and let his master treat him to a good time!!! I would recommend this video time and time again I would give it a 6 out of 10 all around..Great movie keep em coming!!

    faygoshower, posted

    Femme en position du missionnaire avec un gentil chien.Elle lui caresse d'abord le pénis, le fait bander, le suce un peu et amène le chien sur elle. Elle va chercher son orgasme avec mouvements du bassin. Le chien demeure bandé longtemps jusqu'à ce qu'elle jouisse.La femme crie et jouit plusieurs fois.Elle le serre fort sur elle comme une vraie histoire d'amour.Le chien adore cette position et la lèche dans la figure montrant qu'il est très content.J'aimerais correspondre avec une dame ou homme qui a un chien mâle.Mon fantasme serait de le caresser et le faire éjaculer.(bruce1999@live.ca)

    lecossais, posted

    You gotta love the way the master lays on his back and get served a passionate blow job by his Mature bitch! His foot spasms- only to encourage her to "Keep up the good work." Whiles she moans softly you can still hear the slurping and suck smacks going on as she tries to get him to produce some cum for her. She keeps the tension up as she engulfs the whole cock like a sweet treat, she's quite advanced and she knows what pleases the beast. She clearly loves sucking doggie dick and you'll love watching her. One of my favorites.

    Jayms56, posted
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