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    amateur home made movie woman and dog on the floor very very hot movie he really like that not really good quality enjoy all of you

    Uploaded by idand · Rating: 4.3 (566 votes) · 84698 views


    Wow..love it

    donkeyanal, posted

    Such a great oportunity missed. Poor camera work and poor video quality make this a 3 when it could have been a 5. So unfortunate.

    marlborodude, posted

    What a hot video...she was so sexy and beautiful delicious and he was sure going to her hot spot;)

    CherriesD, posted

    nice i love moaners

    ilovedogs24, posted

    I would love to get fucked hard like this. mmmm

    animallovera, posted

    well I liked it, was it her first time? I know I'll probably scream my first time too.

    djw, posted

    Great stuff, really. Great screams when he enters.....great great legs on that little beauty (would love to see the rest of it!) and I wish it lasted much longer.

    sucez, posted

    Taylor, my lifes mission is to find you,you make me CRAZY!!!

    mikieb, posted

    that dog is a keeper

    RATTLEHEAD88, posted

    now that is being run up into, truly awesome this would be fit for the pay aria if Johnny Joe could keep his mouth shut

    sliped, posted

    almost sounded painful

    beastyboy6969, posted

    guzel mıs

    erdalpoli, posted

    if dogs could make it last long like we could then men would be shit out of luck.

    huiohiuh, posted

    greta clip .. love how the k9 uses the girl

    masternslave, posted

    Wow what a hot sexy clip wished they would share thier dog i would love to have him breed me they should of had the camera a little closer to see him in her and as he came out

    doggiedoer2, posted

    merveillous mating, the female is very nice and the dog is very good to humping ,

    frany1953, posted

    Love to see a longer clip in the free section, she enjoyed :)

    westland, posted

    Just what I love to see: fido giving a prone, willing woman a good hard, energetic humping as she yelps with pleasure. More, please. >:)

    apuleius055, posted

    uuuu that is very hot video, she is the best, ceep going just like that :P

    igorco, posted

    Now that's the real deal. Fucking HOT!!!

    dougystyle1957, posted

    wow would u like to have that dog fuck me would love to be his dog bitch

    sherryspatz, posted

    love how some women dress in stockings and heels for dog sex this woman is gorgeous MMM

    capriman, posted

    this is very hot action.

    toadlicker, posted

    Great short video. Make more please.

    wileyguy, posted

    Very hot! Would love to have him humping me!

    Knot4me, posted

    Wonderfull video!!! Post more please!!!

    tatipaty, posted

    WOW! Would love to get sloppy seconds on that...

    tiger123, posted

    Now thats how its done. ;)

    Stepiwolf25, posted

    I came sooo hard watching this

    smurftwats, posted

    Is this another offering from Taylor? Very fucking hot

    Dawg56, posted

    Loved it all, the body, the hair, the nylons!!, and the f me shoes!!!!! oh and the dog wasn't bad either.

    dutiful9, posted

    that was hot , hot farmer

    farmer54, posted

    very nice clip i want to replace that girl

    cuntslave, posted

    Very hot, wish the clip was longer. What a nice big dog. They should give him more treats. He's a bit thin and he needs some 'fuel' so he can keep on fucking her good. ;-)

    shadow, posted

    great clip with good sound

    Pacific, posted

    It,s good to see a HOT woman do doggy.Great clip

    bigdr542002, posted

    Soo horny

    Piffen, posted

    Excellent clip! Bravo!

    Malepuppylips, posted

    how do you watch a free movie

    girl6969, posted

    very nice

    redknot101, posted

    the audio was great! i loved it. now if it was me underneath him...

    meli, posted

    She is great, i love her! That dog is such a REAL dog... he fucks so strongly.

    dogman1234, posted

    what a wonderfull clip wish that was me getting bred

    doggiedoer2, posted

    Fits good to the ryhtm, lol!

    Nark, posted

    Looking this video while hearing Mindless Self Indulgence - Bullshit is just weird

    Nark, posted

    Fantastic! Love it!

    sanja, posted

    i wish that was my cunt being pounded by that dog!!!

    meathead1, posted

    i wants to replease her role

    cuntslave, posted

    very good clip, i love hearing her holler, i also holler when i am fucked, but i never been fucked by aan animal, but i know i would holler too! mmmmmmmmmmmm !!

    littlebit3860, posted

    Fantastic! Love it! Gal got a real fuck - No more men only dogs?

