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    Lovely Wife And Dog


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    Uploaded by MEXICANBEAST · Rating: 4.2 (1314 votes) · 132185 views


    This is just how I used to do it!

    lilbud200, posted

    Beautiful cum spray at 44 seconds....she missed a lot of it though....I love it when they just cum and cum....it is sooooooo HOT and satisfying!

    lilbud200, posted

    Oh yes baby that cock is BEAUTIFUL!!! give it the treatment just like that....I'd make sure he kept cumming....MMMMmmmm DELICIOUS!!!

    lilbud200, posted

    At 4:05 see sucks his cock, licks his knot, balls & ass hole. At the end she rims him!!! Very few vids showing this talent. It has always been my favorite, what a hot bitch.......

    realmande, posted

    Geil gefickt werden und dann Schwanz lutschen...da wird meine Muschi wieder heiss und nass

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    chang1, posted

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    explodebam, posted

    WOW OMG She's gorgeous as well as being a great cock sucker. that is one lucky dog. Would love for her to suck me while my "Rotty" fucks her

    houndog69, posted

    im sorry...but SHE jus set the bar....PERIOD. WOW!!!

    harderthannorm, posted

    i want someone to throat me like that

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    Fuck, I want a man and a dog like this, for life. Someone who'll let me play with both, fuck me while I suck the dog. If I could find a guy like this, who would let me be this kinky, who would collar and fuck me, I would marry him in a heartbeat.

    shuranohana, posted

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    BlackBiTop, posted

    Loved the part where she is sucking his cock and playing with her cunt. really liked it where she is licking his cock and eating out his ass hole. Pre cum just ooozed from my cock.

    bigshep, posted

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    ultrastud1, posted

    my pussy is dripping,lucky bitch sucking that big dog cock,omg she is sucking the fuck out of it

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    GeileStutex3, posted

    very nice video. I love sucking dog cock and drinking the cum. Delicious.

    tgirlwhore, posted

    Sind Erwachsene hier, die Verständniss haben, dass ich als minderjäriges Mädchen so Filme schön finden?

    kidpussy, posted

    hey if there are any white girls out there with a dog and want to be fucked by the dog and me then swap message me ;) this was way to hot. I'm an athletic build by the way

    sammy.432, posted

    I have been a way missed petsex a lot trying to catch up and this is just to hot had to watch more than once just whishing that was me loved it

    nastylinda, posted

    I want to feel a dogs knot so bag again! It's been way to long :(

    fcornell85, posted

    Great video-made me so horny. I would love to have that k9 cock fuck my cunt and then lick his cock clean and suck him dry while someone eats out that k9 cum out of my steamy cunt

    craveit, posted

    What a hot 3some and she's so genle with her lovers.

    1billy4unow, posted

    Ohhh!!! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck she, is, Gorgeous!!! Thats one Good video!!! Niceeeee Cock!!!

    south2, posted

    wow that dog has a big, juicy cock :)

    H8zzab8zza, posted

    R there anymore like this one? WOW!!!

    Helman, posted

    good video

    maxelou, posted

    love it wish i had a women that would do that.

    smoore, posted

    I have to agree this is very VERY good sucking!!!!!

    thonbo, posted

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    big1112, posted

    this was such a hot video..new to doggie action i want to know how it feels in your pussy. let me know

    missscarlett1, posted

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    verver123, posted

    Best video ever, I just came twice to this...I am dying to have my own dog - best way to fuck and suck

    marylasher122, posted

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    gabriele40, posted

    Wow, she got a face full from that awesome cock. She definately knows how to blow a nut. She can come and deep throat me anytime!

    wineman123, posted

    My weimreimer can cum quite a bit and he really loves head more than anything. I've had 3 & 4 loads sprayed during 1 blow job, but this dog really cums a ton. She is getting a few sprays I can tell when it is in her mouth & he also cums all over her face too. I love to feel it pulse in my mouth but every once in a while it is very nice to let him spray my face....I just don't like letting the spray get away too much.....alot nicer in the mouth!

