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    Wife And Dog


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    Dog lick wife pussy while hubby tape. Classic situation of amateurs of sex with animals. The wife is a very bbw and same really stisfated by the situation.

    Uploaded by biarturo · Rating: 3.2 (199 votes) · 119488 views


    Vic BC Canada.. Where does one meet up with others with the same interest in animals?

    ilovecows225, posted

    14 M here add me on skype lolguy161

    judewelos, posted

    BBW in TN looking for someone who is like minded and we can enjoy the same things

    LadyUndead, posted


    SecretMe85, posted

    mhhhh geil, schaut echt lecker aus

    manu19046, posted

    awesome love fat woman, and love to suck and eat them hairy pussy,s drink pis and eat shit from them mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    rickverpoort, posted

    I tend to agree With this 1st poster she is used to it and prob does it 3 or four times a week or even a day Lets see her mounted please

    mikiyrogers, posted

    couldve been longer

    lovebu101, posted

    stupid fat bitch! no one wants to lick your pussy. thats why u have to use the dog to lick it!! hahahahha loser fat bitch!!!!

    alan361, posted


    mznxbc, posted

    love that hairy pussy. could've been longer

    masturbator4, posted

    love to see big girls enjoying a good lick out from a big dog. would have like to have seen the dog mount her. post more.

    shy90210, posted


    emmiexxx, posted

    nice hairy pussy, she going to enjoy that fucking.

    ebonypearl, posted

    mikkilik21; Not bad,very passive,maybe they couid both try new partners to reve the passion.

    mikkilik21, posted

    I think your wife is real hot. Like seriously. My girl is 270 and we cant wate to get a dog. thanks for the post. Oh ? are you guys on the fat forums. its a great big girl sight. either way holler at me if you post new vids. thanks.

    majerleags, posted

    Lovely BBW. If that dog doesn't want to fuck her next, I sure will! On second thought, if the dog fucks her, I'll come next and finish her off.

    marelover2000, posted

    MMM Hot. Wish we could've seen further.

    lc1971, posted

    I like this clip because I can totally imagine a woman like this using her pet to fulfill her sexual needs that arent met by a human.

    browneyedog, posted


    jkjkjkjkjkjk, posted

    I like the big hairy woman.

    1234az, posted

    i love that big wet pussy of her! any BBW women here who like a big dick in addition to their pets ones?

    smiling4mares, posted

    very exciting , 5 stars

    titoulapinou, posted

    i used to fuck a girl as fat as that years ago, wish i thought of giving her a dog as a pressie, she did everything else i wanted so why not this shit?

    geeorr9, posted

    eine lange zunge in Dickfrauen Muschi geiler Leck!!

    MarianneGroen, posted

    i could do a better job

    madcyril, posted

    ela esteve otima

    walter41, posted

    I agree with littlelana, some degree of moaning would have been appropriate.... I mean, cum on, she liked it well enough to remove her sopping wet panties!

    jayko, posted

    I agree with sondie, she should have opened her legs wider and let us hear how much she enjoyed it by moaning a bit.

    littlelana, posted

    Not a bad vid....wish she did open her legs wider and had taken off her panties so we could see the dog licking her

    Sondie, posted


    kenneth95136, posted

    I would enjoy making love sucking licking your CUNT CLIT for hours as you SCREAM MOAN CUM &SQUIRT over & over irish6925@yahoo.com tom xxx

    fun, posted

    would have liked to see her have an orgasm

    edwardc, posted

    love the vid can wait to see more

    brolywind1, posted

    not a bad vid

    kennelman2391, posted

    wow this got me so hard

    Darkonlooker, posted

    Great vid! Gorgeous woman... lovely and rubenesque!

    dogman1234, posted

    too bad she wasn't under me, I like plump women

    dogmate, posted

    more please, got me pretty hard

    bryandog, posted

    you had us watch in awe

    samsung4, posted

    love it

    wooded33, posted

    more pleeeeeeease"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jgodwin56, posted

    Sweet! Mamma was starting to dig his tounge!

    harleypoor, posted

    eeek my gosh the woman needs to loose a little please dont show her to much.

    akprincess, posted

    more kthx

    redpigeon, posted

    this was very sexy! Hot ass big girl. I would totaly watch more of her. There is just realy somthing great about chubby and bbw's getting it on with dogs that has me saying yea! I realy wish I could see lots of moovies with sexy big women fucking and sucking doggies. It is so dang hott I cant even begin to tell you how much I'd like to veiw this hot action up close and personal. I am so horny from watching this. My cock is dripping with pre and I need more. I am so hard.

    dickys69, posted

    nice amateur footage and you can see the dog is used to licking her as he is very comfortable and attentive even when she removes her underwear towards the end leaving a nice hint of what happened next. Unusual for an amateur film is you also see the womans face while she's being licked which is nice as you can see she really enjoys the dog licking her. all in all a nice clip well worth watching of a real life and regular dog sex lover enjoying a good long tongue session from her dog, hopefully a video of her being mounted is soon to come.

    sophiemay, posted
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