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    masked girl sucks her dog

    Uploaded by gorgion · Rating: 4.3 (1114 votes) · 127862 views


    Mmmmm, I'm sure that beautiful cock would spray a thick and heavy stream of cum!

    lilbud200, posted

    Amazing cock and suck...

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    What a thrill it would be to have that awesome looking cock being pumped into your mouth.

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    such a big cock, would love to take one of those <3

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    geiler Schwanz .....suche jemand zum ficken lecken mit Hund

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    Ohhhh VERY nice cock! Would love to take that one in.

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    a very good and long dog blow job. intensiyely blowing and a nice lady. good looking

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    I love the shape of her tits.

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    one of the hottest dog cocks i have ever seen love to suck it lick it deepthroat it and be streched by it swallow all of his cum

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    Very nice cock and she sucked on it well.

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    very very hot to watch her. not shy to blow at all. keep on sucking!

    rberger, posted

    Awesome video.

    HyenaQueen, posted

    loved it almost came

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    suziQue3, posted

    I agree I think she should be swallowing all his cum. She sucked superbly but obviously does not like swallowing all that much. Great video however, thank you.

    wayne4fontana, posted

    I can't for the love of god understand why she isn't swallowing! I'd be sucking and swallowing like a cumdumpster-vacuum! And if not that I would've at least taken the load in my cunt or asshole.

    tonje, posted

    Looks like she's stroking my lab retrievers big dick! She did a great job of sucking she just couldn't swallow.....she made her bud feel great though! I'd love to have seen how she handled him in her pussy or ass. Any women around N. Louisiana S. AR or E. TX areas message me here if you're serious about being bred and knotted in.

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    I would like to take turns fucking her pussy.

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    What a very hot looking cock that is....Oh how nice it would be to wrap your lips around that one!

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    I would love to find a cock sucker like that

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    What a cock! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I am jealous

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    Very nice, can tell she`s new to this, and the dog provides a steady stream of semen...

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    hot is hell

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    Oh wow! That was amazing! Such a good little cock sucker and your dock has an amazing dick! Girl, you are so sexy! I love your body and seeing that big dog dick slap against your pussy lips got my pussy tingling! Love it!

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    junglejohn, posted

    this would be hotter if she didnt put fake stuff in her mouth and act like she's spitting out dog jizz...this is something that the asian bestiality is guilty of as well :P

    bahamut666, posted

    good girl :-) would love to watch this acion in person :-)

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    Good gawd thats a gorgeous cock!!!

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    She sure can suck a cock. Wish could had seen more of it fucking her.

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    This is one sexy bitch,love the ways she handles that dog cock with her mouth and hand.

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    god what a gorgeous cock she looks like me but i don't ware a mask would so love that cock in me

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    Lets see these gals do this with a little bit of black light.

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    She appologized for choking on that beautiful huge wet dripping dog cock??? That is so hot....such an obedient little slut....beautiful body!

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    I'm very jealous, illvpabdc. I hope my girlfriend really enjoys bestiality.

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    You can tell shes loving it and since the dog stays still he is loving it. His cock is nice and i or my girlfriend would love to suck it. But it is not as big as my boys cock which is 7 1/2" to the knot and the knot is the size of a tennis ball. 2 1/2" thick so if he puts it all in you which he does to my ass or my girlfriends pussy and ass. there is close to 10" of cock in there and it is 2" thick and he has a huge load of cum that we both love.

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    lynn7272, posted

    how ironic, she is wearing a cat mask ^^

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    lookinside, posted

    Now this is a woman that loves to suck cock! Filmed close up at an excellent angle, the viewer can appreciate that this is a large dog, thoroughly enjoying the attention being given him. His large, thick cock is held at the base by one of the the lady's hands. At least another four inches of love meat extends beyond her closed hand. The meaty head, well lubricated with his juices and her saliva, is given full attention from her tongue, full lips and mouth. You almost believe she could deep throat the entire shaft if she wished to! But our girl is not finished. Before the clip ends, she is taking this love drill and leading it to the wet folds of her swollen labia. One can well imagine the animal penetrating those hungry lips and burrowing his shaft deep into her belly. A film to remember!

    babysan48, posted

    I'd marry her

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    You may suck my cock like that!

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    try it with a blacklight on

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    I'm usualy not into the lickey suckey movies but this wifey, real or not, the ring adds to the nasty wife will do anything theme, is soooo hottt with her soft smooth body and mask. She knows how to suck a dick and I really want to see the rest of this movie.

    watchindirty, posted

    that cock looks so yummy god i want it in me

    kellihasanal, posted

    Lovely slow sucking, beautiful in itself, whether the cum is real or not. Also love to see the wedding ring. Again, maybe only for show, but the thought of my wife doing that while I filmed it is incredibly arousing.

    audreylovesson, posted

    beautiful young girl with a great set of tits. looks like this dog has enjoyed sucking before. i'd love to see him going after her pussy.

