• Wife with dog and her husband enjoying a big black dog - some licking and fucking is involved in this very short clip . . . . I hope that you enjoy it!

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    can any of these girls who do these porn movies actually suck the dog or at least try to?

    ilovedogs24, posted


    tkelly24, posted

    This is terrible, a total waste of time.

    jayko, posted

    booooring ..... sucking ... where? ... rubbing

    gamestar01, posted

    147896325 (sudoku?), no, it's the collar of his skin. nogueira is right. It's an old brazilian movie, in which they pay women to come suck dogcocks on film and get paid. They came to earn the money. But they didn't have the heart to suck the dogs' cocks. They just licked them. I don't understand. If you can fucking lick a dick, you can fucking suck it too. They just needed to take it in their mouth. They probably wouldn't swallow anything that came out of that dick anyway. Anyhow, that's past tense, because as we said before: 'they're old brasilian movies'. With the emphasis on 'old'. The girls were often beautiful though. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Such a beautiful cock, and such a calm dog, and she seemed afraid to take it in her mouth...shame!

    gwenwalker69, posted

    Too short and boring ! !

    WOW2009, posted

    That cock soooooooooo needs my mouth xx

    Belinda402007, posted

    she didn't even get it in her mouth,why?

    ricanman, posted

    Not a good video. Having a guy in it ruins it right away. She is just rubbing her face on a very nice dog cock.....That nice cock needs a warm mouth!

    lilbud200, posted

    i like the man:)

    cigarkink, posted

    one of the worst !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    animalman1a, posted

    wow that was a waist of a movie just give me that dog and he would never be bored

    ilovedogs24, posted

    Bark-bark looks board.


    Put it in your mouth Bitch!!!!!

    BitchKym, posted

    we'd love to see more vids with couples!!!!

    LoveCouple2, posted

    what sucking...i see none.

    grimgasm, posted

    Where the hell is the sucking?

    sugaride, posted


    cuntslave, posted

    Old brazilian video

    nogueira, posted

    is that dog handcuffed?

    147896325, posted

    Shell I move this vid. guys....?

    yildiz66, posted

    This doesn't belong in the men and animals section.

    trevorlanch, posted

    This video is real lame. She probably does'nt know how to suck a dog dick.

    ultralord, posted

    it don't bite

    bomar, posted

    haha agree....

    yildiz66, posted

    shes to stupid to suck it

    Sunshine77, posted

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    Be warned there is a terrible background static noise over the whole clip. There's not much sucking going on in this video either. Rather, its a black dog lying on its side while a man crouches behind it and an attractive hispanic woman jerks the dog's balls. As she grips its balls and bounces them up and down, you can see her face rubbing against its red erect dog cock. As she bounces its balls and rubs her face against the cock, she also licks it a little. Then the camera zooms in and you get a much better closeup of her face rubbing all over the dog's erect cock. For a short video clip, if you don't mind the static, the actual picture part of the video clip is good. An attractive woman, a good sized dog, a big red erect dog cock rubbing all over her face, and the man in the background gives the impression we just missed some action, or there's some action about to happen. However, for a video labeled suck, there's no sucking involved.

    sin766, posted
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