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    Muttley Cum Covered


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    clip from a muttley movie, muttley gets covered in dog cum, lots of cum from big dog she loves it there are 10 movies of this hottie and her rottie

    Uploaded by tippy · Rating: 4.3 (279 votes) · 48514 views


    I would lick that cum up while the dog fucks me in the ass

    Bigdick889900, posted

    I like to lick your sexy body whit all that cum ....mmmmm

    newhorse, posted

    I can't stop watching this my dog cums like that to I need someone to film me, how do I put pictures on my profile?

    needfull, posted


    needfull, posted

    nice tits...

    etokgatz, posted

    Now she needs a tongue bath! mmmmmm

    tazman99, posted

    very good dog cum shot thanks for sharing

    jascon, posted

    why she din't get that load on her face so we can see what she look like at same time

    imask8ter, posted

    love this fantastic woman xxxx

    capriman, posted

    OMG simply wonderful vid!!! very nice, thanks for sharing

    LoveCouple2, posted

    super vid!

    shamike, posted

    I wish I could cover in cum as well

    wolfen30, posted

    nice, one of the better I've seen and different

    mipantylover, posted

    skank. i'd love to do her

    surreality, posted

    She is so hott would have loved to see that cock cumming in her pussy too. Hot body though!

    mehoff, posted

    great vid even though a handjob or blowjob would be better.

    jimmy77, posted

    Would love to see her take a long knot with her boy but her jerking him and his cum running down her tits and belly is so hot!!

    mehoff, posted

    I would prefer to have to sucked him rather than waste that cum on my body....

    Leelikesk9s, posted

    mmmmmmmmm I want to lick her clean

    Belinda402007, posted

    Horny. Would love to feel that coming in my mouth... So what does it taste like????

    safcexile, posted

    NOW THAT'S A LOT OF CUM!! ....(===8

    elgringo, posted

    Nice :)

    al33t, posted

    god that was hot

    mikkiwhite, posted

    and she english cant beat it mm let me lick it all up as u suck my cock

    madcyril, posted

    Damn, this one made me sooo wet. I've done this and it is sooo damn hot to have a my dog cum all over me oh yes.

    Jillnjewels, posted

    Silly girl, you're supposed to drink that liquid :) Still, pretty damn hot to see her body covered in it ;)

    CumDrinkingSlut, posted

    awesome.. i like her body full of cum!!! mmmmmm

    aaamarco, posted

    You are so sweet, suck the cook.

    Lup, posted

    Now that's HOT!!!!!

    tazman99, posted

    mm, love that feeling of hot doggy jizz shooting on me

    kitty90, posted

    very hot vid,

    ron007, posted

    I wish I was the dog.

    Killik, posted

    wow so much cum but she wasted it she should of had him in her

    doggiedoer2, posted

    super geil

    petfrau, posted


    Bashing_bishop, posted

    luv 2 hav liked dat off

    southeastboi, posted

    mmmmm very nice we loved it...wish that was me!!

    LoveCouple2, posted

    love it...

    opkm, posted

    would love to lick it all of her fantastic body mmm

    capriman, posted

    What a lovely body , are there any clips of her being fucked

    chrisangela, posted

    doesnt it just make you proud to be english :D makes me wonder in any girls like this one live in the south east uk :D

    drazenli, posted


    sherryspatz, posted

    infact the movie was very hot..... she wasted all the sweet cum of him.................. if its me i will keep his cock inside my mouth and will drink all.. means anything from him .. even to urinate'

    hayathahe, posted

    very hot... lots of cum

    deedee333, posted

    Nice cock,chicks body was hot too. I'd love to be filming that one.Well done, make some more great flicks like this one.

    20010forfun, posted

    ryanlm6969 on yahoo messenger add me

    ryanlm6969, posted

    very cool!!!

    aaamarco, posted

    I would also love to lick his cock clean and then lick all that spunk off her

    simonslut, posted

    Gotta luv Mutley. Thanks for sharing.

    hotknot, posted

    such a hot body on her and a nice dog cock too! i'd suck him and lick his cum from her!

    dogluvr, posted

    oh gud boy .so much sperm

    animallover225, posted

    Sweet. Had he been inside her she would of been flooded.

    harleypoor, posted

    Lovely to see so much sprayed over her.

    deluge58z, posted

    Oh so much sperm would you like it inside?

    Piffen, posted

    Love her body I would love to spray her too!

    mehoff, posted

    damn, i wanne suck that dog cock :P

    perversje, posted

    makes me proud to be english! I'm in love!

    steve_mids_uk, posted

    lekker geil om dit te zien

    stroman53, posted

    mmmm, this is hott

    elvoski, posted

    this was a great shot of a very nice young girl with a very tight body. the dog was awesome cumming all over her hard body. she seems very into it as she moans a couple time though out hte film. great video quality and tons of cum. i would have loved to see her save some of that by drinking it up! the dog had a nice size cock and i would have loved to see some penetration or shots of the girls face. the dog seemed to love the attention because the amount of cum spraying all over the young girls hard body all in all a great film solid a material

    peacockwars, posted
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