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    Dog Blow Job

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    girl is blowing her dog with a good practice she will blow her dog till he cum on her mouth thi is a great moment last year

    Uploaded by lolo80 · Rating: 4.3 (128 votes) · 13129 views


    I Love doggy blow-jobs

    piet.skiet, posted

    sexy girl , she needed to have her sweet asshole licked then raped hard by me while she sucked and drank that big hot dog cock , yeh!

    nytro, posted

    love to see someone who really loves a beautiful dog cock in their mouth. Excellent job, girl.Would so let that dog "knot" me.....

    dickweed1, posted


    ratuvarasi, posted

    love her

    damndog, posted

    She is a beautiful woman who loves sucking cock. Love the sounds from her as she goes about doing it. A great video!

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    yes bravo! she likes sucking dog cock. like to see her sucking off a really large squirting cock, after he fucks her of course

    redmandog, posted

    you just have to love the one with real passion for this , she has it , great vid

    prs00050, posted

    great dog dick suck...wish she had sucked the dog's balls and put her tongue into the dog's asshole

    gfnme, posted

    Such a perfect married doggie cumslut.. Love her

    Dogmaster69, posted

    hot vid. ive seen porn stars that arent that enthusiastic about sucking cock. she really gets into it. fucking hot

    lucian77, posted

    Right, who has Lola80's pnone number?

    Stan1960, posted

    This one has it all. A hot girl, nice dogcock, lots of moaning and drooling. She obviously loves what shes doing. bravo!

    jayko, posted

    afer seening this i do it with my dog and swallow all the cum

    bitchdog, posted

    automatic hard on, woman was very talented and knew her way around cock. i want to get in line.

    flypaper, posted

    Beautiful movie of a sexy girl who loves her dog. She could use my cock and the dog to fill her up.

    ihope2cu2, posted

    looks like another Brazilian movie, maybe I should move to Brazil!

    hhc26, posted

    one of the best vids out, class pure class.

    pondlife, posted

    dat was heerlijk om te zien hoe ze die hond pijpte, geile filmpje

    stroman53, posted

    MMMMMM such wonderful vid !! made me wet

    LoveCouple2, posted

    lovely girl, lovely cock, great load of sperm!

    yourholeinone, posted

    such a nice cock, would love to suck it myself, then feel him fuck me mmmmmmmmmm

    mikkiwhite, posted

    lucky girl

    bareheather, posted

    lovely film the love is obvious and her skill is up there

    Big_scary, posted

    great vid sexy girl yum yum :)

    paulpox, posted

    omg made my pussy all wet and sticky loved it so much wish i could have been there helping her!!

    sexylilbitch, posted

    fantastic clip the look on her face says it all she loves sucking dog cock

    budgieboy, posted

    She likes sucking dog cock. Would have been better if she showed him shooting on her

    sildolan, posted

    wow that was great the first thing i thought about was how good it would be to be behind her. she's great at sucking cock. i know that dog was enjoying himself very much. you could tell she was enjoying herself as well because she cracked a smile. also you could see the dog squirting his juices onto her chin, and she kept going, letting me know that she really did like sucking the dog. the only thing that could have made this video better is if they had shown the penetration before she started sucking him off. but overall it was a great movie as the girl was very hot and the dog had a nice sized cock.

    lewischunk, posted

    wow! this is one, hot awesome video! this video is everything all other videos should be, it features an attractive female, cute dog, great camera work and lots of hot sucking action! the entire four minutes gives you a first person spectacle of this cute coed sucking off her pooch. the cock is long, hard and pink, her mouth is soft, cute and petite. she has a lot of enthusiasm for what she is doing, though a little smile would have made her sexier, it looks like there is a cum shot towards the end, she opens her mouth, but there is nothing there, so maybe she swallows! the sound cut off midway through, but the visuals were enough to make me give this video two thumbs up! a definite addition to the favorites list!

    Nickshield, posted

    absolutly incredible this is what people want.very clear camera work is great sound great i loved it need more. women was beautiful, dog great size cock she looked to really enjoy sucking him.one of the best movies i have seen won,t turn away makes you want more if you like this movie you will want to join this site no doubt about it.can find lots of clips and movies but none better recommend this to anyone not sure there is any better can watch this over and over loved it want more makes you write a review never wrote one before but so good felt like writning one

    danwindsor, posted

    this heavy titted bitch has done this more than once. enthusiasm unbridled. she plays to the camera but not to the xtent that it's becomes 'dumb'. maybe at the very end- but hey- it's a one take world here. she's easy to look at and by the end of the take her face is coated. she doesn't look displeased with this fact either. the 'sound track' is replete with fake groans and whatnot. but the visual is well worth the listen. if you don't like? turn up your own music and enjoy the scene. it's not bad at all!

    cpast1, posted
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