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    Tentacle Fuck Girl


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    this movie is from a hentai game. high quality and full of wonderful sex voice. only 1 minute but can bring you great enjoyment. hope not upload before.

    Uploaded by stander · Rating: 4.0 (198 votes) · 59729 views


    Um...she talked a little more than was necessary and giving birth was kinda weird...so she fucked herself? and then...well it was just way too... I don't know. It's a little too different than the better ones.

    redtulips3, posted

    what a awesome sex she can be fucked and give birth to a tentacles.the tentacles can fuck her again and give birth again too what the hell is going on.

    samsonsam123, posted

    love tentacles wanna feel it

    wfh, posted

    I love it when the tentacles cum all inside her and all over her. I wish more of getting pregnant by tentacles that then fuck and cum all over her more.

    alifealife22, posted

    fun sex video, the girl was fucked by the tentacles and pregnant than give birth to a tentacles, the tentacles than fuck her so.is she getting anther tentacles also .

    samsonsam123, posted


    mememama, posted

    muchas lindas y exitantes texturas :P me gusto

    lizdiaz, posted

    fantastic ;)

    sexlover21, posted

    very nice

    theking67, posted

    Crap made especially for dweebs

    Tyler, posted

    I enjoyed this video! lotsa cum. great fantasy thanks for sharing. :)

    south2, posted

    Needs more pussy penatration. But otherwise, it is good.

    PwnMe, posted

    me too morgan_faye, glad that you came back , now that the weekend is over i'm back too and enjoying your comments again.thank you very much!ten x ten stars for the beautiful mogan_faye luv u.

    esparzascc, posted

    There are several aspects of this short clip that I see as compellingly erotic: 1--the design of the tentacles reflects nearly every sort of toy I've ever owned that has brought me maximum pleasure, 2--As stated earlier--tho' I prefer my dog dicks, there are times when I will take a man's. . .and my preference from "men" is uncircumcised. I love to play with the foreskin--the smell and taste, too shape my preference. When this monster manifests foreskin-well, I my panties are wet right away! 3-- Like many women in this community, we are often on the horns (sorry about the sexual pun) of a dilemma: we love the oral pleasure we have sucking and caressing our animal lovers, but we yearn for the deep coital experience with our beast lovers. . .this vid solves the problem for us! 4-- The opening conceit is V E R Y evocative: some creature born from the girl's womb immediately partakes of her sexually. This image calls forth Milton's vision of Satan and the incestual relationship he has with Sin--both his daughter (born from his brain like the goddess Athena) and his lover--who from their incest bears death. . . .this image sprung to my mind as the vid opened and being a student of Milton, as well as of all things "dark"--I was won within the first 20 seconds!!!

    morgan_faye, posted

    What the hell man every video i watch freeze then pay then freeze again over and over.... WTF!!

    hahaha01, posted

    I love this video! I'd love to see more! The design of the tentacles is incredibly creative, i love how the one @ 1:13 has foreskin...so hot!

    FavaBean, posted

    game looks like it would be really fun to play.

    hellspawn660, posted

    Good to see that girls still love tentacles.

    Demonizer68, posted

    I agree, tell us the name of the game please

    Darkness2142, posted

    Also must know the name of that hentai game! ;) Please tell us! ;)

    tercel, posted

    Super hot! Must know the name of the game!

    AmonSOTS, posted

    The video was good over all, but there should have been more pussy penetration. The blow job aspect of the hentai video, viewed here, was superb. Also, seeing the chick's body dripping with cum was nice! The video would have been better if the girl wasn't so willing, and the tentacles had to force fuck her. The girl is nondescript, average hentai bibmo, with nice breasts and an averagely tight looking pussy. The tentacles' varying textures were a great effect. Though, the woman giving birth to her sex partner was a little unnerving. In any rate, I would say this is a wonderful video for any hentai fans, or someone with a tentacle fetish.

    SmilingAgony, posted

    i wish i was a monster like that living inside her... if only it were possible. but thats why we have 3d animation. 3d rocks....everything looks wet... ;) Love it, love it love it love it love it love it!!! if u like wet pussies, or like me, wet everything this is a must SEE!!! im watching it right now as im typing. the way it engulfs her as it fucks her is just down right sexy. the way she jiggles is almost real, in fact better than most real videos. fixing to watch it cum all over her after fucking her... again!!!!! ;)

    mls0998, posted
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