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    Woman Sex Dog


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    the lady was taking pictures and the dog is very horny and came around her and hump her the dog was very excited. the dog was having fun

    Uploaded by Lightning501 · Rating: 2.1 (96 votes) · 347763 views


    this is more funny than anything lmao

    thardus616, posted


    babymaker65, posted


    talynndar, posted

    maybe dog cock is something shes been wanting

    eds_texas_angel, posted

    I dunno why she's laughing, she's got doggy cum all down the back of her dress.

    beastieboy99, posted

    not bad

    xiaoweiab, posted

    this doesnt even deserve to be here>the woman never gets naked and the dog doesnt really do anything. lame and crappy pic quality

    ssbbwlover55555, posted

    he loves his mommy

    durphy, posted

    das geschieht wenn der hund nicht richtig ausgebildet ist insider wissen dann bescheid

    hebr63, posted


    hbjst, posted

    So fucking what dogs hump all sorts of things. Waste of space.

    mcl45ereasar, posted

    *lol* No porn but really funny.

    maxguevarra, posted

    just enough sex to make it FUNNY, HA-HA I have had that happen a few times in my life. dogs just seem to know that I am receptive to them. I get wet whenever I am near any dogs, they seem to sense it or they pick up on my sent I give out to them and they try to approach me to see how receptive I will be to them I have to be careful too, a reluctant Bitch really turns on a horny dog pretty quick.

    moresa44c, posted


    chrisangela, posted

    hey...put some porn...my time wasted

    mohann, posted

    30 seconds of my life wasted by watching this...

    doug1970, posted


    jayko, posted

    Silly Asian woman with a camera gets dry humped by the dog. Certainly won't make America's Funniest Home videos unless Disney decides that dry humping dogs are allowed for family prime time viewing. No real sex here, and the LULZ factor is actually minimal. Seems to be tons of dogs running around here, so possibly she's used to being dry humped, or this is her special dog friend. Also, the quality of the video is not that great. However, it is topical at least. Man, that is one big camera. Reading this review will take long than it takes to watch the video.

    mistjones, posted
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