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    Horse Woman


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    All is in the title love the horse and their body. The horse mount the woman harder. This is 3d video. Search stallion video, i prefer the stallion than mares.

    Uploaded by me65 · Rating: 3.2 (105 votes) · 94647 views


    His cum ripped her apart in pt 2

    fury2013, posted

    Jungs und Mädels aus Bayern am besten unter 18 (ist aber nicht notwendig) Hier in skype melden: poati.dream7

    GeileStutex3, posted

    what the hell?

    theiro, posted

    If she did die, what a way to go! Better than from an illness! (keep telling yourself "It's only a movie.")

    par_tgirl, posted

    i think she died...

    tethie, posted


    GAYBEE, posted

    so short, need natural

    manjul, posted


    hbjst, posted


    hbjst, posted

    bad fantazy

    amar-33, posted

    wat da fuck!! nothing 2 display..

    gemok94, posted

    At first I thought the sound in the background was the horse actually killing her with it's penis. Then I realized it was just the music. Upon realizing this, I enjoyed the clip much more. The background music is a bit loud, though. In the future, I would suggest a slightly less strange sounding background music. It detracted from the overall quality of the film and probably limited the enjoyment of others, as well as myself. What happened in the movie was a horse is on top of a woman who is on a table. The horse repeatedly slams his large penis into her vagina, and the woman moans in pleasure. I particularly like the woman herself, though the overall animation could use some work.

    bob_bob57, posted

    The sound quality isnt all that great, with a lot of squeaks and chirps that take away from the rest of the clip, but overall its really not all that bad. it could be a bit longer, but its understandable that its an animation and it takes a lot of effort to make something thats only a few seconds long. the quality could be better, too, but again, its an animation, and a 3d one at that. its a sexy, erotic animation that is pretty well put together, so its good enough for me. overall, well done and pretty cool to watch, but could be longer.

    dungeonruler, posted

    I really enjoyed this clip. graphically, this clip is very good. I really enjoyed the sounds as well. i wish it could have been a little bit longer...the color and clarity as well as the detail in the woman's movements and the horse were very erotic and quite realistic. overall i really enjoyed this clip and hope there is more where that came from! i really think there should be a lot more of this type of animation on these sites. I find it very erotic and all these videos seem to get great reviews. Its a shame it isn't easier to make, that was the clips could be a lot longer.

    nathen12, posted

    The 3D art was pretty good and the motions were certainly realistic. But the best part was the sound effects of the girl and the horse as he puffed and went at her with all the gusto of the stallion's gender; as well as her responces with both fear and excitment, as she tries to endure the horney-shock an mixed delights of this sheer immensety of the stallion's flared-tipped penis as it enters her, reaching and putting extreme preasure inside of her previousaly untouched regions of the girl's anatomy. Obviously she assumed she would be able to accomidate the size of the horse, as she was stretched out on the table top; underneath the horse unsecured. The ending result was so real as to have me excited from the memory of my own ezxperiance with a stallion...

    Pamelisa, posted
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