    Trojan, posted

    That is Taylor k9milf, her email is old_mcnasty@yahoo.com she's got a lot of videos out... smoking hot dog slut, my wife is in love with her if you are in the NJ area she'll work with you

    ludedude, posted

    Nice Vid ;)

    Serrdar, posted


    nicebeast, posted

    thats one of the best clips i have seen on here yet!! lots of screaming, and dog was humping out of his mind!!! "LOVE IT!!!""

    sefriendlyguy, posted

    Hopefully, he goes "shhh" because he doesnt want the kids to wake up and find find their mom naked with the dog up her pussy. Damn that vid was hot.

    Lurgoyf, posted

    well done and keep on knotting

    xyman, posted

    omg... very hot...i love the screaming

    HotForYou78, posted

    MMmm HOT

    xivoryx, posted

    what a great clip loved the screaming

    doggiedoer2, posted

    Oh My Gawd is right!, would lve to take a turn with both of them.

    horsecck, posted

    Bring 'em on,wonderful

    Martinez85, posted

    want to scream like that!!

    littlelover, posted

    mmmmmmmmm Fantastic I would love his cock up my arse

    Belinda402007, posted

    Sweet! Had to be hitting bottom with his huge tool!

    harleypoor, posted

    I liked it!!!

    zero-gravity, posted

    I loved how when he gets in her pussy he lunges foward to get it in deep then pounds her hard I loved that!

    mehoff, posted

    Sexy ass and great hard fuck

    boylans, posted

    Fabulous! Love the screaming and roughness of it!

    ponyslave, posted

    guess she wasn't expecting that...bet she wants it again! NICE..loved her screams, then moans

    dogluvr, posted

    like to hear her screaming!

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    Love how she takes it.cant wait to try it myself

    perrogirl, posted

    I that Taylor again? lol. It sounds like her. They must be in an apartment, why else would he shush her? This rocks!

    jayko, posted

    How hot is that! He is extremely happy to have her pussy! Stockings are a nice touch!

    slav2luvu, posted


    doug1970, posted

    Oh hell yes,so good! More PLEEEEEEEASE!!!

    BamBam807, posted

    That was HOT!! Thanks for sharing

    KnotBlkTemptres, posted

    nice loved it

    uk.boy, posted

    I find it funny how the guy tells her to be quiet, but I take it he's never had a dog cock in his pussy, has he? Yeah, thats what I thought..

    gray264, posted

    He really wanted to deposit his seed deep in her but good! Good Boy!

    mehoff, posted

    very nice, love the screaming, keep up the good work

    redfox40, posted

    Actually HOT he rams her good and she is very vocal about it.

    jagger06, posted

    That was special

    hardinge, posted

    this is what this site is best for. good ol honest fucking. the dog and the woman both know there roles and the master oversees the whole production. She is mounted in a way that you know she is used to this kind of action. The man is heard even telling the woman to quiten down as she almost climaxes. It is clear tot he viewer who is in charge the whole time. The woman is there to be used by the man and his best friend(the dog in heat). You will be hard pushed to beat this kind of movie scene anywhere else. all that the viewer is left thinking is i wish they made a full length movie of the same quality

    flopycock, posted

    This movie doesn't play around and it shows. It gets right to the action with the dog mounting the woman, who, in doggy style with her knees on a couch cushion, immediately screams from the pleasure of a warm dog cock inside her. The dog fucks the woman very roughly, making the woman moan with excitement--at one point even saying Oh my god-- until he has finished up. The husband, who was videotaping the whole thing, tells his wife to keep the dog inside of her, but the dog has already dismounted and lost interest in fucking the woman.

    Derokos, posted

    This video was very well done. The way the dog pounded her pussy wasn't what made it great. It was the woman's moans that added the excitement. Hearing her say OMG made me very horny. I felt like lying down on my bed and masturbate. If the video had been longer it would have made it all the better. I would have liked a closer up of her pussy taking that big dog cock in it and seeing him cum in her. Watching dog sperm dripping down her legs and having him lick her out afterwards, would have been fantastic. For that matter, she could have sucked his dog cock clean, tasting the cum.

    elash99, posted

    I love how the dog just hops on the woman. He seems so eager to please his master as best as he knows how. He thrusts his big doggy cock in and out of her with such magnificent force. I love the moaning and watching the woman's ass jiggle. It really makes me hot and wet. It makes me think about getting a dog myself. I could only imagine how hot and wet I would be then... having a big doggy dick jammed into my tight pink pussy while dripping wet. Too bad it did not last longer. Then I could masturbate to it.

    girlnextdoor987, posted
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