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    German Shepherd Beastiality

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    german shepherd beastiality

    Uploaded by Yager169 · Rating: 4.3 (19 votes) · 657 views


    que bonita mujercita y ccon su perro en la playa bien

    terron73, posted

    Got to love the breed, one of the top three dog breeds for brains, one of the best for temperament.

    Dire_Wolf2, posted

    This has been around for awhile under serveral diffetent titles: Beach Girl, Buffy, Vaction Love and others

    Everett_WA_USA, posted

    she's 19 years older now guys. probably weighs 250 and works in the pet section a Walmart now.

    christine_, posted

    1 of my fav's

    Yager169, posted

    that's a well trained pooch..

    Narcoleptic, posted

    Would love to do her doggie style such a sweet ass like to shove my cock in her ass and pound it hard. I would cum all over her face such a hottie like to see more of her

    larry567, posted

    loved this movie this chich is hot and looks so young . lucky dog he pounded her pussy so many times wish tje picture would have been clearer. Needed more shots of his cock in her pussy

    larry567, posted
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