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    Wife Takes Dog


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    my wife fucks our dog on the bed while I film, he mounts he good and hard and by the sounds of it she likes her "good boy"

    Uploaded by bobg754 · Rating: 4.2 (351 votes) · 62393 views


    Rubeson: Same lovely pair from "Home Made Hard Sex", the sequel, "House Wife", with the same hard sexual action. Again -- MORE MORE MORE.

    rubeson, posted

    Love this vid. She screams deliciously and you know shes enjoying the doggie screw her.

    boosgomak, posted

    hey Taylor, luv ya, mean it!

    mikieb, posted

    hey taylor, if I win lottery,I'll call you!!!!!

    mikieb, posted


    wobuzhidaoy, posted


    hbjst, posted

    mmmm I'm in NJ, wouldn't that be cool to run into her in the Deli one day!

    kryztoph, posted

    I wish I was his wife. I need a man who would be all about doing this...so hot..Wish I could meat a man open to that

    SnowBunny, posted

    Reminds me of Paladin, a huge black, male lab with a ten inch cock and 4 inch diameter knot owned by our friend, fucking my wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dogman215, posted

    good show with good action. a little more view from the rear or front would have added to it.

    txfun42, posted

    sehr gut und schön genau so will ichs sehen ;-)

    hebr63, posted

    lucky DOG very sensual luscious & loud WOMAN I LOVE LOUD cum play sometime irish6925@yahoo.com tom xxxx

    fun, posted

    It will stimulate you there is an element which is sufficient.

    reret1004, posted

    i like animal sex with women long movie sen me

    balawalbutt, posted

    wish i could meet some girls like that. xxxx

    dogfrills, posted

    yesssss.... he`s a VERY good boy!

    jayko, posted

    the girl is a very beautiful female and the dog is a very good male to her, very nice show

    frany1953, posted

    there is nothing better than hearing a woman moan while taking it from a dog. A+++++

    snakestrike, posted

    good girl

    redknot101, posted

    shes got cunt of steel to take a pounding like that

    hariharan73, posted

    she does have a great ass and did take him all.

    rromancr, posted

    was kind of short and she didnt get knotteed butt it was great

    doggiedoer2, posted

    Wow this chick is hot! I can't believe she's on petsex. I saw her on adultplayground ca and she's got some pretty sexy videos there. What a body she has, she even goes on cam a lot on that site , teasing, showing, she even takes requests.

    1sexygirl4u18, posted

    Taylor the k9milf, not the posters wife. She's a pro out of ny/nj and the hottest beasty girl in the US right now.. all of her videos are amazing..perfect ass

    ludedude, posted

    Cunt obviously loves her dog cock....

    suksit, posted

    If she gets bored with the dog, can I have a go, great clip

    Yodasears, posted

    prehaps the best video ive seen :P

    lolololsuperman, posted

    Very Sexy!!! The sound made it even hotter!!

    KnotBlkTemptres, posted

    TOP SHELF that where all the good shit is

    anel101, posted

    Wish I was there either to fuck that dog or the lady

    Sagor, posted

    who is she?

    enigmicah, posted

    Fucking Wicked. Top Stuff...

    cannibal69, posted

    this clip makes me so horny!

    btm4k9, posted

    this is a great clip would love to join in with them

    doggiedoer2, posted

    not a bad fucking dog glad she enjoyed him

    1drover, posted

    Amazing how quickly that doggy cock made her cum!! Great video of a nice looking woman and a very enthusiastic doggy boyfriend, I would guess he's been there many times before--and YES!! he is a "good boy" maybe even a "great boy"!!!

    kaaty, posted

    great fun she is so happy

    shonal, posted

    very hot nice to hear that she enjoyed it so much

    doggiedoer2, posted

    I love it!!! the sound was good!! sounded like she enjoyed getting fucked!!!!

    sefriendlyguy, posted

    need a good boy like that

    littlelover, posted

    Thats hott!

    spydreclips6, posted

    so very nice, one lucky lady

    meli, posted

    wish i was the dog

    jjdagreat, posted

    mmmmm I want it x

    Belinda402007, posted

    Love it

    voyeur18, posted

    It's always great when you can be as vocal as you like!

    ButterFluff, posted

    great video! love hearing her scram what a good boy he is! NICE

    dogluvr, posted

    Sweet! Both were wanting it bad! Great looking couple! Bet the next go-around he knots her good!!

    harleypoor, posted

    This is super hot!

    1dgthing, posted

    sounds like she had a good time.

    somprs, posted

    Damn, she`s gorgeous, and appreciative, and vocal.... and she gets it good! Super!

    jayko, posted

    damn wish i was there

    icoutlawz1, posted

    Nice video where we can see a satisfied wife with a great fucking dog

    Tinoni, posted

    Lucky lady!

    hot2suckgbgirl, posted

    hearing her scream got me so hard

    Zantany, posted

    Fake owner of vid but nice vid nonetheless

    daftasabat, posted

    That was simply amazing , I surely hope you continue to post more video's . I voted Awesome ! Special thanks to the hubby for sharing his lovely wife with all of us here at petsex ... ; ) Jill

    JillMorisson, posted

    that was fucking hot i loved the way your wife said good boy and then the second time she said good boy you could tell she was really getting off on him fucking her wish he had of fucked her for longer get back to me at yahoo ( kennyv2112 ) id love to see more your wife is very hot thanks

    dommale4sub, posted

    its a 10

    cheever420, posted

    absolutely brilliant clip. beautiful girl too you lucky guy

    twigamoja, posted

    Even though this is a short video it is really hot! A good looking woman and a dog that really knows how to stick it to her. There is no wasted video here - the dog mounts his bitch and pumps for all he is worth! You can hear it in the woman's voice when the dog's cock hits home - she definitely enjoys being ridden by him! She tells him what a "good boy" he is - and you can tell she sincerely means it! Too bad this video doesn't last longer or get any close up shots - my guess is that she is dripping wet when he dismounts her.

    jaguarguy, posted
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