    lilbud200, posted

    Ohhh, I just love that awesome cock....how perfect in size, color & it loves getting sucked. There is simply nothing better than sucking a cock like that....all that spray & cum is sooooo HOT and a pure pleasure to have your lips wrapped around it as it is spraying....Mmmmm, she sucks just like I do but she needs to prop herself up with pillows so she doesn't have to reach with her mouth. If you prop yourself up you can just let him hump your mouth furiously. That is the BEST when they hump your mouth & spray away a HUGE tasty load....ohhhh, that dog cum is AWESOME. It is easily the best cum I've ever tasted.

    lilbud200, posted

    I like the fact she 's under neath thats fuckin sexy as hell

    ANTONIOVAZ, posted

    Oh that is the nicest cock...I would be on cloud 9 with that beauty squirting in my mouth. Oh I get sooooo hard watching it squirt all over her face....I'd love that cum all over my face! There's enough cum to have the feel of the squirt while he's in your mouth & to coat your face! She sucks like I do...it is best to get under him & have his cock facing your mouth so he can hump your mouth easier and you can really go down on it. It is great that way...that is just THE MOST perfect cock I've seen.....and what a fantastic payload....NOTHING better than the ultimate moment of sucking on a great dog cock as it is cumming!!!

    lilbud200, posted

    Oh that is the nicest cock...I would be on cloud 9 with that beauty squirting in my mouth. Oh i get sooooo hard watching it squirt all over her face....I'd love that cum all over my face! There's enough cum to have the feel of the squirt while he's in your mouth & to coat your face!

    lilbud200, posted

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    tobeornotobe20, posted

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    lilbud200, posted

    MMMmmmmm, I'd love to have ALL that cum on my face & in my mouth too....What a cock!!!

    lilbud200, posted

    Oh what an absolutely perfect cock. I love the color & the very, very nice tapered tip. what a huge thrill to be able to suck that baby! I would enjoy it just as much as her....Wow, Iwould love to taste his squirt....every drop of it!!!

    lilbud200, posted

    Oh what an absolutely perfect cock!!! LOVE the color & he has a very nice tapered tip. What a HUGE thrill to be able to suck that one & feel that tasty squirt fill up your mouth. MMmmmmmm !

    lilbud200, posted

    vidoe irrisistible

    Sampik, posted

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    ilovetocum, posted

    great vid - i had almost same scenario only 12 hours ago, but i dont know if i satisfied my dog as much as she did hers.

    boxer50, posted

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    mikelr, posted

    That is one of the best vids I have seen.

    imfucked, posted

    thats so good i could almost taste that dogs sweet cock

    strawbery69, posted

    OMG!!!!!!!that was awsome. she deepthroats and swallows like a champ. wow i think this is one of the best vidoes ive seen in a while. any body out there top this one. or want to try

    spartan6996, posted

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    Sampik, posted

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    gradem, posted

    She is awesome, watching the dog cum in her mouth while she fingers her pussy after her husband fucks her while she blows the dog! You think it cannot get any hotter and then the dog cums all over her face and shr goes back for more. I think I just fell in love all over again. It would be amazing to lick her out after she fucks the dog and lets him cum in her pussy

    garygary, posted

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    mrbill63, posted

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    gayfurry, posted

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    ineedit, posted

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    nomad18, posted

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    doghunter69, posted

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    chief202fire, posted

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    Friendly69, posted

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    cincinnati_bi, posted

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    horney4sex, posted

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    Yesilovedogs, posted

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    lilbud200, posted

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    paulstewart, posted

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    thickboner4u, posted

    True enthusiasm from a hot and beautiful woman. Everything about the actions scream "Real"! If the video quality of this was enhanced, it would be truly awesome. The only thing that would make it even better would be human voices and good sound effects instead of the music.

    timeillusion, posted

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    jayko, posted

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    junkyarddog, posted

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