• this animated clip features link from the series the legend of zelda. watch as he is relieved by some woman person who likes to do everything to his doggy dick.

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    pretty funny

    sn00ze, posted

    nioce..love it.

    js33771XXdog, posted

    This is the Legend of Zelda Zone animation. To get it you have to "lose" first, and get turned into the wolf form. Then click on his blue earring to unlock this scene. Some of the buttons don't work properly but it's pretty fuckin' hot.

    ravenslut, posted

    Yeah, maybe Zelda won't be mad Link got so hard and big for Midna. Maybe Zelda is into a three-way? Link wouldn't mind licking Zelda's pussy while pounding the shit out of Midna's ass while Midna and Zelda fondle each other's tits and do some cum swapping right? I'm a fan of that game aren't you?

    alifealife22, posted

    It was ok

    risika7, posted

    I'm guessing you got this from hentai foundary

    gogeterdone, posted

    Zone did this

    woofed, posted

    wow awesome

    spamcentral1, posted

    That was hot!! i love the cum shot at the end it is great.

    bellertrue, posted


    godhand623, posted

    that was hot love the cum shot at the end

    ilovedogs24, posted

    its a game called midna 3x pleasure flash game

    g76gj9jkh6yh, posted

    surprise cum shot at end

    ilovedogs24, posted

    i wanna have this link :O

    killerfreak, posted

    great video, but it pisses me off that henti movies are the only one where i can see a woman get fucked by something other then a dog on the site

    freakout16, posted

    i got the flash game non preview version. if sumone wants it i can make it a zip file and send you guys link.

    todeshund5001, posted

    I wana play this game, but the link.......

    killerfreak, posted

    oh my god. this is amazing! this is going down as one of my all time favorite videos! :D

    cody8080, posted

    awesome! I'm not even a zelda fan

    Bob68, posted

    cute but the audio is kinda weird

    Kura2008, posted

    Such a good vid. I know it was off of a flash game, so now I want to find it. Nice cumshot by Link too.

    Darkfox, posted

    midna got creamed on by link?! Zelda is gonna be pissed but i licked the hell outta that vid

    larten, posted

    This is taken from the flash collab that was done betwen Zone, of Zone Archive, and Buttercup Saiyan.

    jimwormmaster, posted

    great inspiration lmao

    Burns2k, posted

    hot hot hot..would like 2 see it going in

    geyser, posted

    i think thats Buttercupsaiyan i kinda forgot

    InternetPawn, posted

    ghiy yn ytnt rgt

    anamikai, posted

    hentaizone.com is where it is from and it is a flash game. had it at one time but my computer died and i lost it.

    whitefox, posted

    Wish I could "relieve" him aswell, anyone know the artist?

    Yodasears, posted

    woman thing = Midna from Zelda: Twilight Princess

    bakemono, posted

    What's the artists website address?

    markul78, posted

    taken from artists website and needs to be removed asap.

    psodude, posted

    Where'd you get this from? Zone Archive?

    MilkDud, posted

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    that was great the cumshot was very good. the only thing i didnt like was the camera angle. if the angle showed her from the ass it would be better. the work though was solid and it was a good clip all around. just one more camera angle would hve been better. the dogs dick was huge and she was a cute little anime girl. also maybe show her face little more but that isnt a major concern. overall i like the clip and it was good even though it didnt take much to make. the simplest are usaully the best anyways.

    w3216, posted

    This video is certainly fantastic. Always seeing the demo would leave me wanting more and this really hit the spot. Link in his wolf form fucking cute little imp Midna in the missionary position with his wolf dick is certainly something that made me go wild. The Animation is superb. a great job on regards to HentaiKey for originally making this! The colors match up perfectly with absolutely every and nothing is out of place, even though Midna's breasts are a tad bit bigger than the real her, but that isn't a problem, Especially not for Link. The animation is very smooth with his piece. Simply wonderful and I will never regret watching this, if anything its exactly what I wanted to see after playing the video game itself.

    WolfPuppy1993, posted

    Always a classic submission from the ever popular Zone Sama. This features Midna submitting herself to Link in his Twilight Wolf form. The familiar characters are a definite bonus for any lovers of the series. The quality of both the audio and video have been decreased slightly in the transition from it's original flash format. Some sections of the screen have been cropped to remove the clutter of buttons and options for more of a focus on the action, which is both a pro and a con. The audio has lost some quality, and is definitely not as crisp as the original's, but not to the point where it's mute-worthy. If you're a fan of the series, I highly recommend this video.

    trio_dell, posted

    The animation is smooth and wonderful. The detail put into it and is great. Although the concept is wary it is still watchable. The moaning of the girl works and the dog cock is amazing, especially the cumming animation. It starts out slow and transitions faster and deeper. The boob job was awkward, but it was still hot nonetheless. I noticed the bondage with the chain and felt it could have been more elaborate, but that is just me. Later it shows the bound wolf entering the girl, which could have been put in at the start. The footjob was hot as well, and ending with the cum finished it fittingly. That's all I can say for this great video on Petsex.

    awol9001, posted
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