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    Amature Dog Knot


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    Amature woman tied with a dog knot. Very hot, there is a second part where you see the cum drip out of her. Hope you enjoy her, lord knows I have!

    Uploaded by Skald1974 · Rating: 3.3 (253 votes) · 131351 views


    Oh is that ever beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    breeder09, posted

    omfg im so fuckin horny!!!

    hornybitch25, posted

    Excellent ! 5 *****

    Pappster, posted

    good clip

    guyukug, posted

    lawless75, NOTHING! Female dogs canNOT think! It's a beautiful cunt. Especially when filled with dogcock and -knot. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    not long enough to tell

    biquick, posted

    mmmm bet he filled her good!

    TKJones2010, posted

    This video is very nice,but it still have not seen hot shows in the pussy or cum.

    jokersam, posted

    good dog knot shows him realy in her pussy good

    deerorturkey, posted

    I like a good big dog knott

    panties55, posted

    buen nudo

    betoon, posted

    Very good

    Jcao, posted


    totolata001, posted

    i had to add this one cuz it's good.. and i think lawless75 is so jealious.. lmao!!

    kitten2, posted

    time shot

    246748ajacs, posted

    I wonder what a female dog think about human beings raping their kind

    lawless75, posted

    nice shoot...

    etokgatz, posted

    Nice Shot of her!

    animalfreak1, posted

    I love this vid this is the way dogs and women should be when they make love. Them both tied tightly together while he pumps his ripe seed into her and her enjoying her mates jets of sperm filling her.

    mehoff, posted


    hbjst, posted


    hbjst, posted


    hbjst, posted


    wobuzhidaoy, posted


    hbjst, posted

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    pasam, posted


    hbjst, posted

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    johns56ford, posted


    hbjst, posted

    SHe is enjoying each jet of sperm he sends into her!! GOOD BOY! GOOD BOY!!

    mehoff, posted

    This is soo hot! Dogs breeding women rock! She has a smokein body

    mehoff, posted

    She was getting bred but good! Locked in her deep and filling his beautiful female.

    mehoff, posted

    Very hot female locked with her dog thanks!

    mehoff, posted

    Would love to be there to clean everybody up, yummm

    jronl69, posted

    This is incredible, what I always want to see. I see a lot of movies where the dog mounts the woman, fuck her good and knot inside her while being on top of her ass. It makes me horny when I can see the dog turning around as if he is knotted to his bitch, with that big knot still stuck in his human bitch's cunt. He stands with his ass against hers, that big dick buried firmly and deep in that woman's pussy and pumping her full of his seed, knowing that he is breeding with her and is making strong puppies.

    peter200, posted

    Love the video. That knot is in there nice and firmly, can't see any of the shaft outside her. I wish the uploader included the mating to this knot and the sound and a link to the part two that’s mentioned… but oh well. I can just imagine her panting feeling the thickness of the knot filling and stretching her out. And then the canine panting relaxing over his claimed mate, reeling in the sensation of filling her with his seed. Imagination aside it’s still a very enjoyable video. Evening missing those parts that would make it an easy 10/10 I’d still give it 9/10 because the tie just looks so damn good.

    buckfarmer, posted

    Those amateurs videos are really good, especially this one. That woman has an excellent body and his canine partner it's a perfect complement for her. I think that girl is very pleasured with him at her side. The only thing that I have to say that is "wrong" is the lenght of the video, but if I can check the another part I guess that there isn't any problem with it... It's very hot to see a Woman knotted by a dog, and more if the woman has a nice and hot body. If I was that dog I would be very very happy. I hope that dog lives enough to please her all as she need to.

    repy, posted

    its not a bad video but it was a bit boring..the dog does not move much. also the sound quality is very poor altogether its a c not a a+ but i still found it hot and it is not the worst one i have seen.the dog not is all thats showing not realy any penis or cum shot witch makes the video like a one trick pony in my mind.All together i would say i would have enjoyed it more with more moaning and more action. im wet just thinking about this dog fucking me all night along. i wish there was better stuff on hear

    angelkittyxx, posted
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