    1robert, posted

    I think that the "cum" spit stuff is fake. Just like in brazilian beasty where all horse cum is fake--the porn stars pull away off camera to get the fake cum in their mouth, go back on camera, and spit it out as they suck the cock to make it look like cum. Japanese beasty does this too. The dog cocks are slicked up with slimey stuff so when the girls suck on it it mixes with their saliva and looks like cum. Dog cum is watery, sometimes a bit thickish..but mixed with spit it does get thicker. I just wish I knew it it was -real- cum-spit, or fake stuff O_o

    bahamut66, posted

    The woman is succulent and obviously young! She has nice tits, a hot mouth and treats that big dogcock right! She knows how to massage her dog's knot and cock. Lots of juice! Lots of sucking! She is so nice and slow when sucking! This long prolong sucking makes me so hot and so hard and makes my cock wanna break free! I need to hold it, give it a hand and might just as well jack it off. Okay, now that I've cummed, I look at the clip again and see things, I didn't see before. Like the dog standing so still. Probably because the man is holding him still. His big, fat dick twitching, bobbing up and down means, with every twitch it squirts a lot of juicy dog semen. The way, she starts sucking that cock tells me, she's not doing that heartily. And her letting so much cum escape from her mouth also tells me, she doesn´t really like that. Doesn´t really want to swallow it. Does it, because the guy wants her to. If she had really loved it, she would've swallowed it all and let nothing escape from her mouth, it wasn't all that much anyway. Jesus Christ, I just LOVE her tits! Happy New Year04. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

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    sogoodbadas, posted

    mm tat doggie is super sexy, his cock made me wet

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    love to suck him off daily....... wow....

    trains, posted

    The woman has great tits. And she's a good cocksucker. I love the way, she sucked that cock. animalpsychologist.

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    You guys have a 1-track mind. Always wanting what is not in the clip. When she's sucking, you want fucking. When she's fucking, you want sucking. Make up your mind. Don't be such a child. My! My! My! That is some big dick, that dog is packed with. And whe gets to suck it and swallow his secretions, which she didn't do a good job of. She let too much out of her mouth. And it's not because her mouth was too full. Because you must be pretty stupid if you can't even hold a little bit of secretion in your mouth. And a person can hold a whole of a fucking lot in his/her mouth. But she has great tits. And for the people, who wanted to see her fuck, she was about to make your wish come true... But then it was... THE END. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    oh i totally wanted to see the dog go ahead and fuck that wet pussy.

    tonktaf, posted

    hmmmmm nice. but the dog should have been deep inside her pussy knotted an tied... ;) kinda a wast of good yummy cum if ya ask me...

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    Does look really good...

    Glerian, posted

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    tgirlwhore, posted

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    doggie cumm hmmmm i want it look at it size come over dig boy n give my kitty some cream

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    doggie cumm hmmmm i want it look at it size come over dig boy n give my kitty some cream

    chubbyladie, posted

    Its still really hot... she`s very obedient, and I liked it when she gagged...

    jayko, posted

    Oh my is that ever hot! Wished I had a cock like that hanging between my legs,hes huge! She makes sucking that huge cock of his look soooooo good!

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    Nice. Loose the mask.

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    god isnt real datoya, so i dont see why you come on here with that religious shit

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    Hot girl? She's got nice tits, but she really needs to cut back on the burgers and fries. Maybe a gym membership. She does, however, get an A-plus for an adventuresome spirit.

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    not usually that into dog suck movies but her perfect perky little titties and his big thick pulsating shaft and dripping cum got me hard, have to admit that. and she seems to really enjoy the taste of his salty juice as not cringing or gaging like some sluts who do it all for show and nearly get sick, always spitting (she only does when she gets a mouthful) and drooling from nearly wretching. she loves it and i like watching her perform, nice short sexy and horny vid. it cuts off... but i think he was going soft anyway so there probably wasnt going to be any penetration or knotting as she looking fairly tight.

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    Movie was pretty cool, but wanted to see action at the end.. otherwise. not bad

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    Really huge cock on this dog. I would like to have had the mask removed and seen the woman take the massive cock in her ass. Really good camera work showing the woman deep throat the canine whopper.

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    •Aluzky• I say, if your going to suck a dog cock, you better swallow everything :D

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    •Aluzky says• Nice video... except that she doesn't swallows :(

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    This is by far the best dog blowjob movie I've ever watched. The only thing that would've made it better would've been no mask. If anyone is in the Jacksonville, Florida area and has a dog, contact me. ;)

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